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  1. Google shows this. http://www.jollyrogeraccordions.co.uk/
  2. This should help clear up the name pronunciation and is a delightful watch as well. David.
  3. I have 9008 Geoff kindly told me it was made by H T Crabb in 1927. David.
  4. It opened ok for me @9.25 am,thank you.
  5. I just measured the card in a 12 sided Lachenal bellows from around 1910 and they are 1".David.
  6. I did a bit of reed cleaning and resetting today.I resisted the temptation to bring them back up a few cents to be bang on, as it would be very difficult to replace them if anything went wrong. I also made a new o ring to go under the lid so alls well and harmonious in the tea department.
  7. Almost looks as if some of the valves (in the chambers) are mount on the other end to usual?
  8. Yes solid nickel silver.The only Wheatstone button I had handy was an early one with an ivory core which I guess would be a little heavier than the beech? or plastic cores.David.
  9. Here is a rough comparison of the weights of a Wheatstone button and some made to the approximate dimensions in nickel and titanium.David.
  10. Spent a very pleasant afternoon being entertained by this group on the last gig of their UK tour.It would be easy to get put off by their name or even their album cover but don't be if you get a chance to see them.They were warm ,generous and skilled musicians.Off course the unique setting/set up of the Square and Compass at Worth Matravers is something I would recommend to anybody visiting this part of the world.Regards David. http://www.squareandcompasspub.co.uk/index.php/component/jevents/eventdetail/876/-/d-bize.html?Itemid=5
  11. Here are some I made myself. Maybe not the correct or best way but they are holding up fine thus far. I used 100g/sm good quality printing paper and then laser printed the design on.I gave them a coat of lacquer and fixed them on to the bellows with flour paste.It is important that they are either printed traditionally or laser printed.regards David.
  12. "this photo of the best dressed box player showing that a concertina will attract the attention of elegant ladies! (Nurse on hand too.)​" Nice playing and nice picture even holding the concertina the right way up in the photo! David.
  13. Providing the reeds have not been messed with that should be an excellent instrument once carefully sorted.They were available in 1910 for the princely sum of £4.David. http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheatstone-duet/Wh-Pricelist-Duet-c1910.pdf
  14. Another way would be to use the dowel and then cast the tops to whatever thickness straight on top in casein glue( Cascamite or whatever they currently call it) or epoxy .You could use white bath repair epoxy or natural and just colour to your choice.Then use your lathe to shape/tidy and finish. yes Titebond is a pva but it is nice quality, fast drying and as long as it has not been frosted dries opaque tan colour not dissimilar to hide glue.David.
  15. How about making them from dowel as a lot of them seem to have originally been. Like one of the old styles Ive seen you could "top" them with caps made form plastic.Perhaps circles cut from ping pong balls.The larger surface area should then allow a reasonable bond between the plastic and wood. I think the wood dowel to wood lever glued with something like Titebond will probably be more durable than animal glue.David.
  16. This was my first attempt at a Jeffries style case ,plenty of room for improvement.I like that type of case and they seem to seem to last better than most designs and protect the contents pretty well.As Chris mentions one problem with them is they do shrink so with that in mind I used a extra thick lining so it could be replaced with the normal thin velvet at a later date should this be a problem.Many years ago I made a similar shape case and behind the lining I put two layers of corrugated cardboard .That seems to have stood the test of time well as that concertina has been in and out of its case almost daily since 1980.Jeffries cases store on their sides well .I usually store mine with the handle facing one direction then after a few months I face it in the other direction.I guess its like turning a fine wine. David.
  17. Looks like a concertina, but doesn’t sound like one. Yes the credits say "accordion player". That particular instrument has even more bellows folds than an accordion.
  18. Here is another. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KR8Y6P_quM
  19. Yes.David. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18855&hl=
  20. Yes that will be across the corners.That will make it 6 1/4" across the flats which is normal and will not affect the value the most important thing is whether anyone has mucked about with the reeds.David.
  21. I have no intention of buying this instrument, but as I'm now living only a few miles away, I will probably stagger along on the viewing day (19 Sept) - just to have a look, and to see if it's playable. How do I tell if it is a Linota? What should I look for? Thank you. Roger Those look like the original hand rests so they may have Linota stamped on them.if the reeds are in good shape it could be a really good concertina.David.
  22. Lachenal in every detail apart from the fake stamp.David.
  23. good question. My reasoning was that for the cosmetic bellows paper (as you say not part of any of the hinges) a water-fast leather effect paper would be a cheaper and quicker alternative for bellows decorating as you would not have to bother with skiving the edges of lots of leather patches (unless you brought it very thin). I have a frank edgley concertina which has this stuff on it where it seems a pretty appropriate solution. I could always ask him what he used I guess A few years ago Andrew Norman made me a new set of bellows for a linota which has this type of textured leather paper so I guess he must know a supplier. I found him always to be very helpful so it would be worth approaching him to see if he might give you a lead.David.
  24. I have one also still in the original tuning.David.
  25. Don, if you do not have any luck nearer I think this company will probably send to Canada .David. https://eileensemporium.com/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=category&task=listing&cid=1036&name=hand-drills-pin-vices-1&Itemid=189
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