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  1. I am on Facebook (and MySpace). Same name and photo.
  2. Apart from seeing John Wild's picture in the local paper I unfortunately missed the entire thing - unforgivable really as it is my closest folk festival. Will put more time in to squeezing over the coming months
  3. To educate American friends, this url to the bbc news website takes you to a story all about Pinky
  4. I heard the piece "live" on the radio. Dr Garvey spoke very well even though John Humphries started off to poke fun, Dr.Garvey kept bringing it back to the science - which was nice ;-)
  5. I thought it was well worth the money, and I would have put a bid in but I don't have that money right now. Give me six months or so and I'll bid! I am quite surprised that you got no takers at all though. This is an odd time of year, lots of people back from holiday, need to save for Christmas, kids just off to uni etc. etc I would hazard a guess that a lot of people are short of funds at this time of year. all the best, Peter
  6. It sure is a beauty! The auction has started too hot for me but it does look lovely. All the best with the sale.
  7. Check out Last Nights Fun at http://www.lastnightsfun.com/ Chris Sherburn on anglo and Nick Scott plays Cillian O'Briain Uilleann pipes several youtube clips at http://uk.youtube.com/results?search_query=last+nights+fun and of course myspace http://www.myspace.com/lastnightsfun fantastic stuff
  8. Well infact Morris tunes came from all over the place. Some even came from America brought by itinerent black minstrels. To my ear there is a clear difference between ITM and Morris (particularly cotswold) but as others have said - your perspective may be different - it depends where you are standing.
  9. Please post the details of the ebay auction when it is up. Many thanks. Off to arrange bank loan in the meantime
  10. Well I'll stand up and say me too! My first real close encounter with an anglo concertina and the start of my fascination.
  11. Same weekend as Concertinas at Witney? Just a coincidence It will cut down numbers for both events which is a shame.
  12. Well boxty is a type of bread or cake, and scones are a what one has with afternoon tea, don't ya know with clotted cream and strawberry jam . So I imagine boxty are a particuar type of scones. You can have lots of different types of scones, fruit, cheese, plain, date etc. Yummy
  13. It is a lovely tune and lily of the valley is a good name - I wasn't belittling either the name or the tune by giving the information I did about the over used "fragrance" of the same name. I know that it is very difficult to come up with tune names and there is nothing worse than seeing an artist who plays a lovely tune for them to then say - "I'm sorry I have not got a name for that tune yet"!
  14. Lovely tune, I love the flow of it, as for traditions definitely not adderbury, bampton or fieldtown in my opinion. I do agree that it would work as a nice corner dance though, with flowing hankies, or perhaps a banks of the dee "show" of hankies (which I know is a fieldtown dance just to contradict myself). Some cross-atlantic translation cultural confusion going on here though, Lillies of the valley (the name) conjures up images of old ladies with zimmer frames swaying away, as it is a "fragrance" often associated with older ladies on this side of the pond!
  15. To my knowledge it has been around for a while. I keep looking at the photo and thinking that it looks like it has had a hard life form what is shown. Hobgobln tend to sell more stuff during festival season so maybe it will get a good home soon. Interesting to hear what you say about 45 key boxes Chris, I would have thought that 36 or 38 key would be ideal for most players giving flexibility without that much of a weight disadvantage over a 30 key.
  16. Can you tell me when the next auction is please? I'll take as many of these as people can supply me for a fiver!
  17. "Oh no" for you, maybe - sounds great from my Birmingham-orientated perspective Having just braved the journey round the M25 to get to Andrew's place, and had a long trek back due to the M25 being up the creek as per usual, I have to say that Shropshire will be much better for me too. Chatting to Andrew about his move it sounds like he'll be going in the next few months and will resurface somewhere west of Shrewsbury as soon as he's got a basic workshop set up. - W Has he still got the various plastic reliants outside? He had a robin and a camper and about four in total when I last went - how is he going to move all that?! I better book my anglo in for service now!
  18. Well in that case I want a Great Auk and a Dodo - it will save buying a jefferies with built in bird call as well.
  19. yes shame the beeb can't do research - Barmpton? where and what is that - "Bampton" is what they mean. I also found the whole article a bit snide, "wasting the lord chancellor's time etc." pity. It is the shame the english can not be more comfortable with their traditional dance form.
  20. I'm enjoying being a voyeur here tallship - looked at your other pictures as well yesterday. Where has that concertina been? It look like part of it has had liquid running through it? Where did you find it? All the best on fixing it up I look forward to hearing it ................................... eventually
  21. Shouldn't that be a kiwi? Possibly. If you want one there's one over "ria"
  22. we rock! i didnt think there were that many concertina players in the world ! At the moment the Concertina.net Forums member list shows 2416 entries. The 613 is simultaneous users - is it guests and members though (?) - surely it must be both, 613 out of 2416 members on line would be improbable though not impossible.
  23. Although I understand he has plans to move to Shropshire in the near future....(oh no!). Anyway, I would second Stuart's recommendation of Andrew Norman. You can google him with "A C Norman" to find his phone number and address.
  24. and the Stag in Hastings and a few other places Hello Pip, Welcome to concertina.net, there are quite a few of us you will know already who are double agents and dabblers in concertinas and melodeons. I hope that you you find what you need - I'm afraid that I can't help personally but this is a great forum with a collective knowledge that can't be surpassed. Hope all is well in Newcastle, Peter
  25. As you know we are pretty clueless but we think it makes different notes when you push and pull also (not sure if this makes any difference) there is a button just away from the handles and this stops any notes. That will be the "air" button to inflate/deflate the bellows as required without a reed sounding. You may be about to get the nicest surprise of your life.... They look like four "full" rows rather than 3 plus extras. It would be a mighty anglo with 50 keys (I do know of an anglo with 58 buttons though).
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