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  1. Thanks to everyone for information on my concertina. I want to clarify one small detail. H. Dean's label is found inside the actual concertina as well as on the inside of the lid of the rosewood case. I'm slightly puzzled that Dean should have been able to boast 50 years experience in the 1860's. Are the labels simply an indication that the instrument was repaired or resold by him at some later date? Does anyone know when he was actually in business? I know it is an inexpensive instrument. Can anybody give me an idea of the actual price? It is not up for sale, I'm just curious. I myself bou
  2. Dear Stephen and Pete, Sorry, I realise I should have included a photo in my first message. Here it is, anyway. Apart from the labels from H. Dean, there are no clues who made the instrument on neither the outside nor the inside of the instrument. However, the number 15000 is visible through one of the carvings at one end of the instrument. I realise this was never an expensive instrument, but it is in playable condition. It has one blemish: a previous owner fro some reason painted the bellows black! Yours, Ole
  3. I have an old concertina with the following information given on the inside: "H. DEAN, CONCERTINA DEALER, TUNER & REPAIRER 21, STIRLING ROAD, Lordship Lane, WOOD GREEN, N.22. ---------------------- ESTABLISHED 50 YEARS." It has an wellworn instrument case made from rosewood. Can anybody suggest how old this may be? Thanks in advance. Ole Munch-Pedersen
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