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  1. I don't know if I'd call it more "authentic". I do like it better, but Danny gives it a Baroque feel more than a "traditional English" feel. Quite likely musicianship is one reason for the fact that it comes off better, but I also think the tune is more adaptable to a Baroque feel, which is more period appropriate, at least. It's still a bit "dainty" and "refined" for my tastes, but I'm sure quite a few people prefer that approach to a more rough and tumble take on it.
  2. Well...don't take anything I say as definitive. I've listened to quite a few real traditional players, but wouldn't call myself one. Which is why I was somewhat vague.
  3. No, there's a three feel, but it's not as strongly dominated by the "one" as a waltz's is. Most traditional players couldn't make a laundry list of rhythmic feels for each tune type, even if they play them correctly -- they'd probably just demonstrate. Actually, it may not be possible to make a definitive list, since there are so many subtle shades of differences that are context-dependent on the region, instrumentation, melodic content, tempo, age of the tune, etc. In a 3/2 hornpipe, the beats are not exactly even, but more of the three-feel comes from the melody as opposed to emphasizing the accents or timing. It may be a bit syncopated, or the rhythm may cross the bar lines sometimes. To me, 3/2 hornpipes are supposed to sound "slippery" and not so metrically obvious. I felt the guitarist's rigid waltz-like accompaniment didn't suit the tune at all. This is the kind of thing I always think of when classically trained musicians call traditional music "simple."
  4. The Aquatina website is pretty minimal right now, but it does link you here: http://www.sheffield-made.com/acatalog/The_Aquatina_Pocket_Bottle.html
  5. Can you pull a whole string section out of it like he can?
  6. I've just looked around the "Akkordeon-Werkstatt" (or translated by Google into English: "Accordion Workshop") site, great find! It says they're based in Rorschach in Switzerland. I found several concertinas they make, and a sound sample. Here's their concertina page (here's the English translation), which will play the short sound sample when you load it. According to this PDF File, they make double-voiced 20 or 30 button concertinas in a 180mm size (about 7.1"), and 20 or 30 button single-reed anglos in a 156mm size (about 6.15"). They also make Bandoneons with chromatic button accordion fingering on both sides! I will have to ask if they can make me a custom Wicki (Hayden) accordion...Kaspar Wicki was Swiss after all!
  7. I think you mean the opposite of "dearth," maybe "wealth"?
  8. Well, it resolves on an A, so maybe it's A mixolydian, which uses the same notes as a D major scale. X:1 T:Drunken Sailor M:4/4 K:AMix e2 e2 eA Bc | d2 d2 dG AB | e2 e2 ef ga | ge dB A2 A2 ||
  9. An assembly guide with pictures is a great and generous idea, Mr. Tedrow. I'd especially like to see a video on tuning reeds using simple tools.
  10. Yep, I held down the low D with my little finger. I do apologize for my tongue wandering about. That tends to happen when I'm absorbed in listening and playing. It's one reason why recording video is useful, I can spot things like that. Personally, I like the solo melody part. If nothing else, it gives a nice contrast, I think. And it gives me a very "exposed" setting to work on dynamics, subtle ornamentation, and the like. I guess I'd agree the first half doesn't highlight the capabilities of a duet concertina, but I hope the beauty of the melody shines through anyway. What do other folks think? And I have to admit I "cheated" when it comes to the balance of the left vs. right side...I put the microphone on the right side, which of course de-emphasizes the left a bit (but maybe not as much as you'd think).
  11. Comments welcome...trying a bagpipe duet inspired arrangement with a drone. Very sensitive things, these concertinas, so touchy...I hope my mistakes are instructive at least:
  12. This originally had a piano, but I modified it:
  13. I think it's approximately equivalent to ordering a custom 20-key Anglo. You can certainly make good music on one. But they aren't highly sought after, and most people quickly want to move to an instrument with more keys. You may be an exception.
  14. But Boney, why "the national emblem of England"? The national emblem of Ireland is not a clover. Of course not-- the clover must be the national emblem of Anglo-Germany! Well, according to Wikipedia: And according to Merriam-Webster OnLine: So "Clover" is the Anglo-German word for the plant which is Ireland's national symbol. Quite appropriate, I think. I don't have anything against "peacock," I'm sure by any name it would sound as sweet. I wonder what a Hayden/Wicki model would be...the only thing I can think of is an apple.
  15. Good news! I like the shamrock in the fretwork. The kit is an interesting idea. Fine-tuning the reeds I would think would be the most delicate part. Wouldn't the English equivalent of a Clover be a Rose, the national emblem of England? http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/customs/questions/flowers.html
  16. Very nice. I'll be listening to it again.
  17. So would "W. Best" be "W.T. Best" mentioned in the same page? There exists an album of his organ compositions.
  18. I found it here, although the plug-in didn't work, but I could right-click on the black box and save the video to my hard drive. I like all the coffee. http://web.me.com/samwarner1/Tedrow/time_lapse.html
  19. Yeah, I have a hard time getting through all the stuff posted too, I wish there was a little more to go on. But the reason I didn't post to this thread is that I'd like to say something more useful than "wow, neat, I like it!", but I can't think of anything. So I'll just say that.
  20. Yeah, might as well try a few options and see what compromise feels best. Here's one more for fun, a 90% scaled version of a one-handed Hayden field (14.4mm x 8.1mm button spacing):
  21. Hm, the Apple info I looked up says it's 3.5" diagonally at 163 pixels per inch, or about 2"x3". That probably makes the second layout I posted too tight. Yes, they're an octave apart. The left (bass) side starts at the F an octave and a fifth below middle C (on the upper left in the diagram), and notes go up as you move down and right. The right (treble) side starts at the G below middle C, and notes go up as you move up and left. I don't have an iPhone, but I could probably borrow one to try out this app. With the screen smaller than I thought it was, it's a bit more problematic. The Hayden spec is 16mm x 9mm button spacing, the app as you created it gives about 11.5mm x 12.5mm button spacing. The first two-handed diagram I posted would give 10.4mm x 8.7mm, which might be OK, I'd have to try it. The second (which you were asking about) would be 10.4mm x 5.8mm, which I'd have to guess is too cramped. Taking the actual screen size into account, here's a new one-handed version that would give you a 16mm x 9mm button spacing, with middle C circled in red: At that size, a two-handed version with 16mm x 9mm button spacing isn't practical -- you wouldn't even get a full diatonic scale. If you squeezed the buttons to 80% of the Hayden spec (12.8mm x 7.2mm), you could fit in one key with a pretty good range. Here's a version of that in G: But the first two-handed layout I posted, even though it doesn't have the Hayden-specified spacing ratio, might be more playable.
  22. I posted this in the Concertinas in the Movies thread: (The Simpsons, Season 20, episode 13).
  23. Just for the record, Coley Jones played mandolin with the Dallas String Band, not concertina -- but it's a funny coincidence there's a concertina pictured there. The Dallas String Band recorded "Dallas Rag" in the late 1920s. I presume they wrote it, but maybe the person who posted the video thinks it's just their version of an even older tune. And also for the record, Brian Peters' "Dallas Rag" is one of my favorite concertina pieces, and an inspiration.
  24. He must be the guy four from the left here:
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