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  1. Hello Yakov, if You are living in continental europe I have two instruments for sale that might interest You: Schönherr und Matthes "Prakatikal" Bandoneon (C system 4 rows). Built in 1930, restored by R. Wallschläger. Crabb Bass concertina single action. Built in 1975, restored by David Leese. If You like further informations or photos just contact me. Nils
  2. William, your bandoneon looks like an ELA to me. This could be verified by the serial number and production date inside. ELA has been sending CBArnolds (=Chromatic Bandoneon Arnold) at least from 1929 to South America, there is a reference on an italian webside. That means they produced them for a timespan of ten to fifteen years. My guess is they made some hundreds, certainly not more than a few thousands. They produced a book with it, the Metodo E.V. Favero". Oriwohl claims that Alfred Arnold made CBArnold bandoneons and he should know, he learned to play unisonoric bandoneon from E. Kusserow in the thirties. But the one picture I found is definitely an ELA. What we call a Kusserow bandoneon has been developed by different bandoneon-makers in the twenties. It is very similar to a CBArnold. It was designed for playing melody with the right and cords with the left hand. It's main advantage is that you can play in all keyes by just moving your hand to a different position on the keyboard. If you see photos of early players in Germany they often play the bandoneon "on the corner" which makes it easier to find a decent fingering for the left hand. Oriwohl played a lot of classical music like Bach Toccatas on his bandoneon so it can be done. Nils
  3. Is this your bandoneon? (From the Oriwohl book) CBA Bandonion.pdf
  4. It's certainly a Crabb, the 40 in the number is the year it was made.
  5. I am playing Symphonetta - a kind of unisonoric bandoneon with CBA layout. Coming from the English Concertina it was a rather easy way to get into playing melody plus accompaniment. A chance to listen to it or to try it out is the German Concertina Meeting at Proitze! Nils
  6. You could ask the bandonion-makers in Germany, Hartenhauer, Wallschläger or Harry Geuns in Belgium for spares. Nils
  7. Just spotted a crane duet in the evening sun. Nils
  8. Hi Jim, thank you for organising this most enjoyable weekend. And special thanks to Elisabeth for her wonderfull cooking and Arvid and Evind for teaching me swedish. I hope everybody got home safely. Robert and I spent another night on Moen where to my surprise we were the only people walking along the cliffs. My recording of our little concert came out quite well so any participant interested send me a mail for a CD. See you next year I hope Nils
  9. Jürgen Suttner makes some, but very few English Concertinas. I have tried some when he delivered them to the buyers and they were great, even though they were not played in. For all Suttner Concertinas must be taken into account that Jürgen improved the design and the quality a lot since he started making them full time and a Suttner from 1990 is not what you get today. I have a Suttner from 1987 which is quite good and very reliable, but not outstanding. If you are looking for a concertina for folk music (like a metal ended Wheatstone) a Suttner would be a good choice. Nils
  10. I am sure Robert doesn't mind if anyone arrives a day or two earlier. Just ask him. I can offer a lift from Hamburg Airport to Proitze on Friday afternoon. Nils
  11. Yes, of course. If you compare the keyes of the two concertinas you can see that the keyes of the outside rows of the miniture are not in line with the inside rows like they are on english concertinas. Nils
  12. The concertina has the four middle rows of a McCann, left hand one octave starting with C above middle C and only Bb as an accidental. Right hand starting with that Bb up one octave to A with three notes overlap. There is an extra Fsharp in that octave where the high B should be and an Eb in the place of the low A. Allthough a very small instrument for a duet (I have never heard of another)you can play duet music in C and pieces with a very limited range in F, G, Bb and the related minors. Nils
  13. If you need a christmas present for yourself or your favourite McCann player: I sell my miniture No. 34517 19 keyes. Good condition, 440 hz. 1200 pounds. PM me if you are interested. I'm posting just one photo, more via e-mail.
  14. My Bass was in Eb when I bought it, it belonged to a set of concertinas Mr Barleycorn got from a Salvation Army Band (from Liverpool?). Nils
  15. With new bookings coming in every day we have only few places left for the concertina-weekend. You find all informations about the event on www. concertina.de. Or just send me a PM. Transport from Hamburg, Hannover.... can be arranged. There will be about 30 irish session musicians in the Proitzer Mühle plus 30 concertina players of all types and musical styles. If you think about joining us don't forget your earplugs. Nils
  16. The flyer for the weekend is now online at www.concertina.de. It is in german - send me a pm if you want informations translated. Nils
  17. The concertinas were sold today to a very well known irish player who was a close fried of Mario. Nils
  18. nils

    Anglo for sale

    I was afraid things would turn out like this but I hoped.... My part in this was (and is) to advertise these concertinas in the forum. I wanted to keep the information that several valuable instruments were for sale for the forum members only, so I sent every member who inquired the same email. I passed all information you gave me on to the seller. Who is contacted and what prices are asked is out of my hands and up to the seller. My guess is that he sold the first concertina in the safest way possible, to someone who played it and paid cash. I will give the email of the seller to anybody who asks me for it. Nils
  19. nils

    Anglo for sale

    the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26003659@N00/?saved=1 I hope it works. Nils
  20. nils

    Anglo for sale

    I have got a lot of photos now, too many for the forum or email(7MB). Any idea where I can put them for an easy download? Nils
  21. nils

    Anglo for sale

    Sorry, I will not post any informations because I want to give them to members of the forum only. The informations in the forum can be seen by anyone who googles the word concertina. I am doing this on behalf of a friend and I want to give him the chance to contact interested players. There is no secret about it, just a little bit of protection. (We will not forget the donation). Nils
  22. nils

    Anglo for sale

    If you are looking for a high quality anglo contact me, please. I will send all further informations by mail. Nils
  23. After the sad death of Mario we concertina players in Germany have to decide what to do in future. To discuss our options Ewald has established a new forum on concertina.de. All players interested in informations about the next concertina weekend are invited to register. Allthough the language of the forum will be german nobody will mind posts in english. Nils
  24. I use 3 mics on one stand - one for singing/announcing, 2 mounted on a cross bar for the concertinas. In Germany those bars are made by K&M (König & Meyer) This system is usefull when you use different concertinas. My mics are cheap SM 57, but I`ve used AKG goosenecks this way as well. An advantage compared to microvox is that you get less of the click-noise of the buttons. Nils
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