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  1. It seems like this one - from the bodhran-family of jokes - is likely to be applied (by some people) to concertinas: "What's the best way to play the concertina?" - "With a sharp penknife" /Henrik
  2. Yes, me too. Deleted it. /Henrik More intersing to know how they can send personal messages -
  3. After all these years, I am still trying to determine how my brain is wired Maybe it isn't wired at all - or it may be wireless (before you said it, Jim) /Henrik
  4. Henk, if you click on the home tab at the top of the Kitchen Sessions page, scroll down a bit and you will find a 25 minute interview with Msgr. Coen about his musical past and a great couple of sets of tunes. Will do so, immediately /Henrik
  5. Hope your concertina is tuned /Henrik
  6. Now, that was indeed something completely different! Better get my ole Hendrix records out - /Henrik
  7. I would, definitely! I had just gotten used to it as a very, very enjoyable and inspirational few days that I was looking forward to. /Henrik
  8. Whoa! Now this was a post that generated long comments/answers! Here is a short(er) one: I have now played an English of my own design for 3 years. It was from the start designed without a pinkie rest, an Anglo-type handstrap and thumbstraps about the half "normal" the width, placed closer to the thumbs' second joint, in order to lower the strain. Plus some details like wider button spacing and buttons going down onto the ends. Last summer I discovered that the thumbstraps weren't necessary at all (why is a longer story, no need for that now) and eventually I removed them and made new handstraps. That gave me an instrument that was directly comparable to the Anglo, when it comes to holding and handling the instrument. The experience is hard to describe (and not easy to record), but the overall effect is: a completely new instrument: I have dynamic control and power like never before. "not easy to record" means just that: it is very difficult to catch the feeling of "output" from an instrument played close to you. Anyone who has sat beside some of the young hotshots in Co. Clare (or Dave Prebble ) know what I mean. Through age and wear, second joints of my thumbs' are not anymore in perfect condition: in fact, I can't play a standard English today, without pain. With the new design? No problem at all. Which brings us to my conclusion: Yes, Al, it is awkward and very hard on the thumbs. In all fairness, I should add: much depending on what you play, of course. /Henrik Edited to add "or Dave Prebble "
  9. I did the same thing recently (with the same CD) - with the same results. I guess I was a little "immature" when I listened to it the first times, 'cos this time I had to repeat the "car thing", like you. - and got some strange looks at sessions when I started playing tunes in C ;-). "Gerdy Commane's" - great stuff. /Henrik
  10. I won't claim to be 'in the know' but you are right - there is a certain taste of fiddle music there - Four or concertinas would do it! /Henrik
  11. So - does anyone know if accordian-playing can be cured? And what does this mean for we concertina addicts? I think that with today's view on health care and the general economic regression, accordionitis is still considered cureable, mainly because of the large number of players (and the following risk of damage to public health). In case of concertina players, I think they "fall between the chairs" - their number is too small (like the instrument) and no politician with the right mind dare to burn funds on attempts on a cure. So they are allowed to roam freely... /Henrik
  12. Yikes! It's there! Thanks, Bob! Very inspirational in all possible ways. /Henrik
  13. Oh, yes - Ernestine plays an old Wheatstone (from 19??), with unusual wide buttons. Stephen - any help? /Henrik Ha! You beat me to it, Larry - while I was writing
  14. Day 4!, day 4!, day 4!, day 4!, day 4!, day 4!, day 4! I've kicked out my TV - I am only watching this /Henrik
  15. ... Then after about 25 seconds it allows play. ... Ahaaa - maybe it's my usual lack of patience But for the rest - I was hoping for a new fix. I have taken off some of the programs from YouTube etc, but I'd prefer the originals. /Henrik
  16. For some reason, the sounds of single reed instruments seem to be especially demanding for compression programs. Encoding concertina sound may require that the encoder setting is changed = bit rate increased. (In Audacity, bit rate is called Quality). If you use a setting that gives you satisfactory results with 'other' music and 'gritty' results with concertina, try and change the bit rate setting - provided that the original is clean. Once you have a 'gritty' file you can't undo it by encoding again with better settings. The price? Better quality = larger file. There is no free lunch. /Henrik
  17. C'mon, Larry - how do you watch the darned thaing? Technicalities, please /Henrik
  18. Whoo - an amazing collection! I had a fast "click here, click there-listen" and have a small correction to "Bride of Reader's Tape": The first tune is "Telling's hopsa" - it is Danish, not Swedish ("hopsa" is a dance). Dots are here. IMHO, hopsas are horrible from a concertina point-of-view, lots of repeated notes to stumble upon. /Henrik
  19. So sad, another of the great ones gone -/Henrik
  20. I just couldn't resist the temptation: rivet away here ! And to really get off the thread: you can click on any rivet and get to it's specs, where you can even manipulate the rivet in 3D space What I would call multimedia overkill, I could think of more interesting applications /Henrik
  21. This year will be the tenth anniversary of the Scandinavian Squeeze-in. Through the years, attendance has wobbled up and down, some people have attended once, twice or always. Last year was quite low, maybe we didn't wave the flag enough. I have sided with Jim when it comes to arranging the event, since two of the organisers are now into organising small children on a 24 hour basis. The surroundings are the same - note "surroundings": this year we are renting the 'other' scout cottage, a stone's throw from "Gamlegård" where we normally stay. I am working on an article for the major, local newspaper, with the theme "A Forgotten Instrument" (coming soon, to a village near you?) and hope to convince the paper to have a journalist/photographer coming to see us, out there in the wilderness. I will not spend time and effort describing the event - Jim has done that down to an amazing level of detail here (which is also where you can book). The sooner you book, the better - come celebrate 10 years! Only a mouse-click away! Don't hesitate to ask the questions you don't find an answer to in Jim's encyclopedia - either here or through the message board. /Henrik
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