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  1. Thanks Guys, nice to be back! Dave Elliott <What about the brass/ bronze spring material used for making the arms on electrical contactors? or is it all solid state these days?> I must admit I was thinking more in terms of springs for use in instrumentation or gizmos & gadgets in general, but as you rightly point out, electrical switchgear contactors would require similar 'spring' properties and, who knows, reeds made from such material might just have that extra little spark! ;-} Dave Afterthought.... electrical grade material might also contain a lower level of impurities and possibly be less susceptible to fatigue ??
  2. Hi All, 'Spring grade' brass and phosphor bronze strip are, I am sure, still in use today and most likey in sizes suitable for reed making. A spare hour or so with the yellow pages and a phone, and a little of the 'gift of the gab' should produce some results from specialist spring manufacturers, either in the form of raw materials or as ready made springs that can be tailored to suit. A similar quest provided me with two coils of different diameter phos bronze spring wire.... enough to make thousands of lever springs.... Seek (hard enough) and ye shall find Regards Dave
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