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  1. I just got Padraig Rynne's and Noel Hill's CD before that Flook (with Padraigh), I ordered Jody Kruskal's........ I don't know how many first class concertina CDs I bought over the year, quite a lot. All but one Anglo. Different music, different styles, a lot off great stuff. But I'm playing ENGLISH!! Are we the neandertalers of the concertina world, doomed to die out? Of course, every now and then there is a new Simon Thoumire CD, a new Rob Harbron, but what else is happening? My first thought is the Anglo has found its place in different types of music, but the English? You can play nearly everything on the Engish, but there is no music that needs it. (Like Tango needs the Bandoneon.) Any ideas? Nils (Hi Rainer, nice to have you here!)
  2. I tried to find some informations about Michael Rooney, but all I got featured his harp playing (which is exellent). Nothing about concertina. Are there any recordings? Did anybody hear him playing? I will try to get Rainer Süßmilchs approval to post recordings of him I made. Nils
  3. Mario Kliemann has sent the invitations for this years Concertinatreffen in Bielefeld. I attach the PDF file. Would be great, if some more net.ters found there way to the meeting! Teachers will be Rainer Süßmilch Jürgen Leo Michael Rooney Rainer is the perfect man for playable jazz-style arrangements (solo)and some non-classical band music. Jürgen Leo plays german-anglo, Chemnitzer and Bandonion and sings. ( He is a former Liederjan member). We will try to have some special course for "absolute beginners" English Concertina. If you know anybody who just started tell him! (By the way: Ryan Air flights are so cheap..........) Nils 15th_German_Concertina_Weekend_2006_Flyer.pdf
  4. I know I'm representing a minority but I would like to say some things in favour of wrist straps. I don't disagree with you, Jim, in most points you made, but playing the english the pulling is the difficult part, because the power is transfered to the instrument by the thumbstraps only. (On the push the pinkie helps.) The hevyier the concertina, the more effort is needed. In this situation wriststraps (yes, very loose ones) help a lot. I believe with most free reed instruments the pull is the movement where you can emphasize phrases. The best example of that ist Tango-Bandoneon playing. And I feel the english concertina has a little weak spot there. Am I the only pro-wrist-straps-man on concertina.net? Nils
  5. Many vintage english concertinas have means to fit wrist straps. The button box would certainly be able to do the necessary work without damaging the concertina.I try to attach a photo of a baritone with straps.
  6. If you feel that you have too little control without the pinkie try english wrist-straps. They ad a lot of control and dynamics on the pull. I keep them very loose to have my wrist as far away from the concertina as possible. Nils
  7. Hi Dave, some years ago I had that problem on an extended treble edeophone and exchanged two posts. That worked quite well and was easy to do. The short arm of the top didn't cause any problems with the worn out post. Nils
  8. Hi Samantha, I would like to come to Aran. I got a flight from Lübeck for 2,-- Euros (Ryan Air). The bus to the airport is about ten times more. Nils
  9. nils

    Yg? Yc?

    Thanks for your skillful observations, but my "Beautiful Mind" is still convinced those patterns are letters. Reasons: There is no other spot with a similar pattern in the fretwork, other patterns are repeated. I havn't seen any other concertina with a fretwork where I could find "accidental" letters. The 19th century craftsmen designed their concertinas very carefully, so a piece of fretwork that could be taken for something it was not meant to be would not have been acceptable. If this fretwork keeps it's secret, maybe you've got one with another riddle in it? Nils
  10. There are initials in the fretwork of my New Model. Does anybody know the meaning? Nils
  11. I use wrist straps on my very heavy bariton treble Aeola. Because of the weight this concertina needs all the power you have for dynamic playing. It's very comfortible this way especially when I play it standing up. Who of You has heard and seen Sandra Kerr? I think her wonderfull playing depends on using wrist straps. Nils
  12. nils


    The Aeola I advertised here in december is still for sale. Nils
  13. Hi Otsaku, where in denmark are you? I know some players in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg who could help you with your first steps on the english. Nils
  14. The email address of Mario seems to be faulty, if you want informations please try mario_kliemann@web.de or contact me. Nils
  15. Everything is arranged now for the German Concertina Meeting near Bielefeld. It will take place on the 6. -8. 5.05. Tutors will be: Jürgen Leo (Liederjan) Deutsche Konzertina and Bandoneon Rainer Süßmilch (actor and musician) English Concertina Micheal O Raghallaigh (Providence) Irish Concertina For informations and booking contact Mario Kliemann: Concertina@Concertina.de I am looking foreward to that weekend, each of the three tutors is the cream on the cake in his kind of music. Nils
  16. Hi Ritchie, there are some good players in Germany, try the Concertinatreffen in Bielefeld in may. If You want to listen to a good concertina you could contact Claus Kessler via the irishtrad group on yahoo.de. He works with Juergen Suttner in Siegen and I like his playing very much. Nils
  17. You can try Uwe Hartenhauer, Bandoneonmaker in Saxony (just google him.) Nils
  18. Wrist straps: The folk player I admire most for her dynamic playing is Sandra Kerr, she allways uses wriststraps.
  19. Hi Hermann, more usefull than typing is playing and you could do that at the German Concertina Meeting in Bielefeld on the second weekend in may. We are at least five "Irish on EC" players. There will be a EC course that includes a lot of jazz elements (if Rainer Sußmilch is teaching it) and an AC course by an irish tutor. Our tutors in the last years were: Noel Hill, Tim Collins, Brid Meany, Aife O'Connor, Michelle O'Sullivan (I hope I got the names right.) We Irish ECs usualle take the AC course and explore the different approach to the music for our instrument. No tutor ever objected, they all were very much interested in the different possibilities. Hope to meet you there Nils
  20. The answer is easy: "Kopenhagener" of course. I have my doubts. But since you are apparently a hamburger, maybe we should call you McDonald. (If you were from Berlin, you could be a Kennedy. Wouldn't that be sweet?) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, "Kopenhagener" are what danes call "Wienerbrod" in Hamburg, "Berliner" a special kind of pancakes, "Wiener" are saucages, "Hamburger" what McDonald's sells. And "Amerikaner" are flat soft cookies with red and wite sugar dressing. "Pariser" shouldn't be eaten. Nils
  21. Hi Jim, I have found some favourable comments about the pogo RipFlash Trio, which records mp3 from an external mic. And its not expensive. Maybe an option for you? Nils
  22. I record with an "Elson" mp3 player. The built-in mic is allright. It has got a line-in jack, but you need an amplified mic to use that. The only one I know of is the "pogo" stereo mic which I couldn`t get in europe for a reasonable price. I found a good thread discussing this problems on a radio reporter site. They are still prefearing old minidiscs (Sony MZ R30) because of the quality of the preamplifier for the mic input. A new Sony (I don't remember the number) is said to have similar quality and is equiped with additional software for digital copying on the computer. I haven`t tried it yet. Nils
  23. I searched my "archive" for the MacCann player. It was in Witney 1996 and I believe it was Trevor Vale. I had a look in the internet and found a note that Trevor died recently while performing on his concertina aged 78. I still have his picture in mind, it was the first time I saw someone play such a large concertina. It would be nice if we had recordings of those old players, I think the ICA sound archive is a very important project.
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