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    I want to take up Anglo but need to find a good one for a good price. I play Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle (I am still learning Fiddle), High and Low Whistle, Great Highland Bagpipes, Bodhran, Bassoon, Guitar, and Drum Set.
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  1. How could anyone "not get the music thing" whatever I get the same thing at school yeah I am 15 it says so on my you know that thing with all someone's info. If that makes any sense
  2. I find learning new tunes helps me keep playing instruments whatever they may be.
  3. Ahh horror stories so scary I will have nightmares now
  4. *Clap Clap* sounds like it went well that is pretty good after only three months. Si Bheag Si Mohr is a good song.
  5. I find that practicing is something you just do don't focus on how much time you spend or when you do it just do it am I making any sense? If you don't like to practice do something you like to do at the same time like I watch TV while practice it does not distract me but it might distract someone else if you can't multi function as they say but I am good at doning that. (Be careful now one else is trying to watch at the same time other wise it could be dangorous to you or your instrument.) it is all good
  6. I was just judging by what I saw in the picture I though it looked bigger sorry as I said I am pretty new to concertinas.
  7. Two problems one it is a Baritone I have short fingers two I was planing to find something save up enough money and buy it right now I do not have enough money.
  8. Maybe I should consider a Stagi a higher end one will last me a couple o years then when I am ready I go with some thing good (like a Tedrow or something). Thanks for the advice everyone.
  9. Here is the thing if you get a 20 you will probably want to learn a 30 later (am I right or am I right 30 is the *norm*) wall doing that you will be learning almost two instruments they have a different configuration I would suggest going with a 30 they have a really cheap one on ($275) Lark in the Morning (I like to call it Shark instead of Lark because I have heard they sell some bad stuff) if you did that why not pay a hundred more and get a Stagi it will at least last you longer. I just clicked some random smiles fun. I have no idea what they are don't be affended if it is something bad.
  10. Get some Irish CDs and listen to the songs and figure out how to play them. When playing English Concertina you will not sound like an Anglo but you will sound more like a Flute/Whistle and probably be more inspired by them (Flute and Whistle players) that is according to english players that play I rish music you would still be playing Irish music and could play a session and have no problem I would advise against switching.
  11. Yes go to thesession.org and look in the disscusion "English Concertina" (which I started by the way unseen122 there is the same as Unseen122 here) it is possible to play Irish style on an English don't switch.
  12. Ok I should used alright and Chris I already play guitar along with eight other instruments so it is just one of those things.
  13. Ha Ha Ha that is funny. PS Did you see We Love the Moon.
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