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  1. Hi Ken,


    Glad you had a good time. We're in the same boat as to photos; can't afford a digital camera, yet. You can send me jpegs via my email address on my personal page. I want to send an assortment of pics to Mudcat, and the concertina pics to this site. Where on this site do we send them?


    Be well -- Tom

  2. As I suspected, the Festival turned out to be a great musical success; lots of powerful songs and some fine concertina work.


    I didn't have a chance to hear Chris Stevens as I was tied up hosting another part of the fest, but I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed Chris' musical growth and development on a near weekly basis for the past five or so years.


    Concertina highlights for me were Bob Webb's rich MacCann stylings and Jerry Epstein's exquisite song accompaniments for himself and others.


    Special thanks to Ken Coles for his support and for his songs at the Saturday sing-around. Maybe he'll post some of the pictures he took (hint, hint.)


    And on a different note, thanks, Helen -- Tom

  3. Newbie, et al., if you're bound and determined to buy a concertina on eBay, watch for instruments offered by cocoa111. That's Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas. He is a competent and honest dealer and has sold some very nice beginner's instruments there at very reasonable prices.


    But to save time, why don't you just contact him at: http://www.concertina.co.uk/English-Concertinas.htm


    Good luck -- Tom

  4. The unofficial festival start at the Press Room was a most auspicious beginning, a great blend of tthe regulars plus festival performers and attendees. At one point there were eight English concertinas in the house. Of course, that was no help to Ken Coles, whose Anglo is in the shop. I've put out a call for someone to bring one along today to help relieve what must be a most frustrating situation; music, music everywhere and not a box to play!


    Hope some more of you can make it this weekend so that Ken, Chris Stevens and I won't be the only C-netters there -- Tom

  5. Hi Ken, et al.,

    The Maritime Festival starts on Saturday at the Press Room, 77 Daniel Street, at 3:30 (see this thread :  Concertina Convergence In New Hampshire )


    But there wil be a trad music session at the Press Room on Friday from about 4:30 to nearly 9:00. These sessions have been going for twenty years now and are frequently very full, and due to the Maritime fest, this one may be fuller than usual. This is not meant to be discouraging, but rather an appraisal of what things may be like. In addition to the regulars, we will be joined by Ken Sweeny and possibly Mainbrace. A bunch of the regulars who make up The Angel Band are off to Ireland on Sunday and may well be there en masse. But there may be a spare Anglo for you to play. Best advice -- get there around 4:00 and I can probably secure a seat for you.


    Hope to see you at any or all of the goings on -- Tom

  6. Of all the concertina players I know, only John Roberts seems to have mastered both systems, but I suspect another English playing friend of learning Anglo on the sly.


    Peter -- I must disagree. The attitude of limited time limits everything. Play for todayand don't fret about what follows. It is only "play" after all -- Tom

  7. Now that I've got your attention, I'd just like to point out that there will be a serious display of concertina virtuosity at the PMFF next weekend (see Events listings)

    Among those performing will be Jeff Warner, assorted Wheatstone English; Ken Sweeney,great singer and player who is known to perform duets with English and harmonica; Bob Webb, big voice and McCann duet, made by Dipper; Chris Stevens, Concertina.net member, who is a terrifyingly superb Anglo player; Celeste Bernardo, also a serious Anglo player; Jerry Epstein, classical English player.


    And I'll be there with my Lachenal "New Model." Hope to see some of you there too -- Tom

  8. Edward -- You might also want to go to mudcat.org. It's a site for folkies, including many concertina players and also has many members in the UK. It's free to sign on and you can find out all manner of things happening in or near your part of the world.


    A lady named Gillian posted here a couple months back looking for a concertina. I sent her to the 'Cat and she had one in less than two weeks. Good luck - Tom (curmudgeon)

  9. An even easier approach, IMO, is to look at the right hand column for the date and time of the most recent post. I usually have a pretty good idea of when I was last on, and if the time of the post is later than last time I looked, I go to it; I can also see what other posts may be new to me.

    Remember, fellow squeezers, that although figuring out this new system may be like learning a new fingering system, it will be worth the effort. I really hate to think that some of you whose posts I have enjoyed over the years are going to eschew this noble forum for want of a little effort and patience -- Tom

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