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  1. Oops - just spotted a small error on the keyboard layout. It's now been corrected.
  2. I have decided to sell my Shakespeare 38 key C/G anglo. It's been a very good friend over the past few years. However, I took delivery of a Suttner last May, so as much as I would like to keep it, it deserves to be played a lot more than it is these days. Bought from Theo Gibb at The Box Place in Newcastle in 2008. Valves replaced and a full tune in 2009. Strap thumb screw inserts fitted. Had a small service a few weeks ago to get it ready for selling. All this work carried out by repairer Nigel Sture in South Devon. Bellows are in excellent condition, and were obviously fitted not that long before I bought it (Various people 'in the know' suggested they might be David Leese bellows). The concertina has obviously passed through Chris Algar's hands at least once, as there are some of his labels inside. Plays really nicely with a sweet tone and a very light action. I have played a few other Shakespeares since I bought it, and none played as well as this one. Weight is 1444g. Comes with a solid, fully blocked case. See image for keyboard layout. Any trial welcomed - I am in Devon, U.K. Please message me for more photos of both the outside and inside of the concertina. Donation to Concertina.net if sold. Price £3100 plus postage.
  3. Hi Before I sort out my order for a Suttner anglo, I was wondering if there was any kind Suttner owners in or near to the southwest of England, who wouldn't mind letting me have a quick play on their instrument? I'm thinking of either a A2 30 key or a A4 38 key, with metal or ebony ends, so if anyone has something along those lines that would be great. I don't mind travelling to meet up, etc. If there is anyone out there who wouldn't mind helping me out, then please send me a private message. Many thanks Mike
  4. Wakker doesn't sell the Phoenix, he makes them for Chris Alger using reeds supplied by Chris from old concertina's that he deems to be beyond rescue. Price varies with the particular construction and quality of reeds used. Prices 3-4 years ago were GBP2000+ for hardwood ended low end reeds (the black ended one on Wim's website), up to GBP3000+ for an amboyna ended model with top quality reeds. I have one identical to the amboyna photo on Wims site. For current prices contact Chris directly - or make ofearghail7 an offer. The Phoenix Page According to Chris Algar's website, the Wakker Phoenix goes for between £3750 - £4000 these days (prices as of July 2009). I suppose the price isn't helped by the fact that they now have to be imported from America. Chris Algar
  5. Odd that following the steps to get a "harmonic" quote, the documents it gives you at the end are for the natural product, which would limit the claim to £2000... I can't find any reference on the internet about anybody's experiences making a claim. Cheap premiums are great, but only if they don't kick up a stink when you claim... I just got an online quote from them, and it gave me the correct Harmonic policy. Compared to my current Allianz premium, it was nearly £50 cheaper (about 30%), and that was with £0 excess, whereas Allianz has a fixed excess of £25. Adding the cover for unattended vehicles added about £10, which seems good. I may change over to them (depending on the smallprint!). Does anyone else have any experience with New Moon?
  6. I have used Allianz Musical Instrument insurance for many years, for my concertina and my guitars, and would recommend them. I made one claim years back, and it was as straightforward and as painless as it could be. Allianz website
  7. I agree that it's a hard instrument for airs, but when it is done well it really works. My two favourites are Caoineadh Eoghan Rua by Niamh Ní Charra (she plays fiddle as well!) on her CD Ón Dá Thaobh / from Both Sides, and Niall Vallely's version of An Buachaillín Bán on the Callan Bridge album.
  8. Lat year when travelling through the x-ray check at Bristol airport, with my concertina and case inside my carry-on bag, the bloke operating the x-ray asked if I'd like to have a look at the screen to see what my concertina looked like when x-rayed! Just a shame he couldn't print out a copy for me.
  9. Hi Greg Thanks for the information. The Shakespeare plays really nice as it is, so like you say probably best left well alone. I guess it then gives me a reason to get yet another concertina in the future. I better start saving! All the best Mike
  10. Hi there According to the reed shoes on my Shakespeare 38 key C/G, it was originally a Bb/F. As and when I get my Suttner (still a bit of a way off!), I was thinking it'd be nice to return the Shakespeare to it's original tuning, rather than sell it or having 2 C/G's. But is this ever possible, or is it (as I suspect) all down to the condition of the reeds? Many thanks Mike
  11. I'd be surprised if the Fleadh na gCuach posters were available in the States. You could try contacting the An Post in Kinvara, as they have a supply of the more recent posters for sale for around 10 euro each. Being a post office, I don't see any major difficulties in getting them posted out to you! I'm sure you can find their contact details on the web. The older Fleadh posters are still available in lesser amounts for other local sources in Kinvara, with the nicer ones increasingly harder and more costly to get hold of. Best of luck Mike
  12. Their estimates are a bit optimistic! Our local aution house does this all the time. I'm sure they know exaclty what concertina's are worth, just trying to draw the punters in looking for a bargin. The results of the auction are on the Tennant's website - the Ball Beavon sold for £1400, and the Jones for £750 Wish I'd gone along now! Maybe a lot of potential buyers were too busy taking their 'other halves' out for the day? Mike
  13. Hi all I've recently been looking into getting a quality case for my anglo, and have looked at the Fallon cases and those by Greg Jowaisas. Both make what look to be excellent cases, but I was initially put off by the added costs of postage from the States and the complications of import duties, etc. I haven't ruled out either of these, but was just wondering if there is anybody in either the UK or Ireland that makes cases of a similar standard (internally tailored to individual instruments). Any suggestions gratefully received...
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