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  1. Hi Chris, It looks to have Lachenal lever posts so that would be my guess,regards David.
  2. Did anyone here buy this in Bainbridges auction today.It would be interesting to see the original 1885 five guinea receipt that was included.
  3. Hi Malcolm, the heat source I used for this was a small hand held gas blow lamp.The temperature needed is around 380C well below the melting point for aluminium.It is also important to do the final preparatory cleaning with a stainless steel wire brush. The source for the "solder" was this specialist company who sell via ebay,but they are apparently on holiday till the 18th. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Sonderlote/_i.html?_nkw=Welding+and+soldering&_trksid=p2045573.c0.m57 There seem to be plenty of similar suppliers on ebay.The most common trade name is Durafix but there are several others. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aluminium-Welding-Easyweld-Durafix-Single-rod-Kit-/370613389735?pt=UK_BOI_Metalworking_Milling_Welding_Metalworking_Supplies_ET&hash=item564a4789a7 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lumiweld-5-Rod-Kit-Low-Temp-Aluminuim-Repair-/260531563568?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item3ca8e42c30
  4. Hi Malcolm, Just out of curiosity I just gave it a go to make sure what I was suggesting was viable.The pictures are pretty poor and Iam doing things mostly with my left hand still.This result took about ten minutes include finding the the bits and pieces.Needs a bit more time practising and cleaning up but definitely an option. http://www.flickr.com/photos/51981381@N04/
  5. Hi Malcolm, I guessed they were aluminium.This is a zinc based solder which leaves you with a repair that is tougher than the aluminium.In reality it may have limited applications but with care would probably make a cheap if fiddly Bastari repair.regards David.
  6. Hi Malcolm, I know absolutely nothing about Bastari concertinas but if the hole in the lever is enlarged how about cleaning it and filling with scratch solder,then re drilling to the correct size.I am not sure whether this would do but it would only cost pence in materials.Regards David.
  7. This looks to have rather pretty frets.I think I have seen Shakespeare made instruments with birds cut in the ends,not sure who made this though.Although looking at the images the other way up their BLR looks more like TS.David. http://www.eldreds.net/catalogues/cb260612/lot0374.html
  8. Sorry, plenty of time but still not any better at left hand typing,hence the subject title which I can not seem to edit. David.
  9. Not sure if this one has been pointed out on here yet.A strange looking German Round/hexagonal instrument,not great quality but interesting,or my be have got a little to much time on my hands at present.David http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antique-concertina-Needing-restoration-/120936286463?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item1c285d48ff
  10. Hi CS, I have had a similar problem but only ending in frustration .A few weeks ago I had an accident where an angle grinder ended up falling on my arm .I was lucky as it was the back of my lower arm, I cut muscle bellies and some tendons.This was my right arm and I now have a plastic splint stopping me lifting or making a fist.I have tried every which way to hold my concertina including tying it to the arm of the chair but without any success.I also tried a melodeon as I can get my four finger around that but that was to painful.So for me it has ended in Youtube,TV and left handed crosswords.Hope you make a full and speedy recovery,regards David.
  11. This looks a bit unusual. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CONCERTINA-48-KEY-ENGLISH-/200757631122?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item2ebe165892
  12. Appearing with what I think is another Wheatstone here.
  13. This might help,regards David. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12836 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Wheatstone-Aeola-Anglo-Concertina-/260786760186?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item3cb81a29fa
  14. First time i've heard the term applied to a concertina, but it is often used to describe furniture that was designed to travel with military officers when on campaign, to furnish their marquee tents with. Typically these items were robustly made, often bound with metal braces and corners, and were compact and sometimes foldable. You often see chests, writing desks, tea caddiesetc. built and described this way. We used to call stuff like this "Navy Portable", meaning it could be moved by 4 strong swabbies! Yes it not a term normally used with concertinas but it seemed appropriate.Here is a 2'6" wide teak "campaign" chest I have in the workshop at present.David.
  15. This looks nice and seems too have a certain robustness about it.The auction house,H&H Carlisle says "A late 19th Century concertina by George Case for Boosey & Co, of hexagonal section in fretted burr walnut with German silver mounts, 48 buttons, gilt-tooled green leather bellows with applied printed paper panels, in original conforming case, 16cm diameter .David.
  16. DDF

    maybe worth a look

    Huh? Assuming the same pitch standard, B is equally far from Bb and C. If a different pitch standard puts it closer to one than the other, the total distance between Bb and C is still only one full step, not 1½ steps. I suspect you meant that relative to an A440 standard, it was somewhat less than a half step to Bb and somewhat more than a half step to C. But each of those two fractions would still be less than one, and they would have to add to one. The concertina in question was 50 cents flat of standard B/F#(a quarter step low). So it required carefully lowing the pitch 50 cents to Bb/F standard. To take the pitch to C/G standard would have required bringing the reeds up 150 cents (3/4 of a step). Bb/F is a wonderful range for concertinas. Greg Mine is around 20cents sharp of B/F# so I guess it wouldn't be a huge jump.I agree "Bb/F is a wonderful range" and I am very fortunate to own one in this tuning which I have left in the original pitch and tuning.David.
  17. DDF

    maybe worth a look

    Yes Jim it is unequal and gives some nice sounds.The problem is a few of the reeds had some minor surface rust near their tips and once cleaned it has (to my ear)left some too far out of tune.it also needs a couple of reeds resetting so although not a huge job it will need a very sympathetic tuner.This is the only reason I was even considering the possibility of a retune and pushing it up to C/G.But funds dictate it will happen no time soon,if ever.David.
  18. DDF

    maybe worth a look

    Hi Greg,That is a nice looking concertina.I have a similar early jeffries(30 key)which is B/F#,old pitch the reeds like yours are stamped and original.I have toyed with the idea of having it retuned.But I was thinking of going up to C/G is there any particular reason you went down? Mine does needs some tuning as it has a few notes which have drifted a bit to far and grate rather.So far I haven't been able to bring myself to interfere with its originality.It does have a particular trumpety sound to it which I like and would not like to lose. David.
  19. Maybe worth checking out if your in the locale. http://www.staceyauction.com/lotdetails.aspx?lot=30993
  20. Thanks for another great selection.Interesting use of the air button by Ella Mae O'Dwyer.I guess if you cant use your thumb or are unable to reach with it,this is the way to go,sounds good to.David.
  21. Ive got some left handed euros I could let you have for it.David
  22. I was just having a look around to see if there were any recordings of one of my all time favourite tv series.It seems most have disappeared but but somebody has put a recording of one edition in three parts on youtube.The second part may be of interest to concertina spotters.Sorry if this has been shown before.David.
  23. Thats funny as there has just been a discussion about the look of ivory and metal buttons.Here you seem to have the best or worst of both on the same instrument.
  24. Not a great picture but it does show the different look of two early Jeffries one with ivory buttons the other with thin solid nickel ones,David.
  25. Judging by the buttons, and the spacing of the end screws, I'd reckon it was a German-made "imitation Anglo." Yes now I look at the jaunty angle of those buttons I think your right.You think they would imitate a slightly more attractive fret design than that particular one. I noticed the sale last night and thought it might be useful to someone,but probably not quite as appealing now.David.
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