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  1. Hurrah - I'm a musician! Other people seeing/hearing you play your instrument consider you a musician (mabe not your neighbours ). But the analogy with artist is a good one. Perhaps we are on our way and eventually become a musician. When hearing the soundclips of Concertina.net members I know that some have allready arrived. I'll join you folks! (some day)
  2. A materialistic, ignorant and selfish life may often seem the easy way - what a poor life would that be - sometimes I had the impression to walk alone - sometimes it was a dark road - but there is a star shining and there are more on this very road - follow your star
  3. This was definitely a pleasure - chapeau - kudos to you - and a highlight on a dreary afternoon
  4. I'm not shure about diatonic - I prefer gin tonic But thanks for pointing out that article
  5. Thank you - lovelly music, fine harmonies, a beautifull tune and very well done video - a pleasure to hear and watch
  6. No doubt this list of chords is very helpful but as tina said - it can't be complete. There are many possibilities to play the same chords on the push or pull. And you do not always need the full harmonies. Since you played guitar you will certainly know what notes make a special chord, e.g. D major ist D-F#-A. This helps you to try and find out how the chords sound on the concertina and how to do it. You will find some fingerings more difficult as others and you'll prefer the one or other sound of the same chord. If you play for example an E minor you could play E on push and enclude low E and low B and low G or replace these by higher E-B or G. Just try find find out. I wish you pleasure and patient neighbours
  7. I completely agree - I got a hybrid anglo made by harry geuns (ex concertina connection) - he promised that the sound of (accordion-)reeds would get better and better after playing. And that's exactly what they did! The sound is bright, full and sweet and - maybe also because of the shape of the "chambers" - very much like trad. reeds. First class action and bellows - a pleasure every day. Now I'm heading for a holiday and that meens two weeks without a concertina - hard times
  8. I heard of an accordeon player who insulated a small closet underneath the stairsn with egg cartons. I tiny place where he could practice. For myselfe - my neighbors must suffer a little. On sundays I sometimes go to the river and play and sing under the bridge - harbor left and right and a nice sound and from time to time a boat of the water police as an audience. I find it difficult to play jigs and reels in a quiet hushed way and therefor would prefer buffles (or give away earplugs )
  9. - Hohner/Stagi Anglo, 30 Keys - Geuns Anglo, 30 Keys After hearing Tim Collins I thought of burning my box (but I would never burn my Geuns-Anglo)
  10. Thank You! I'm just listening - very intresting!
  11. In spring I wanted to replace my old Hohner/Stagi by a better concertina and I played a Sherwood which was on-hand in a german shop. What I did not like were the uncomforable hard and flat plasic buttons which gave the impression of holding a hedgehog. But that might be my own prejudice. I feel much more comfortabel with metal or round delrin buttons.
  12. great thanks - that's entertainment! I'm always looking for sailor songs and the Hell Ship 's realy hellaceus good.
  13. sorry haven't got soundfiles yet not even a good picture but promise to provide both.
  14. What a pleasure to play a great concertina after struggling by far to long with jammed buttons and airleaking bellows. I would like to encourage those who have problems with their low-cost squeeze box but love concertina playing not to wait too long with apgrading to a good tina. It took me months of intesive practise to get rid of the bad habits i got accustomed to (playing music instead of repairing was a good deal anyway . Now I got a 30 key Anglo from Harry Geuns: Fast and precise action, quick respondig reeds and bellows supporting fast irish tunes. It got a delightful sweet tone (despite of accordeon reeds) and looks marvellous with its amboyna veneer. With this note I would also like to thank the concertina.net and its members. The information prvided here was really helpful to find the concertina fitting my needs and preferences. Did others have similar problems after exchanging their instrument?
  15. The Concertina Connection offers a neck cord which allows to play standing upright. I never tried it and I'm not shure if thats the right thing for playing irish tunes. Anyone with experience with a neck cord?
  16. I've posted some sound files here What a beautiful instrument. I hope it will not ge dusty on a shelf or vanish in a cabinet. This one should be played! Good luck.
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