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  1. Thanks, Marcus! Getting a birthday greeting from Bermuda is exactly what I need - though it is much warmer (=less cold) now, only -4 °C...

  2. Still darned cold! This is almost end of May!

  3. Hello, chiton1 - I really enjoyed your concertina clip. So few seems to understand how to apply dynamics when playing Irish music on the English - a rare treat!

    My usual curiosity drove me to look at Google maps to check if Google Street view was implemented in youra area (a lot of Brittany is). Yes - so I just had a drive through your village!

    Best regards,


  4. Ooh - I am glad to hear it! It turned out very well. You will be glad to know that more is coming: Micheal O'Raghallaigh (2 clips), Tom Carey with Mairéad Considine and Gerald Haugh with Sharon O'Leary plus Katie O'Sullivan. It will take a little time, since I am replacing the not-so-good Canon IXUS audio with a high quality track from the Edirol. /Henrik

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