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  1. Hello Jim, Thanks for your reply. I am willing and prepared to pay the right price for the right instrument. I'm not looking for a baragian nor to "be taken." For the ideal instrument, I'll pay the ideal price. Thanks for the links you provided to the instruments which I visited. I do prefer steel reeds and raised ends, yet am open about the ends being metal or wood. I appreciate your assistance. Kind Regards, Kuti
  2. Hello, Addendum 09 May 04 - No further replies needed. I now have one that is great for me. Thanks. I am seeking to acquire a Wheatstone Aeola or Lachenal Edeophone English Tenor-Treble in excellent original or fully refurbished/restored condition. Will also consider Dipper, Dickinson, or Suttner Please reply directly via the e-mail button. Kind Regards.
  3. Request no longer relevant. Text deleted.
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