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  1. Thanks so much, David, for posting the photo! I will learn, someday. Hey, Bruce, sorry about the "moment" caught on camera- you were much more animated most of the time! I don't think I'm quite at the level of playing where an open box would get anything- but it was a fun place to practice!
  2. Well, I'm back. And I'm SO glad I didn't try to travel with a concertina!!! But I have to say that despite the horrific security lines, the trips themselves were uneventful-(each way I took 2 airplanes, each flight was about 3 1/4 hours). And the flight attendants gave more drinks than I remember on previous flights- on the last leg of yesterday's journey they made the trip up and down the aisles 4 times. Do I think it's overkill? Probably. Did I feel safe? As much as I ever do. I would prefer never to fly again, because I hate the whole deal without all the security issues, but my dad is slowly dying on the other side of the continent, so I'll have to put myself through the ordeal a few more times at least. But at least I know I don't have to bring a concertina (see related topic).
  3. I don't know when I'll have time to wade through the topics since I last checked in, but I just wanted the world to know what a nice guy is Bruce McCaskey! We were in touch because of my trip to the state of Washington over the last 5 days. I just got home last night(- the travel nightmare is another story- and I am so glad I chose NOT to bring the concertina) but I want to take a minute to thank Bruce publicly. I was visiting my dad who is at the point with his Alzheimer's where the decline is evident and increasingly rapid. To give my step mom a break I took Dad on the ferry to Seattle for a quick tour of Pike Place Market. I told Bruce in an email that I thought we'd be there around midday. After taking my dad to lunch at the Pike Pub and Brewery we headed for the fish market. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me: "Are you Allison by any chance?" There was Bruce, with three concertinas! We found a public seating spot and had about 10 minutes to chat and play a few tunes before my dad was restless and it was time to go. I'm going to make my first attempt to post a photo that my dad took with my camera. His hands aren't too steady any more, but I think he did a good job[/img]ail?.dir=2516re2&.dnm=bf36re2.jpg&.src=ph[/img] (OK, I still don't know how to upload pictures- somebody help, please??)
  4. I called American Airlines yesterday, pushed buttons until I got to speak to a human, and she told me that yes, I can bring my knitting AND my needles on to the plane! She clearly did not approve, but oh, well. As for my concertina, I'm still undecided. I don't have any reason to bring it, other than not to be apart from it for 5 whole days . Plus, I'm guessing my father would like to hear it, for about 5 minutes! I should prolly start a new topic, but does anyone know of any good folk happening in Seattle this weekend?
  5. Thanks for the update, Alan! I'm dazzled by your energy and dedication to the task. Kudos!
  6. This is very good advice. I've been trying to decide if I should bring mine when I visit my dad in Seattle this week (changing planes in Dallas/Ft. Worth- not the most direct route from Hartford, CT!). I have found a backpack just big enough to fit the case and a few other needments- a book, my knitting- and I think I'm going to do it. It's better than leaving it home alone for 4 days and worrying about break-ins!
  7. Thanks, Chris and Wendy! She's a lovely, slender 17-year old, and already in one week she's slimming even more- it's all I can do to get soups, milk shakes, yoghurt and fruit smoothies, etc. into her. No alcohol - that would defeat a lot of purposes! Somehow it isn't stopping her from talking a streak most of the time....
  8. Yes, many happy returns, Chris! I'll raise my glass as well, but it'll be a yoghurt smoothie or some such; I'm keeping my daughter company as she recovers from major reconstructive surgery on her jaw- she's on liquids for the next month! That would be me, these days- but I do enjoy this "democracy" as one of the most civil on the www, and am grateful for how much I've learned here.
  9. Oh, Alan, that is stunning. A true story, you say? I'd love to hear more. Would you mind if I try my hand at putting a tune? I could hear my women's chorus trying something with this. (No promises, mind, but I need something creative at the moment, as I'm nursing my daughter from her surgery).
  10. Very cool, Ken! What sorts of things? Keep the travelogue coming- it's fun to read!
  11. Sounds like a great concert and the site shows some pretty wonderful stuff coming up. Unfortunately, as I feared, it's just a leetle too far for me this time.
  12. Your trip sounds wonderful, Ken! Keep us posted when you can!
  13. Tee hee- she'd better stand in line! My daughter's in love with him, too! She gleefully came home to tell me about the concertina scene. She also told me about a bizarre-sounding animated movie called Mirrormask which she thoroughly enjoyed. She carefully wrote down a quote for me (the contex is that the character Valentine is describing what they could do if they were rich). "We could bathe in fish! Eat all the little chocolate buttons we want! Learn to play the concertina!"
  14. Awwwwwwwwwww!!! I want one!! Too bad I can't afford it! Oh, well. One of the joys of being older is knowing I can live without many things.
  15. Oh, honey, you take care of yourself and get better, ok? Keep us posted! And yes, give yourself the gift of music therapy and play that concertina just a little (not too much, you want to keep healing)! I wish I could rush over there with some chicken soup or something. Come on, folks, let's get Wendy laughing! Here's a joke my daughter told me today. She read it in her Rolling Stone magazine! What's the last thing a drummer says before he's kicked out of the band??? "Hey guys! I wrote some songs!"
  16. What a sweet picture! And how encouraging for the future of our lovely instrument!
  17. Oh, Wendy! I hope that looks worse than it is! Rest that thumb (do you have any choice??) and let us know how you're doing!
  18. Thanks, Brian! I am really enjoying Anglophilia, purchased at Old Songs. I've been trying new things on the Jeffries as a result- I'm lightyears from accomplishing much, but I'm having fun!
  19. What a wonderful story, Juliette! And I did go look at your picture- it's great! From reading about all the work you've done to progress on the instrument, I now understand the quality of the recording you shared with us. Squeeze on!
  20. Congratulations, Rhomylly! What fun! I was so fortunate to attend John Roberts' workshop on accompanying singing with the concertina, at the Northeast Concertina Workshop in April. He had very little advice, beyond keep it simple, and play what sounds good to you. What sounds good to him is a lot of open 5ths and some simple repeated phrases between verses, with an occasional counter-melody or unison. For now, trust yourself! Just diddle around and see what sounds good to you! Wish we could sit together and try some tunes, you and I!
  21. Congratulations, Wendy! It sounds like a fun way to ease into performing. And I think you've got the right idea regarding programming: Good variety will keep you interested as well as your audience! Keep us posted!
  22. That would be me... As soon as you're ready to try, I'm right here ready to pilot the program at my school! Is there a grant writer in the house??
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