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  1. Tis from Dave I have ordered my valves. Dave's website for anyone else who might be wondering.
  2. Thanks all... and thanks Jim, I've updated my timezone.
  3. How strange, I'm definitely in the UK Can't seem to find a place where I can change my local time-zone. Jim, I've found a chap in the UK who sells valves, and I've ordered some. But it would be handy to have a small sheet of the source material to be able to hand-cut where necessary. I suspect that the reason some of the valves don't fit properly at the moment is because 'standard' sizes were used from a pre-fab kit of parts, and the standard sizes don't quite match the machine's requirements in all cases. This is probably why some of the valves foul against the chamber walls, and why some aren't quite long enough to cover the airway slot completely. All in all, whoever did the 'restoration' did a pretty good job with the bellows and pads, but then bodged it with the valves (perhaps because they're out of sight?). Gary
  4. Hi all, I've recently acquired a 'restored' Lachenal 48key English 'tina. The box is nice and mellow, perfect for playing in the evenings without disturbing anyone. However... some of the notes are slow to speak, the box is 'breathy', quite unlike my Jackie 30-button. Further investigation revealed that the re-valving that the 'restorer' did was pretty poor. Some of the valves are too short for the slots they're meant to seal, others are squashed against the chamber wall and so aren't free to move as they should, and some had the valve pins missing and are curled away from the slots! Sigh. I'm quite happy to re-valve the machine myself, all I need is suitable valve material/chamois. Anyone know where I can obtain the 'proper' material, either direct in the UK or via the 'net?
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