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  1. I never thought about it - I looked at old designs and did it like this: close-up of rivet (photo #6) - and the tool (photo #2) The "rivets" are simply small pieces of 1.5 mm brass wire. With a flat lever post, the diameter of the rivet should probably be a little more, say 2 mm. /Henrik
  2. Ah, yes! Wonderful stuff! And yes, reactions differ (though the video was cut at the end of the last chord - who knows what happened after that?) /Henrik
  3. I am shocked and sad to hear this - I only knew Rich from his writings here, but to me he stood out as a beacon in the concertina community. /Henrik
  4. Yep - seen them before.... But forgot about them! Thanx, Larryv - /Henrik
  5. Thanks, Alan - I now got a name to a tune I've heard over years and years. But what's that clicking noise? You aren't banging your keys like that man from Azerbaijan in Australia, are you? /Henrik
  6. Hahaaaa - I like that one. I treasure it for future use /Henrik
  7. Yes, I have also wondered about the funding. The only thing (apart from a "heavy" Saturday night concert and the classes) everything was absolutely free. I never went to the Saturday concert, since there would always be a brilliant and free "Concertina Recital" concert Saturday (and Thursday and Friday and Sunday) to keep me happy. If the number of instructors and the number of students is balancing financially, fine, but drop the "heavy" Saturday concert and charge something reasonable for the Concertina recital concerts. But - in the end, if it only becomes a question of pulling a crowd to town then nothing matters. It does seem like there are two forces in play: a business force and a traditional music force. Just a shame that a fine tradition should be lost so easily. /Henrik
  8. Oh, I would definitely attend. I consider myself an unusually usual suspect Maybe it is a chance to re-start a smaller, more humble concertina-centric event? /Henrik Edited to add a sentence -
  9. Leo already spotted this video last week. (http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php...ost&p=89500) This was the only answer to your question: Blast! I should pay more attention... Thanks - curiosity satisfied! /Henrik
  10. That's the trouble with today's thinking - everything has been so darned fast /Henrik
  11. Apart from the problems with "to wide-screen or not to wide-screen", this is a lovely clip - and it fills in some names on my photograph from 1981: (Found here) First, one correction - it has finally dawned on me that the woman exactly behind the microphone stand is Jaqueline McCarthy. The playing style and the small instrument is unmistakable. We are talking 25 years... And now I've learned that on her left side it is Ursula O'Dea and on the far right end of the the stage Yvonne Griffin (with her sister on her right, maybe?). Myriam Collins could be the fourth from the right, but I am guessing there. But much more intriguing is what I saw when I clicked of the "Related videos"... Who is this man?! Any suggestions? I am intrigued and being a sensitive young man, I find his playing strangely moving. And his concertina is exactly like mine (apart from the little detail with the system ) /Henrik
  12. Hmm - have you thought carefully about the media outrage ?! /Henrik
  13. Hi, Mark - just to ensure you that you are not full of [beep] as the Christmas goose: I have been thinking of this - as Hamlet said: "To bang or not bang the buttons - that is the question"... I always have respect for people who speak from practical experience, so yes, I am sure you may do damage that way. What made me think about it was when I listened to myself playing my 48 b raised metal ended Wheatstone - which I don't do very often, due to the thumb pain problems. But when I do, there's a lot of button banging going on, which reflects the style I have developed on my low action buttons/Anglo handstraps-EC - and I realize that I feel a bit uncomfortable doing it (on the "traditional" EC). So I go back and rest my thumbs, banging away on the low action buttons... /Henrik
  14. Na - the only place it happens is in my kitchen . You are welcome - most often getting around in tunes is better kept off-public. But I may turn up in Hälsingborg, depending on weather - /Henrik
  15. ... ... Yup, that's exactly what it is./Henrik
  16. Would be fun if anyone cared to comment on the clip, with over 100 downloads. I know I probably sound pitiful, but I was hoping to get at least a "congrats on the upgrade", "nice to be able to compare", "the Lachenal sounds like it needs some tuning" or "it's hard to compare the sound with such simple recording device". I guess I'm just a bit spoiled, since I've gotten such tremendous feedback on all my other posts. Cheers all! Oh right! Not unexpectedly, I am all impressed! (The sound differences in the instruments is secondary to me - they are to be expected: more clarity in the Lachenal ("nasal" as 3838 says). We are talking about instruments with vast differences in reeds and construction. What I am impressed with is the short time it has taken you to figure out cross-fingering of sorts! Now, if we could get you into the capable hands of some of the young Clare players... that would add the fluidity that I (personally) like so much. But there is this terrible rumour that Mrs. Crotty isn't going to happen this year. We may need to start a Facebook group, if it turns out to be true. We've got to meet! Lund or Höör? /henrik
  17. I have indeed wondered about this man many times (and is a little dubious about the Azerbaijan-bit... seems like too exotic, but I am willing to be surprised ) Yes, he does hit his buttons hard and I do the same, but with probably less slapping sounds, since my buttons go all the way down ("Oh, no - there he goes again..."). If I play a "standard" English - which I rarely do, due to pain in my thumb joints - I notice that I slap much more than with my own instrument: no thumbstraps, no pinkie rests, but with an Anglo-like strap. So the explanation could be - only a theory - that the man slaps his buttons in order to get the emphasis he wants. Since I "slap less" on my "unorthodox" EC, it is because I can get a lot of the emphasis with the bellows. On the standard EC, I have to slap since I can't get emphasis by pulling my thumbs. Just a thought - /henrik Edited for spelling and clarity -
  18. Yes - good thing. I remember seing Stephen Chambers with one similar, except I think the outer tube was thin, smooth metal, but the purpose was the same. /Henrik
  19. Whoa, now - you just happened to press the right button, there! The first attempt actually did turn out as a banjo: It is called "The 27", for the simple reason that it took 27 years... After switching to concertinas, production time fell to 10 months /Henrik
  20. Databases don't always agree of what they talk about - /Henrik
  21. I believe the Norwegians has coined the expression (for string players): "pizzicato bow"... /Henrik
  22. Whew! This is amazing! And as Dan said - free! With the search word yellowed - in the old text. A fabulous piece of work. /Henrik
  23. Yes - it's a Stagi miniature English. I bought one just like that. Contrary to what the photos on Stagi's site shows, there is no pinkie rest - it has been replaced with a leather strap, as seen here. I' ve said it before and I'll say it again: I don't know which creature this thing is meant to be played by, but it is nothing from this universe... /Henrik
  24. No, no - we do agree /Henrik Edited to place my comment outside the quotes ;-)
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