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  1. Glad to hear it! Enjoy!
  2. Yes, that will be my backup, but the prices in the UK were much better even after accounting for exchange rate. It's just as well; I haven't gotten around to assessing my two salvaged boxes to see exactly what is needed anyway.
  3. Thanks for your post, Ruairi. I had been planning to place an order timed to arrive during my trip to the UK that is coming up. Looks like I better not plan it that way.
  4. Hi Scott, yes it is. I have one other person interested who is waiting on me to send a note map, which I am hoping to get a chance to do to tonight. When I've made the map I can post it here too.
  5. Hello all, a group based in Eugene Oregon is slowly starting up; there is a FB page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/528842671412674 .
  6. I purchased this 26-button Bb/F anglo concertina from Barleycorn in January 2021. I like it, but I am on a waiting list for a Carroll now and am selling this one to raise funds. It is located in Eugene, Oregon, USA and I am asking $1,500 plus shipping. Insurance is optional but recommended and is at buyer's expense. Sound files - pardon my errors. Bb/F concertina - jig recording - the mic was set too loud and crackles a little at the loudest parts, this is a fault of the mic, not the concertina. Bb/F concertina - reel recording Here is the original description from Barleycorn's website: It could be said that this concertina "has character". When I enquired about it, Barleycorn said: The leaning buttons are a cosmetic issue only and do not affect play. They are on the left side and are angled slightly down when the instrument is in playing position. It's very hard to spot it except at certain angles. Here is a photo of the repaired crack on one end: Let me know if you have any questions, thank you!
  7. I know of two Morse Ceili G/Ds for sale as of last month, one in Bermuda and one in Wales. Let me know and I can put you in touch to see if they are still available.
  8. Thanks all! After more thought I have decided to get on the list for a Flying Ducks Duckling, 24 button with a drone (because I've never had a drone and it sounds fun). It'll be a little over a year before it is ready but should be robust enough for kids and double as a travel instrument, and I've seen very good reviews about using them with kids.
  9. I've sent you a message but as a new member I am not sure if you can access private messages yet.
  10. Oops. I had better check that I am learning the correct version.
  11. I gave a rochelle 1 to a kid I used to mentor, he was probably 12 or so at the time. He did learn to play a few things! Yes, it was big and stiff and I don't think I'd get one for the younger kids, but I'd heard the rochelle 2 was better. Maybe not so much as I'd hoped?
  12. That's a thought too. There's a music shop in town that *might* sell that level of concertina, and it'd be a chance to see if their hands were strong enough to work those models. I don't want to get something that is so frustrating/difficult to use that they don't want to try anymore. Edit - yes, that was a good thought. The local shop sells the Trinity College brand and has one of the red plastic Chinese ones too. We could hypothetically go along and see what they think of them, and how they sound.
  13. I have a 7 year old and a 10 year old. Both are showing very mild interest in the concertina (they don't want to 'learn to play' anything yet but enjoy playing with the buttons and seeing how it works) but are nervous handling an expensive instrument. I am considering getting either a Wren or a Rochelle 2 for them to use - something that I won't be heartbroken if they drop/break it. Does anyone have experience with young children/small hands and budget concertinas? Are there models that work better for them?
  14. Thank you very much. I wasn't able to play it well/fast enough for Tunepal to recognize it.
  15. I was practicing tonight and this tune popped into my head. I know I've heard it before but have no idea where. Does anyone recognize it? Link to MP3 of tune
  16. Yes. I was pleased to find that Custy's Music offers a lot of digital CDs now. Had a bit of a shopping spree recently. Most are newer but there are a few older/compilation ones too.
  17. No, I didn't get it from the link - by the time I saw it, it had sold.
  18. Thanks Jack, I'm looking forward to hearing them!
  19. Reviving an old thread to ask - is this CD still available anywhere?
  20. Custy's music in Ireland has a beginner box for about 230 euro but I've no idea what it is like to play.
  21. Thank you PaddyLosty! I have been looking for this too. There is one copy on ebay.co.uk right now but they don't post to the US.
  22. Oh yes, as would I - I trust any of the well known dealers. It's the not being able to necessarily play them beforehand which is tricky, not only for sound purposes but for ergonomic concerns.
  23. A dealer - Theo Gibbs of the box place.
  24. OK, here's another question for you. Three potential high end options. What would you do, and why? Assume cost is not the deciding factor. Player interests: Irish traditional music with a partner who plays Morris; prefer sound not too harsh or too loud; easy to play (I suspect I will have thumb joint issues as I get older). Sounds files of the instruments are not available. Option one: G/D Dipper, early one from the 70s. 34 keys (no left hand thumb key). Given a tuneup by Barleycorn within the past six months (it was sold at auction last November and I'm guessing they were the buyer) but no mention of bellows work. Fitted with a microphone jack - not sure I would ever use it, has not been tested, looks a bit weird sticking out of the side of the frame. No case as far as I know, might come with a soft one. Option two: G/D Jeffries. Fully restored by the Dippers "within the last few years" including new bellows. 31 key - the 31st is a left hand thumb key and I don't yet know what notes are on it, but I've asked. Comes with a fitted Dipper hard case. Both of those options are within 200 pounds cost of each other. I could possibly try the Dipper before buying but it would take 10% of my ten day trip to England this summer. It's even farther to visit the Jeffries and that is probably not a realistic plan. Option three: New Carroll G/D. A bit less expensive than the others. This is the only wooden ended option and I do prefer wooden ends. I still can't try it in advance as it'd be a new build in standard size. Comes with a fitted hard case. I would have the option of getting a Carroll some other time, as long as they are still being made. No issues with shipping/customs as the maker and I are in the same country.
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