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  1. Oh, poor Rhomylly! I think that during your recovery, your family *nneds* to let you practice- it will speed the healing!! Best wishes in the meantime, dear!
  2. Yes, me too! Or a design based on the Jeffries scroll-work. But I just can't get over how bad all these tattoos are going to look in the nursing home...
  3. As I operate best up close and personal, I am happy to report that I handed my registration to Doug C himself whilst at NEFFA! I got a cabin, I got a bunch of good squeezing buddies, who could ask for anything more?
  4. Well, I saw Jim's retreating back across a crowded cafeteria at one point, never saw Mark at all, but had several pleasant sitings of Greenferry and David Barnert (thanks for coming to sing with me, David!). I barely played the concertina at all, except for my own concert Sat. night- though the vendor at the Celtic Revival store gave me a nice compliment- and it was in all a fairly overwhelming weekend. But a good one!
  5. Labor Day weekend works for me! I'll be sending in my registration stat!
  6. Oops- I told an acquaintence that you might have some PAs for him to check out(he has a small 3-row and wants one with another row of buttons)! Oh, well, he can talk with you at any rate...
  7. It sounds lovely, Ken, and a fitting tribute to your aunt. Add my condolences, and may the memories be sweet.
  8. That is so cool, Bob! I've never thought of the concertina as a punk rock instrument, but then again, hey, why not?
  9. I'll be there all weekend- I'll look for you both! I expect the Button Box table will be a general meet-n-greet place. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody there!
  10. I learn something new from this site every day! In the true oral tradition, I had never seen "gip" written down- I always assumed it was spelled "gyp". Now I know.
  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh- I see now! So I could just refer to the rules as set down by Sam Pepys himself and move to Covent Garden, thus staying well above the line.
  12. Well, I'm baffled. Even after studying the website- I have absolutely no earthly idea what you are all talking about! I always thought the television show of that name was another soap or sitcom- would somebody please explain slowly, in simple language, with words of few syllables, what the heck is going on???????
  13. Great photos, Barbara! Brings me right back, it does! How did the post-concert session go?
  14. I'm back, too- what a great day it was! Spending time with Barbara (Greenferry) was like a reunion. Seeing other CNetters was delightful. And the workshops were invaluable! When I first walked into the building in the morning, I was greeted by David Barnert with a huge smile and the words "Three a.m!!" He seemed none the worse for the wear, though, and his boundless energy was with him whenever I saw him throughout the day. I'm afraid to try to list all those I saw, but here's my first attempt: Greenferry and David, Robin Harris(on?), Paul Reed, Bellowbelle, a lurker named Fred who promised to start posting (where are you, Fred?), Richard Morse and Frank Edgely, oh, dear, I am sure there are others! And I met so many folks I had seen at the 2 Squeeze-Ins I've been to, I'm in danger of getting them all mixed up! I went to Paul Graff's Irish Song Airs workshop and learned a lot in a short time. The rest of the day I spent with John Roberts- English-style Anglo playing, and Accompanying songs. Both gave me new insights into ways I've been struggling to figure out on my own, and all three workshops helped me with technique. I came away full to the gills and eager to work things out on my own. I had to miss the concert and late-night conviviality, so I'll leave someone else to post about those. Thanks to the Button Box folks for a great day!
  15. Oh, poor David! The best-laid plans... But you'll still get there, albeit bleary-eyed and needing friendly faces and lots of coffee. I hope our music and sociability will revive you! (by the way, I found my "follow-up letter" buried in a pile of "to be dealt with later" mail!) See y'all tomorrow! Allison
  16. That's funny- I never got a followup communication in the mail! Should I of? I don't suppose it matters, really- I'll be there in time for coffee and getting to know folks, and am really, really looking forward to a good day of squeezing! As for how long I manage to last afterwards, that simply remains to be seen (is there an emoticon for great-big-huge-over-extended-exhausted-yawn?)
  17. What fun, Rhomylly! It sounds like a fulfilling, rewarding time!
  18. It'll be great to see you, too, Tom! Is Linn coming?
  19. My Jeffries and I can be heard on Saturday at 10 am with the Harrisville Morris Women and at 8 pm with the duo Seanma. "Jeff" and I will wander the halls in between, looking for a good chance to jam!
  20. I can't respond to the euro-dollar question except to speculate that the day you made the actual purchase, the dollar was stronger than it had been when you last had checked. I was pretty much a beginner when I inherited my Jeffries, and can only say that the beauty of the instrument accelerated my playing pleasure and hence, my ability. I'm still an average player at best, but feel very blessed every time I hold it in my hands.
  21. David, did you see Spamalot??? Isn't it fun? A spoof on musical theater with all the elements that make musical theater fun- AND Monty Python humor, all the way!
  22. I'm really looking forward to it! Unfortunately, I'll only be there for the day after all- I forgot I have a gig the next day! But I'll be there early and look forward to seeing folks and learning some good music.
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