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  1. It is surprising the difference in weight all those solid nickel buttons make on a jeffries,even though they are skinny.David.
  2. Hi drbones,Jones 30 key,rosewood with two drones and two novelty keys making it 34 I guess,2lb&12.6oz or1265gms.Pretty light for a largish instrument.Regards David.
  3. Greg, Here is same design in wood, same interior again.Regards David.
  4. Wendy,Here is another Nickolds with very similar internal features to yours.The design on the end seems to be the more typical fret used by them,unfortunately nowhere near as pretty as Gregs.Regards David.
  5. Hi John,A bit of a long shot but it could be connected to John Beare of London(Ithink still in buisness) retailed concertinas at one time. Regards David.
  6. I have used this picture on here before but I never get fed up with seeing these two beauties.One departed shortly after this picture was taken but the other has been a faithful companion for the last 28 years. This picture reminds me of sitting around the garden on a summers evening, something that was in short supply this year.David.
  7. Hi Dirge,Yes and Yes,I have decided to make a set of pads at the weekend and see just what sort of a pigs ear was created out of this silk purse.I reckon it will be the heaviest most unmanagable anglo in existance.But an interesting reminder of how values have changed.Regards David.
  8. Sad bordering on depressing.I took the ends off but it was so upsetting I just took a few more pictures and quickly put them back on.It was a 71 key duet,SN 2176.The "craftsman" who carried out the alteration has not left a calling card,guess he wasn't that poud of his efforts.All I can say is that the previous owners probably should take some of the blame as they certainly didn't give this poor soul salvation.Trying to look on the bright side I guess it would provide a good percentage of parts for someone to make a baritone anglo.But there again it might be best left to serve as sobering lesson of something.David.
  9. This poor feller seems to have had quite a hard life including a couple of" face lifts".My guess on first impressions is maybe it was radically rearranged to make it better balanced for use when standing or marching.I suspect it will be in a bit of a state internally when I open it later.I'm having a bit of trouble uploading images so I may put a few images in additional posts.David.
  10. Tom,I'm not sure whether this will help.After years of not knowing what my Linota's number might be I noticed it purely by chance as it is very faint.When the two halves of the action enclosure are taken apart it is lightly stamped on the top edge of the bottom half of the two pieces,where they would butt up to each other.On the "one o clock" section and only on the right hand end.Hope that makes sense,might be worth a close look.Sorry I don't have a picture handy it might have been less confusing.Regards David.
  11. As has already been said the important thing here is the reeds,but as far as the ends go,they look like they could be nickel plated brass.I think I remember Stephen C saying jeffries were only made with solid german silver and not plated german silver like Wheatstone used.David
  12. Hi Michael,You may find this interesting.Kinda takes it to a new level.Regards David. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pkP7KSzgaDw http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pkP7KSzgaDw
  13. Hi Leo,When I saw him locally last autumn his name was Sherburn,it was a great evening in a local arts centre with Last Nights Fun.He is guesting at the same venue following a violin workshop next month which was how I came to find that video,checking out his collaboration with Bella Hardy.Bridport Arts Centre,Dorset if anyone is curious.Regards David.
  14. I may be wrong but I cannot remember seeing this one on here. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TOhOxEaxXqs
  15. I have a 34b Jones which I guess would have been one of there better models.It has steel levers with brass posts and rivets.regard, David.
  16. Hi Dick,Gearoids "Traditional Music from County Clare and Beyond"is a good one to get the for greater part Bb/F.Just incase you didn't spot this ,here's another. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VrsertmcE8c&...feature=related
  17. Hi Dick,I think Gearoid O hallmhurain plays a Bb/F Jeffries in a lot of his recordings.Regards David.
  18. Felidae,I have a Jones made anglo badged Myers, manufacturer,27 Walworth road,London Se1.So I guess they did lable instruments as there own.Whether they actually manufactured any I haven't a clue, Regards David.
  19. I bought mine in 1980 and have never regretted it.It is still by far my favourite.At that price I wouldn't care what key it was in either.Go someone, and good luck.
  20. This seems like a very reasonable price worth checking out if your'e any where nearby. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/WHEATSTONE-36-KEY-AN...1QQcmdZViewItem
  21. I thought about buying this the first time round for the reeds,glad I didn't.This is what it looked like when last listed on ebay.
  22. Thanks for that Geoff.I have written those details on a card with everything else I know of its history and placed it in the case.I hope it may be of interest to its owners in the future.When I next have it open I will also make a note inside so there should be no confusion as to its very skilled maker H.T.Crabb.All the best for the new year,David.
  23. Thanks Stephen thats great.I always thought it was from the late twenties so its good to see some expert opinion to that effect.I've owned it for the last 26years and just always thought of it as a wheatstone it wasn't till you were putting up pictures on this thead that I really started to notice the difference in the fretting.This set me thinking maybe it was from a slightly different period,but no, it seem it was a slightly different maker.Thanks again ,David.
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