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  1. If you're interested in playing standing up, here's a link to a chord that you can attach around your neck. I've not tried it, since it looks very nerdy :-) http://www.concertinaconnection.com/holding%20instrument.htm
  2. While playing Fanny Powers, a harmony seemed to write itself so I posted it here (Fanny Powers Harmony) Many of the tunes we play in our sessions have fiddle, whistle, pipes, mandolin and concertina all playing the same tune. It sounds much more "full" with a good harmony line to accompany the melody. Do you have any favourite harmonies you like to play along with the "regular" tunes played in a session? If you do I'd love to hear them. Robin
  3. Last Sunday we had a request for a "song about pirates" from a 12 year old and we responded with "My name is Captain Kidd" which has a great tune. If you want a shanty for younger kids, who may not see all the innuendo you could try "Haul 'er away" I'll put the lyrics here and if you want the tune I can supply it. Might sound fun with all the kids singing "Haul er away" which is all they'd have to learn. My question about this as a working song wolud be - would the sailors be pulling during the "Haul er Away" or when they weren't singing? Looking over the lyrics again you might want to leave out little Winnie Ducket Haul 'er Away Little Daisy Dawson Haul 'Er Away! She's got flannel drawers on Haul 'Er Away! So says our ol' bosun Haul 'Er Away! With a hauley high-O! Haul 'Er Away! Little Sally Racket She's pawned my best jacket And she's lost the ticket. Little Betty Baker Ran off with a Quaker Guess her mum could shake 'er. Little Susie Skinner Says she's a beginner But prefers it to 'er dinner. Little Flo Fanana Slipped on a banana Now she can't play the pianner. Little Rosie Riddle Broke her brand new fiddle Got a hole right in the middle. Little Polly Walker Ran off with a hawker Oh, he was a corker. Little Kitty Carson Ran off with a parson Now she has a little barson. Little Winnie Duckett Washes in a bucket She's a whore but she don't look it. Up me fightin' cocks, now Up and split them blocks, now. Up and stretch 'er luff boys And that'll be enough, boys. Recorded by Killen, 50 South to 50 South
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