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  1. I just emailed the seller asking if the concertina was in concert pitch. I'll report results, if any - Tom
  2. If you're at Fylde, make sure to catch Jeff Warner's performance(s.) He's a fine traditional singer and a wicked concertina player. And give him my greetings - Tom
  3. For all you will ever need to know about Polish music and polkas, go to this website: http://www.garysred.com/polka.html Gary Sredzienski has been producing "The Polka Party" at WUNH for lo these many years (Polka music is happy music!) In addition, he is the finest accordian player I have ever heard, taste, taste, taste, and consummate skill.
  4. In a very good news update from Mudcat: Best of all news - Alan has just heard from Hobgoblin in Birmingham that they have held his concertina from someone wanting to sell it. There will be some formalities no doubt; it's currently in the police station. So thanks all who passed around the info.
  5. Forebitters, being the most travelled traditional songs, tend to have far more variants. Thus not all Dreadnaughts are the same. One of the three cited by Hugill has the "Derry Down" refrain. The "Flash Frigate," (the "Fancy Frigate" in Palmer) is essentially the same as "La Pique." This last song was included in the MacColl-Seeger collection, "The Singing Island" and also contains the "Derry Down" refrain. "La Pique" was a "blood ship," and in one version, like Valdemort, is unnamed. Lloyd dates this song to about 1838. The "Dreadnaught" was not built until 1853, thus making "The F
  6. This tune can be traced to the song, "King John and the Abbot of Canterbury" and dates to no later than 1729. Chappel maintains that it was current in the reign of Charles II, and the story line goes back to the 15th century. However, he does not trace the tune back, but it does smack of older times. I am very curious as to the "May song" mentioned. I have a few May songs in my repertoire, and more in my library, but none, to my knowledge, to that tune. Can you get the words? BTW, May Day in Britain is the coming of Summer. The seasons there are a bit different than those in the US. Th
  7. Thought I'd put this info out here, Details on Mudcat at: http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=83582&messages=8
  8. John is at home. Details at http//www.mudcat.org. Keep on healing -- Tom
  9. Check out this thread on Mudcat.org: More than you want to know -- Tom
  10. I'll be there as part of Tyler Buck's Celtic Singaround at 5:00 on Saturday. I'll also be present at Ken Sweeney's "English Concertina" at 3:30. See you there, Allison, et al -- Tom
  11. Bob Zentz in Concert Sunday, March 20, 2005 at 2 p.m. Upstairs at The Press Room 71 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, NH -- A Smoke-Free Event -- Bob Zentz, noted American folksinger and multi-instrumentalist, will be performing upstairs at the Press Room, 71 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, NH on Sunday afternoon, March 20, 2005 at 2:00 p.m. This will be a smoke-free event, with a modest $10.00 admission. Recordings will be available as well as the best potables for the thirsty. Bob's website is -- www. BobZentz.com. Join us for an afternoon of Sailor Songs -- from the Age of Sail to the Ag
  12. I had not read the other responses beforw my last post. Allison, our Daff O'Dills here are from Ireland. Ever since the inauguration of 2001, the weather has gone berserk; nature abhors a vacuum. January thaw in February? January weather in March, less than two weeks before Sprng? No mud season for the past three years? Real Spring used to be a long weekend in early May; we haven't even had that for the past five years! Great grump -- Tom
  13. Fear not! I will be there. BTW, Ken et al., the Press Room does not open until 4:00. I'll be getting there before 4:30 when the session begins to take shape. The current forecast calls for snow starting around 8:00. There are two scenarios; one for nuisance snow on Saturday and another for a foot or more. Since most of my firewood is buried under the last pile of white shit, I am most earnestly hoping for the former plan -- Tom
  14. Looking forward to seeing you, Ken; its been too long. Any other takers? Allison? On another note, button acordion/concertina player/ multi instrumentalist/ singer Bob Zentz will be doing a special performance at the Press Room on Sunday aftrenoon, March 20th at 2:00 PM. I'll post a separate thread later -- Tom
  15. There are new picturees up there now, and if you click on the photographers name (upper left) you can get captions and dates for the photos. Oddly enough, according to the photographer, he took the shot of Harold Cowlin a week and a half ago -- Tom
  16. Thanks from me too, Geoffrey. I sent your most valuable commentary off to Mudcat and to the Flickr site as well. Isn't the internet a marvel! Tom
  17. I think Flickr is a site for posting photos. I really didn't take the time to read the whole thread. When the regular Mudcat is down you can usually get in by the "numbers," Hope to see you again one of these days. Shanty session this aftrenoon -- Tom
  18. While reading a thread about FlickR on Mudcat, I came across this set of photos of English musician with a few box players: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hna/sets/105997/show/ Worth a look -- Tom
  19. Well done, Ken ! Right off, I can't think of anything to add, but as I have more time, I will send some commentaries, mainly about my own personal quest and resaons for same. Now, when I am askd about taking up the English, I will have a site to send folks to. Your erudition wil save me a lot of expaining time. BTW, that Lachenal New Model looks awfully familiar -- Tom
  20. Thursday, 23 September marks the beginning of the Portsmouth (NH) Maritime Folk Festival. Although not as concertina heavy as in previous years, we will have Jeff Warner on English, Bob Webb on Duet, John Roberts on anything he likes, Chris Stevens on Anglo and button accordion, and yrs truly on English. We hope to have other box players in attendance, especially at the singarounds. For more information, check out the website: http://home.earthlink.net/~pcontrastano/fo.../pmff_index.htm Hope some of you can make it - Tom
  21. It must be about 10 years or more since I was in the Concertina Bar. My wife is from Milwaukee and while there to visiet her family, we decided to stop by. Thursday was open mike night, so we stopped by in the afternoon for a beer and to sign up. This is a classic neighborhood corner bar. Art has every imaginable bar toy, concertina based and otherwise. At the bottom of the snack menu was "Turkey Gizzards." I did not pursue this. Another sign said, "If you wife calls and you're not here, you tell her." When we arrived that evening, Art had advised the regulars about the "strange concer
  22. The O' Brien books were set in a period before the invention of the concertina and on naval vessels where shanty singing was not permitted. As soon as I have some time, I'll dig out some other references by Bob Webb and Stuart Frank on this subject -- Tom
  23. Great pics, kind comments. Many thanks, Ken -- Tom BTW - I have posted this message twice already and it just seems to get suckd up into the aether. Is there something starnge going on?
  24. I just stumbled onto this by accident and thought I would post it here for those who might be interested: http://search.sothebys.com/search/quickSea...e=E&catCheck=on
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