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  1. I think the detector works by induction, it does sense aluminium powder and gold metal.
  2. That reminded me of something that has been on a shelf in the workshop for years.I just dug it out and took a picture I bought it thinking it was gold but when you put a metal detector/stud detector over it it doesn't register.I just put some in a drop of nitric acid and nothing happened so I guess its mica or goodness knows what.I think it was the box it came in mislead me originally.
  3. Try popping it on your kitchen scales then if you depress the key it will show you the pressure you are exerting.
  4. I found the response to be ok but overall the sound of them is a bit disappointing.A little weak and breathy. I would say they are equivalent to a very average set of Lachenal reeds and the sound to be somewhere between accordian and traditional reeds.
  5. If you fancy trying some there is actually a plentiful supply of LV in old abused crown green bowling balls they used to be about a fiver a piece .A challenging recycling project for sure. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crown-Green-Bowls-pair-Woods/333447314592?hash=item4da3023ca0:g:DQEAAOSw0-5d~sHe
  6. It says somewhere they are attached with a small firm ball joint on the lever ends and they seal very well. David.
  7. Here you go,not mine by the way .David https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153674196603
  8. Hello,I think you'll find those are two different instruments in your stills.My guess for the one use in the video would be a Wheatstone with wooden ends and nickel buttons? David.
  9. If you need 1 mm these people supply small quantities. https://www.windplus.net/supplies/woven_felt_sheet.html
  10. Superb.I expect you familiar with this one but it always worth another watch.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Louis-Lachenal-48-button-Concertina-/323799467736?hash=item4b63f3c6d8%3Ag%3A3qkAAOSwCgFc0GIQ&nma=true&si=EdVRvo%2ByNd1FfqJ2I5y0C1qYE6I%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  12. Google shows this. http://www.jollyrogeraccordions.co.uk/
  13. This should help clear up the name pronunciation and is a delightful watch as well. David.
  14. I have 9008 Geoff kindly told me it was made by H T Crabb in 1927. David.
  15. It opened ok for me @9.25 am,thank you.
  16. I just measured the card in a 12 sided Lachenal bellows from around 1910 and they are 1".David.
  17. I did a bit of reed cleaning and resetting today.I resisted the temptation to bring them back up a few cents to be bang on, as it would be very difficult to replace them if anything went wrong. I also made a new o ring to go under the lid so alls well and harmonious in the tea department.
  18. Almost looks as if some of the valves (in the chambers) are mount on the other end to usual?
  19. Yes solid nickel silver.The only Wheatstone button I had handy was an early one with an ivory core which I guess would be a little heavier than the beech? or plastic cores.David.
  20. Here is a rough comparison of the weights of a Wheatstone button and some made to the approximate dimensions in nickel and titanium.David.
  21. Spent a very pleasant afternoon being entertained by this group on the last gig of their UK tour.It would be easy to get put off by their name or even their album cover but don't be if you get a chance to see them.They were warm ,generous and skilled musicians.Off course the unique setting/set up of the Square and Compass at Worth Matravers is something I would recommend to anybody visiting this part of the world.Regards David. http://www.squareandcompasspub.co.uk/index.php/component/jevents/eventdetail/876/-/d-bize.html?Itemid=5
  22. Here are some I made myself. Maybe not the correct or best way but they are holding up fine thus far. I used 100g/sm good quality printing paper and then laser printed the design on.I gave them a coat of lacquer and fixed them on to the bellows with flour paste.It is important that they are either printed traditionally or laser printed.regards David.
  23. "this photo of the best dressed box player showing that a concertina will attract the attention of elegant ladies! (Nurse on hand too.)​" Nice playing and nice picture even holding the concertina the right way up in the photo! David.
  24. Providing the reeds have not been messed with that should be an excellent instrument once carefully sorted.They were available in 1910 for the princely sum of £4.David. http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheatstone-duet/Wh-Pricelist-Duet-c1910.pdf
  25. Another way would be to use the dowel and then cast the tops to whatever thickness straight on top in casein glue( Cascamite or whatever they currently call it) or epoxy .You could use white bath repair epoxy or natural and just colour to your choice.Then use your lathe to shape/tidy and finish. yes Titebond is a pva but it is nice quality, fast drying and as long as it has not been frosted dries opaque tan colour not dissimilar to hide glue.David.
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