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  1. On Sunday morning at the North-East Squeeze-In we played a tune called the Concertina Hornpipe - a great tune. I was warned it was hard to find the dots and on the ABC tunefinder there was no joy. At thesession.org I found a tune with the same title but different melody. If anyone knows of tunes called the concertina hornpipe I'd be greatful.

  2. On a trip over to the UK this summer the Canadian Security screen at the airport asked what I had in the box - a small musical instrument, a concertina I replied. It then went through the X-ray machine and they asked me what it was again. Finally they swabbed the outside of the box for drugs/explosives I guess and then let me through. In the UK all they said was - is it an anglo or an english? :D

  3. Just to whine a bit here ... <_<


    <gripe>At thesession.org the tools for adding abc tunes to the database severely restrict what information can be included. For example you can not add the composers details, you can't put in a tune type (jig, reel etc) if it is not already on the list, you can't choose the time signature - you have to choose that by tune type. This means in order to get a 2/4 schottische in you have to enter it as a polka!


    This may not be such a big deal for thesession.org users (myself included) since comments can be added, though not at part of the abc file. Unfortunately, JC's tune finder scans thesession.org database and so the tunes also end up distributed around the internet in their pecular formatting.


    I tried convincing people there to have tune submissions follow the system used on this site but I don't think there is the motivation to change anything there.</gripe>


    As for listening to abc tunes, I find the tune-o-tron here really useful. You can just paste in the abc and print out the music, or listen to the midi file directly.

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