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  1. about 2,6 kg. How heavy is ia standard 72 duet? When I went to Witney for the first time I met an old gentleman who played a large duet. He waved it in the air and sang music-hall songs. It was very impressive and he was quite funny. I didn't catch his name.
  2. Hi Jim, thanks for your suggestions. I guess McCann player you are thinking of is Jochen Riemer, but he is living in Bavaria, I haven`t seen him for some years. You are certainly right about McCanns and the ICA, I will try the newsletter if nothing happens here. Maybe I can tempt someone with this offer: McCann against English of same value. (I know you are a man of many boxes, Jim.) Nils
  3. I've posted this ad ten days ago, no message, no question. Do I have to try ebay??? I wouldn´t like to. Is the price too high? I am surprised, because this is really a spezial instrument, fit for a professional player. You can play it airborne because of the aluminium shoes and end plates. If nobody wants it, I'll have to learn to play it.... Nils
  4. For sale, not on ebay: Wheatstone 72 key Duet Aeola, No 29 226, aluminium ends and reed shoes, price 2300 Euros. concert pitch, can be played as it is, but unrestored. Nils
  5. It´s all "just" training! Pietro Valente playes complex jazz arrangements and he never sits. He´s old now and the CD sold on ebay doesn`t really do him justice. (It was recorded more or less "live" and he was 78 I think.) But you get the idea what is possible. Nils
  6. Allthough the sun is shining in Northern Germany for the first time this year, I took some time to listen to my old Steel Skies record and noticed that it can still fascinate me. But it´s old and worn after nearly 25 years, so I wonder whether there is a chance to get a CD quality recording, as far as I know it has never been released as CD officially. Any ideas? Nils
  7. I forgot Sandra Kerr. If I could play like her......... Nils
  8. Players I like: Martyn Bradley Wendy Stewart (Coelbeg) Scottish Groups are a goog source: Old Battlefield records, Whistlebinkies, Jock Tamson`s. Nils
  9. Hi henough, You are talking about Euros, so maybe one of the concertina events in Europe could help You to decide: Skandinavian Squeeze In in april, German Concertina Weekend in may. You would be able to try out many different concertinas (types and brands). Nils
  10. Hello cgal, I´m interested in Your concertina. I´ve got a 72 MacCann Aeola (aluminium ends and reed shoes No 29226) would that interest You? All the best from Germany Nils
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