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  1. After reading this a peculiar phenomenon occurred to me. I also occasionally have trouble remembering how a tune goes but if it's started by someone else - no problem. The unusual thing is though - if I can't remember how a tune goes - I usually can remember how the B part goes and then go round the horn back in to the A. Now why would the B part be more memorable?

  2. I've been wondering what workshops I would like to attend at the squeeze-in and since they are negotiated when we all arrive I was wondering what suggestions there might be. Here are a few ideas I've had so far:


    playing fast - how to skip most of the notes and still keep the spirit of the tune alive

    playing chords on an English - how to incorporate them into a tune

    oramentation 101 - English concertina


    and of course from a related thread


    waltz composition workshop!


    any other ideas/comments?

  3. Right now the personal tune page is a URL which includes your email address. It is this that would release email addresses to the nefarious spammers out there. I would think the tune book could be linked instead to your membership profile so there need not be an email address anywhere in sight. If an individual tag is required to distinguish each user, could not your user number substitute instead - I'm number 534.


    When browsing through thesession.org I find it fun to browse through the tunes that different people have in their tune books. A little voyeuristic I suppose :ph34r: but then if you want to keep it private you can do that with the click of a button.


    What do you think? Would you like the personal tune books to be more accessible to other people?

  4. A few things have occurred to me while I was looking for tunes by Alan. I tried to find if Alan has a tune book expecting a link on his member page but no. I can search through the tune-o-tron for Alan's material but only if I know his email address - which is protected information so I can't see it. I looked for the Chocolate Rabbit on JC's abc tune finder to no avail.


    Just a thought but it would be really nice to be able to link from a person's personal page to their tunebook to see what tunes they liked, or if they had a collection they wanted people to see. :rolleyes:

  5. Alan,

    Do you have your tunes in your tune book here? If you know how to abc it's really easy. If not, someone you know may be able to abc it for you. If not, email me an mp3 and I'll have a go <_<


    My first tune I wrote just after my mother died. The A part was a guitar tune I had made up years before but I put together a B part and found it was quite difficult to play on the whistle, which I was learning at the time. I left it that way since I thought it would be good fingering practice. On the concertina, now I'm learning that, I still love the tune but haven't persuaded anyone else to play it. I've written 3 tunes so far and a common theme seems to be I use too many notes :huh:


    I agree it's a lot of fun just to fiddle (or concertina) around. You're right, you can change things to suit yourself with the added bonus that no one can tell you it's not supposed to sound like that :D I'd love to hear what other people think of my tunes - what they like what they don't like. When writing your own stuff it's often difficult to be objective about it and I'm not easily offended



    I have my tunes in my personal tunebook here at concertina.net and I'm pretty sure it's set to public view.

  6. I know that technique works for banjo players but with instruments like the concertina I've noticed a strange phenomenon that appears as soon as a tune starts - concertina face (melodeon face, fiddle face and other variants I've also seen)


    This is usually manifest as a complete loss of muscle control in the face since all available neurons are occupied trying to play without too many mistakes. One might think this is where the drooling starts but it seems also to be accompanied by a tilt of the head to one side. This looks very much like a dog when you make an unusual sound and they get that quizzical look, tilting their head over to one side.


    In the case of my dogs I've always thought it was a case of trying to get all the brain cells over to one side in a vain hope that they'll cooperate. Come to think of it that pretty well describes my concertina playing too!


    My other excuse is that I'm trying to hear the notes I'm playing in a loud session so the drool usually ends up on the whistle player to my left ... <_<

  7. Allison - saw your post on Mudcat. You're right it does seem to be down a lot - maybe just a very slow server. I might be bringing a few songs with me but I still haven't been coordinated enough to sing and play concertina at the same time - although it is easier than singing and playing whistle at the same time :blink:


    I'm in a tent myself since I booked so late - but then I haven't had a chance to go camping this year yet - so now's my chance.

  8. I've transcribed "I Feel a Smile Coming On" from the "Half As Happy As We" CD by the Two Duos. I'm not sure who composed the tune, but I'm guessing Andy Cutting. Does any one have any firm idea who wrote this piece?


    This one sure helps me practice my alternative buttons on my english :-) Played in E flat and F :blink:

  9. Thought I would ask here in case anyone knows the history of this instrument. I recently bought this delightful instrument from Chris Algar at Barleycorn concertinas. Unfortunately, all he could remember is he thinks he took it in exchange from another customer. The wheatstone leger has it's construction in 1927. Inside one end is the name Robert McMillan, of 38, Portman Street, Glasgow, March 1928. This I would think is the first owner. Does anyone else know of this instrument? Have you owned it?

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