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  1. If you can convince your family member to include it in hand luggage - even if it means you pay for them to carry an additional bag onto the plane - it would be much safer. When I moved from the UK to the US I had a duffel bag with three concertinas in it as a carry on bag. A quick word at security about my small accordions, and I was through with very little delay, and was able to watch the checked bags get thrown around by the handlers from my window seat.
  2. If you take a picture with the paper I would perhaps recommend taking a picture of a day prior to your departure, with clear evidence of your EU location in the background. Otherwise, who's to say you didn't take a copy of today's paper with you on your trip and photograph it in the uk with your newly purchased instrument?
  3. Hi, is this still available? I've tried to PM you a few times without success.
  4. Thought I'd share my concertinas, nearly 20 years worth of collecting! The Leggett just arrived yesterday. Left to right, left shelf: Custom AC Norman C/G mini 13 button made in 2009, David Leggett C/G mini 16 button made in 2009, German G/D mini 20 button restored by AC Norman in 2007 or so, German unrestored Eb/Bb 20 button Left to right, right shelf: Unknown restored Bb/F 26 button from Barleycorn, Edgley C/G 30 button made in 2003, custom Dipper almost-mini C/G 34 button made in 2009. Feel free to ask questions about them!
  5. Thanks Mike. That makes me feel better about buying this box from a distance. It is shipping Monday, will take a few days plus customs clearance, and then I will report in!
  6. Staying in the same country is definitely a benefit when it comes time to get repairs or complex maintenance taken care of.
  7. Hello, I may have an opportunity to purchase a unique smaller concertina by Dave Leggett, but I cannot play it in advance due to being in the wrong country. I understand he used to be a member here and sadly passed away a few years ago. He made a few instruments and I am wondering if anyone has opinions on what they were like regarding playability and general construction. There isn't much available on the internet as far as I can see. Thank you!
  8. Hi all, there is a new Facebook group to try to help Irish musicians in the Eugene Oregon area find each other. Sadly the local session scene was getting sparser even before Covid, and the local Irish festival shuttered its doors about six years ago. There are musicians here, I just don't know how to get them together (virtually for now, of course). If you are near Eugene Oregon or know anyone in the area, please spread the word! https://www.facebook.com/groups/528842671412674/
  9. I have been very impressed with my H2 Zoom recorder - not the H2n, mine is an older model but still going strong. I recently learned it can also be used as a USB mic (haven't tried) and it is currently being used to copy all my old minidiscs into digital format. I've just ordered (should receive tomorrow) a gently used Zoom Q8 video recorder, it is supposed to have very good sound. It's a little overkill for what I need and I would have preferred their previous model, the Q4n, but it's discontinued and nearly impossible to get hold of. The Q8 can be used as a standalone mic if you don't want to record video. Not the cheapest option though, as it runs $300 to $400 new depending on seller and accessories.
  10. Check with Barleycorn Concertinas and AC Norman. Both buy and restore instruments and maybe one of them will have something unrestored to sell to you.
  11. I have heard that playing in a position like that twists your back which could lead to problems in the future. Just be careful of that...
  12. I used to have a Maccann Duet, and sold it years ago. I've just come across this printed out book of information about Duets including basic information, diagram of a 39 button, exercises, and sheet music. I don't feel right selling it since it's a printout of a digital file rather than a commercial book, but it's of no use to me. I'm happy to pass it on to someone for the cost of shipping from Oregon, USA.
  13. Hi all, I am planning on sending a concertina from the US to Canada for repair and then have it sent back again. Is there any kind of paperwork I can file to prevent having to pay two lots of customs fees, considering it's only taking a vacation?
  14. I am starting to branch out into other keys and am possibly interested, but have no idea what the going rate for a Morse is. I am in Oregon.
  15. I've sent you a forum message including my interest and my email. Thanks for your time.
  16. Hi Stephen, it is available. The price includes US shipping; I would need to calculate the shipping if you are in Hong Kong as your profile indicates.
  17. I have decided to sell my mini Wheatstone which I purchased about 10-12 years ago in England. I bought it out of a love for miniature instruments, but I am an Anglo player and never really got the hang of playing this one. It is in excellent condition barring the following two details: 1) The box it comes in needs to be re-taped along the outer hinge. Inner hinge is solid. 2) The lowest button on the right side plays a hint of the wrong reed while pressed. This is demonstrated in the video below. The Wheatstone's serial number is 36774. According to pp 101-102 of Horniman Museum ledger SD03, this dates it to November 28 1963. It comes with a lockable hard case and two keys. The lock works. The box measures 7 inches long, 4 1/4 inches deep and 3 1/2 inches high. The concertina measures 3 1/8 inches at widest point, 2 3/4 inches from flat to flat and 5 3/4 inches long including the buttons. I am asking $2,000 US for this instrument, including shipping and insurance within the US. I may consider best offers if it does not sell at this price. Video demonstrating that all notes work: https://youtu.be/zosFmH2KxGQ Larger versions of photos are available on request. Pickup in Eugene Oregon area welcome (with a corresponding discount for shipping/insurance).
  18. I like it! Another vote for English here, in my inexpert opinion the A and B parts would have to be the same length/number of repeats to sound Irishy, but of course I'm sure there are many exceptions to that.
  19. My understanding: If there are not yet any bids at the time of the question, it can be considered a request to change the auction to Buy it Now format...but if there are already bids then there's no legal way for the seller to accept the proposal.
  20. Find a trusted friend or relative and give the concertina to that person to be held until you can produce four completed research papers.
  21. I got a custom hard case made by Greg Jowaisas and it is perfect. A really good price too. I highly recommend his work. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showuser=120
  22. Sadly, I haven't had one since 1996, and this one passed in 1984, so I couldn't ask him about it.
  23. I wish I had my grandfather's concertina. I'm told he dropped it in a river during World War 2...
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