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  1. Thanks to TG4's change to Flash video (like YouTube), we can all see it now! /Henrik
  2. In that case, their policy has changed - I bought my 27 reeds with them. /Henrik Hello Henrik ,I came acros your kitchen table concertina a few months ago and your work looks very impresive with lots of helpfull pictures.So far I did not get any answer from those two companies that make reeds . Can you remember the price for your set?. Thanks Found the invoice - around €75, for 27 specified non-diatonic notes /Henrik
  3. Welcome, Robert! That's was one of the more unusual introductions to the concertina! /Henrik
  4. In that case, their policy has changed - I bought my 27 reeds with them. /Henrik
  5. - and IMHO much more interesting. It is found on many records with both names. One of the cooler versions - again IMHO - is found on "Irish Traditional Concertina Styles" (now part of "The Clare Set" CD-box collection) with Mrs. O'Dwyer, playing an old German double-reeded concertina, with Toss the Feathers/Drowsy Maggie. She plays with a little "dialect" that makes the tune almost a blend between Drowsy Maggie and The Reel with the Birl. /Henrik
  6. Still darned cold! This is almost end of May!

  7. Good man! This is one of the things Duets are perfect for! /Henrik
  8. Goodbye, Tom - I am happy I had the chance to have tunes with you in Kilrush in August. A treasured memory. /Henrik
  9. Good-looking stuff indeed, Michael! I am looking for binocular magifying lenses myself (for daily wear ;-) ). Are you happy with the Proxxon? /Henrik
  10. Amazing size! Think, if it had been an English - it would have had thumb straps and pinkie rests so you could wave it around! /Henrik
  11. I had an idea for a long time that fast action = light springs. I've had to revise that; they may be featherlight to press, but the other part of the sequence - closing - must also be fast (and "convincing"). Last year, I changed my (originally steel wire) springs to (heavier) spring brass. That was better, but I still need to adjust some of them - still too light. Of course there are individual taste in feel, but light can be too light. /Henrik
  12. Well, considering the number of records with English music concertina players, it is quite amazing that it can be found in iTunes. /Henrik
  13. Nice tune; it sounds a bit like "Rita Kean's" - Not completely, but close. /Henrik
  14. First: praise to Amazon - the arrival estimate said "middle of March"-ish and the packet arrived this Friday (Feb. 19th). I can only second Larry's comments: it is monumental. Dan has given the Anglo the history it so rightly deserves. In the parlance of thriller novel reviews: it's a white-knuckled page turner! /Henrik
  15. I can only second Chris' answer: once you have slipped and come to the end of the slope, you'll be staring into the black hole of obsession! Not a bad place to be - though you'll find no drawings! /Henrik
  16. Now, giggling aside: When I showed off my finished concertina in at the SSI 2006, I remember Chris Timson saying something like: "Hmm - maybe thumb straps could be of use on an Anglo...". Maybe it was because the instrument felt to him like an Anglo, with weird buttons and thumbstraps. (Correct me if I am off track, Chris). I should add that the thumbstraps (which went off, permanently, in 2008) weren't "normal". They were narrow, about 10 mm (approx. half the width of normal ones). The reason was that since I wasn't carrying the instrument in the thumbstraps (I always sit down), I might for various, non-explainable reasons bend my thumb(s) - and that would feel unpleasant. But that's all history. "Of course, your mileage may vary" Yes - it may be useful for a certain playing style, and irrelevant for another. /Henrik
  17. Wonderful, Michael - programs that dwell more than two minutes on a subject are a joy to watch. /Henrik
  18. You've got the "reel"-bit right... It is "Moving Cloud" - /Henrik
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