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  1. This is a 30 button anglo with 7-fold bellows and accordion reeds, made in 2005. It's in very good condition, is quick and responsive. It has a case, also in great condition. I bought it on this forum because I wanted to try a G/D, now would like to use the money elsewhere. Please send me a personal message if you'd like to see pictures or discuss the instrument. Thanks! Janet
  2. Item number: 150241785975 eBay USA "Antique Jeffries", 3-day listing, pictures look very nice - anglo, tuning unknown... I emailed the seller to try to get key info, also to see if there'd be a response - none so far. Any thoughts on the likelihood of this being for real? I'm not an experienced eBayer. Janet (Oops, I didn't refresh the screen and missed the same subject getting posted while I was thinking about it)
  3. Thanks, Dan and Daniel, for your kind words! It has been really fun to hear from you after so long. Janet
  4. I'm a long time c/g anglo player, and I'd like to try a lower pitched instrument, to work with harmony lines, backup,etc. Since I'm not sure if this will be a long term interest, I'd like to find a lower-priced instrument, or lease or borrow something for a while. I'm located in California. Thanks! Janet
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