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  1. Does anyone here know of an accordion reed tuner in the Chicago metropolitan area? Thanks Mike
  2. Chris, I am using a variable speed scroll saw to cut an intricate pattern which I found out is unstable in certain areas because of the design. (My design). I have abandoned this design and am looking for a template that is more traditional. I have also now considered using metal ends but have not had time to do any research in this area. Not quite sure where to go from here but that's what makes it fun! Mike
  3. Mark, I was in your position not long ago. I struggled to find info on construction. If there is a construction manual out there I couldn't find it. So I set out to design a simple square concertina which is what I prefered. The design layout was relatively easy but I still needed confirmation from a maker that my design was viable. I purchased reeds directly from an Italian manufacturer with a 30 button layout. I also designed a rivet action system but found out early that it would be tedious to get all moving parts into this box because I was unskilled at that time to produce that particular mechanism. Again I did more research and consulted a maker on an action mechanism. The next problem I confronted was the bellows and I am still in the process of construction. The bellows is built and I am waiting for leather to practice skiving and then cover the bellows. I also have struggled with the wood end plates and scroll work and destroyed one end plate yesterday with an errant cut. I am now considering outsourcing this work to a professional. I want the ends to look good and my work is at this point a bit primative. ( Any help on this from members would be appreciated) All in all it has been a year or so working only when the spirit moved me. I say plan well and give it a try! Mike
  4. Thanks to all who contributed to my query! Mike
  5. Are the leather gussetts used in bellows construction normally skived? The gussetts I have purchased seem thick. I have not purchased leather to cover the bellows yet so I have nothing to compare the gussetts to. My first attempt and any help would be appreciated. Mike
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