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  1. It has the Standard Wally Carroll layout which can be seen at http://www.carrollconcertinas.com/images/CarrollButtonConfig.jpg Thanks for the inquiry. Joyce
  2. SOLD!! A donation will be sent to Paul. Thank you all for the inquiries and interest! For sale is a Carrol C/G Anglo Concertina. I took delivery of this concertina in May 2005. Walnut Burl Ends, Nickel Silver buttons and endbolts, leather bellows. It's serial number is 7. Wally Carroll still has a picture of it on his website. I have played this instrument on average, over the last 5 years, once a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I would consider it lightly played. In immaculate condition and relects Wally Carroll's excellent workmanship. Included is a hard case made by Greg Jowaisas. Even though I think I have improved playing an ango, I still prefer to play my Lachenal English Tenor/Treble. I am asking $4500.00 + shipping. Email me if interested or you need more information.
  3. The Button Box (http://www.buttonbox.com) has one listed for sale.
  4. Edgley Concertina is now sold. It got a new home in England. Paul's small fee for the use of his site has been sent. Paul, thanks for this service, it is greatly appreciated. Also, thanks to Greg Jowaisas for the nice comments that could very well have helped complete this sale. Hope some of you folks waiting for your Carroll Concertiona have received them. You're gonna love the Carroll. Joyce
  5. Thanks Wally for the photos on your website. Saved me posting them. #7 is not only a winner to look at, she is truly a joy to play as well. I offer my thanks again to Wally for a wonderful instrument. Not that I don't enjoy the discussion about my Carroll ........... but.......... Just in case someone is looking at this topic in reference to my Edgley 30k C/G Anglo for sale, you have to check the first post in this topic. To contact me, just click on my name to the left, it will take you to my info page. From that page you can send me a personal email. The Edgley is also a fine instrument. Joyce
  6. Nope, my Carroll is #7.
  7. 3 year old Edgley C/G Anglo, excellent condition, nickel silver ends, delrin buttons, wheatstone button layout. I have owned this concertina for about two years, and have played it regularly. The only reason I am selling is because I recently acquired a Carroll Concertina with a custom key layout, which is different enough from the Wheatstone layout on the Edgley that I don't want to switch back and forth between the two. For more information please contact me through the contact info on concertina.net as I don't want to post my email address in this ad. $1450.00 (OBO) plus shipping and insurance.
  8. According to US Customs the import fee is 2.6% of the concertina's declared value. This is also what I paid when importing from the Netherlands. Joyce
  9. I also own a Mac and don't get scroll bards on Pauline's web site. However, I use the arrow keys to scroll. They will move the page up, down, left, and right. Hope this helps Joyce
  10. I just finished reading all the posts concerning the Wheatstone Linota. All very interesting, but I am now wondering, what is the going price for say a restored Model 55 30K in today's market. I checked on the internet trying to find any that have sold recently, but had no luck. Since they seem to be highly praised, I would assume they are very dear. Anyone know the current (ballpark figure) market values? Joyce
  11. Thanks for all the information Malcolm, Jim, and Wes. Much appreciated! Joyce
  12. Many of the concertinas listed in the Wheatstone Ledgers have the letters S.V.W.S. Is there a key for deciphering these notations? If not, does anyone know what they stand for? Joyce
  13. Thanks for the replies. Paul has emailed me, but was quite puzzled about the problem. I replied to him and reported what computer system I use. Since others have encountered the same problem, I will assume I was using the correct procedure to edit my profile and hope the malfunction is corrected soon. Joyce
  14. Ok, I have been trying to update my profile. I login, go to my controls, enter the updated info, click on the button to amend profile. I think I am doing everything right, but I get an error message every time, and the profile is not updated. I sent an email to the admistrators, but have not received a reply, I know they are busy. Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks, Joyce
  15. On the left knee when sitting. I use a neck strap when standing. I do the same whether playing English, Anglo, or Duet. I play English more than Anglo, and dabble with a Crane Duet.
  16. When I voted I got a screen thanking me for my vote, and saying it would be added to the results. Maybe Richard's computer is so fast he missed the screen? Joyce
  17. I certainly hope there is another leg, since I signed up for the tour and I live in Arizona. Any guesstimates, Bob, on when the tina will be heading west again? Joyce
  18. You are right Paul, and even tho I prefer the tree thread, I'm sure we will all get used to the new forum format. I know I will. At any rate I don't intend to stop logging on. This discussion forum has given me a great deal of information that I know I wouldn't have if I had to find it all on my own. Joyce
  19. I agree with Sandy and Frank, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I was much more comfortable with the old format. Much easier to follow threads and know what was new and keep current with the ongoing topics.
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