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  1. Bellowbelle second from the left. This must win the prize for best hat in show
  2. I'm posting the concert photos in order of performance so it should fit directly with the list Richard is posting.
  3. Is there any more thought regarding a contacts forum?
  4. Then there was the guy who went into a second hand shop. The owner was a little surprised when the man spent a long time looking at the radiatior attached to the wall. After a while he wandered around some more and then fixed on the fire extinguisher. Eventually the man came up to the shop owner. "Nice accordion you have there, but how much for the saxaphone?"
  5. The only explanation I have is that once both your brain cells are taken up with the music there's nothing left to control the muscles of your face I've mostly seen faces just go slack but sometimes it seems as though the mouth is noodling the tune silently. I suppose it's related to sticking your tongue out when concentrating really hard. Not sure why we do that either
  6. This is another tune that was played at the recent squeeze-in during the set where the concertina hornpipe was played. I'm wondering if Sarah could post that tune in the tune-o-tron also?
  7. This last photo of Ken Sweeny shows his finger technique quite nicely. His right thumb in the thumb strap presses down hard onto his knee. This frees up all four fingers for the buttons on that side. On the left side he squeezes between his left thumb and both little and ring fingers in the support. This leaves only two fingers for the buttons on that side.
  8. Hi Britt, Glad you could make it I have quite a good recording of the second half of the concert so between us we should have the whole thing. I also have a good photo of you in the concert. I'll get around to posting it sometime today or tomorrow. Robin
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