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  1. I have a Stagi W-15 Deluxe C/G Anglo concertina for sale. Stagi concertinas represent great value for money and are the ideal choice for the beginner and intermediate player alike. I looked up Stagi Concertinas and found out that are still being made in Italy. This Stagi concertina is a 30-button model and the ends are Mahogany. The concertina has plastic buttons, a 6-fold bellows, and leather hand straps. As mentioned above, it is in the key of C/G and this sale includes a hard-shell case. It is a Stagi hard case and it is brown leather with a brown plush lining. It uses the Wheatstone 30 button keyboard layout. The only reason that I'm even selling this Stagi concertina is that I have two other Anglo concertinas and I don't use this one. I've only played this concertina twice and it has been sitting on a shelf in my closet for several years now. I really hate to see it not being used and besides, I don't need three concertinas. I bought this concertina several years ago, from the Button Box, in Amherst, Massachusetts, which specializes in concertinas and accordions. When I bought it, their technicians went over it and checked it out for and leaks, went over the action mechanism to ensure that it was quiet and responsive, adjusted the valves to minimize noise, adjusted the reed set to make sure that the voicing was even and made sure that all the reeds were completely tuned so that the instrument would be in concert pitch (a=440 Hz). I'm asking a very reasonable price for the Stagi concertina that includes the hard-shell case and on top of that, I'm going to pay the shipping for you! A good hard-shell concertina case will run you about $95 and the shipping will run you roughly about $30. The concertina is in tune and all the buttons work great. It has great action, plays very easily and sounds great. If you check the price out at the Button Box (www.buttonbox.com), you will find out that these concertinas are special order and that Richard Morse has these selling for $695. Of course, I didn't pay that price for this when I bought it years ago so I'm willing to sell for less. To me $500 for this Stagi would be a fair price and since the shipping will not really cost me that much, I'm willing to throw in free shipping to the buyer anywhere in the US. I could use the money and that will help me sell it. I will ship it to the buyer using the USPS either Parcel Post or Priority Mail. I have included a picture of the Stagi with its case. If you are interested in this concertina I can take PayPal. I may consider taking a money order or a certified check. If you are interested make me a reasonable offer. I would like to have the money but I may also consider a trade for another musical instrument. It doesn't hurt to ask. You can reach me: * By email at: gerard1973@yahoo.com or gremillard@gmail.com * Or, if you are a member, via this forum's messaging system Since I don't use it, I would really like to sell it to someone that will play it. I may advertise this concertina elsewhere, so, if you buy this as a result of this posting, please mention this to me, so that I will know to pay the "success fee" to the operator of this great forum.
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