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  1. On 10/31/2020 at 4:09 AM, Tarquinbiscuitbox said:


    I just found this... 


    A 19th century Louis Lachenal Presentation cut brass inlaid thuya concertinanumber 12378, with forty eight glass buttons, five-fold leather bellows, scroll fret-cut ends, one mounted with a silver plaque, inscribed "Presented to Rt. Carter of E. Division by E. Lachenal for his activity in bringing to justice two men for breaking and entering her warehouse Nov 9th 1868


    Source: https://auction.gorringes.co.uk/auction-lot-detail/A-19th-century-Louis-Lachenal-Presentation-cut-brass-inlaid-&salelot=LSEPT20+++48+&refno=10495615


    wow - 1500 and it didnt even work properly!

  2. I should have indicated that, if you send me a serial number and description for your Lachenal concertina, I will gladly provide an approximate of the year of manufacture. It will be a while before I complete my article on Lachenal concertinas and the estimated manufacture dates.

    Thanks, Dowright. The serial number is 12732 but I'm wondering if the 3 is actually an 8.


    There are photos in the first post of this thread. We think the labels were renewed as part of the refurb and may not be the original ones.

  3. Thanks for that. What you say rings a bell. It was reconditioned or serviced professionally just before I bought it and I think I remember being told the label was renewed.


    I'm not sure about the reeds - how might I tell? I wouldn't know by listening as I'm a complete beginner. I bought this shortly before having a brain haemorrhage which robbed me of some of my dexterity so I haven't really got into it yet and I wouldn't recognise the difference. Sadly I'll probably end up selling it but it'll be a shame because it's a lovely thing.

  4. Hi everyone. I'm trying to date my lachenal (12732) but I can't find the database of serial numbers anywhere. Please could someone point me in the right direction?


    I'd love to learn more about my instrument so any other elevant resources that spring to mind would be great!


    I tried to attach some photos for your interest....



  5. Definitely inverted.


    I can confirm that, in concertina terms, nothing is being inexorably drawn towards Ruislip. Even the Royal Mail seemed reluctant to deliver my new concertina here.


    Although, I have to say that I have been heartened by the responses both here and on the ICA forum. I have my Pauline DeSnoo tutor course, my lovely, new (well circa 1860) Lachenal and the prospect of a visit to Tring which would be much less painful than some of the other options.


    I'm looking forward to banging out my first tune for 10 years that isn't 'Drunken Sailor' and also to digging out some of the owner history on my Lachenal.


    I have a nice, warm feeling about the next few months.

  6. Hi there. I'm giving the concertina another try after giving up a long time ago. I've come to the conclusion I need a few lessons to get me started on the right foot but there seems to be no-one in my part of the country I can get to within reason.


    I'm in Ruislip, West of London, which is near Harrow and Uxbridge. I'm fairly mobile but the closest I can find at the moment is a kind offer from someone North of Luton. Concertina-wise it seems I'm in the backend of nowhere!

  7. I've just bought a Lachenal 'Tutor' model and I want to research its history.


    I'm not even sure if this is the correct term for the model or if this just means its a cheaper model for students.


    It is a 48 key English, 4-fold bellows, lettered buttons, accidentals black, Cs red and the others white, no bellows button, and the number 12732. The ends look rosewood-coloured but I don't think the wood is actually rosewood.


    Any hints on resources I can use to research its history would be gratefully received.


    piccy attached!


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