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  1. Hello, it's me! I've been lurking for awhile and not commenting much (like the little boy who didn't speak a word until he was 3; when asked why, he replied, "I didn't have anything to say!") I'm about to fill out my NE Concertina Workshop registration, and I'm wondering whether folks are availing themselves of the catered lunch. It's mighty tempting- I remember a bit of a rush to get a bite last time, and returning after the afternoon workshops had started. So I think I'm going for the catered option- anyone else?
  2. Gosh, it's scary to read the news, isn't it??
  3. The New Hampshire Sentinel still exists, under the name of the Keene Sentinel, claiming to be the oldest still-running newspaper in the country. Apparently their accuracy was no better then than it is now!
  4. And to you, Rhomylly and all! I've been a bit of a recluse this fall, and my schedule doesn't promise to get any lighter. But I'm glad you're all here, and I'll pop in when I can! Meanwhile, I'm playing away. I did an arrangement, with melody AND chords, of "Tomorrow shall be my dancing day" for the Christmas eve service at the local village church. Love to all-
  5. Congratulations, Alan! This is a well-deserved honor!
  6. Welcome, Jinny! What a wonderful story! Please stick around, and let us know how you are faring with this treasure of yours.
  7. Bruce, I get a "file not found" message for your link!
  8. Sorry I can't make it, Bruce! But I'll be back in the area sometime within the year and will try to give fair warning to you all- and I'm planning to give myself more time to get to know the place, so it would be great to get together then.
  9. I very much enjoyed my brief visit to the Music Room in Clekheaton two summers ago. Congrats on their new shop- is it in the same location as the old one? It looks like a wonderful lineup of events!
  10. And in fact, I never thought it was- I just had never figured out how my G row worked, so that way lay the epiphany of this NESI. Another was learning from Jody Kruskal just how many variations and choices there are- we really don't have to stick to one system, or two keys- in fact, I'm enjoying discovering new keys. (G minor still takes some doing though! )
  11. Nobody??? It seemed that half the folks I spoke with were planning to stay! What happened?
  12. Well, funny you should say that, because that's exactly what I've always done, but was questioned about it at NESI this past weekend- it was an epiphany to find that I can play G tunes on the G row if I want to! I've spent the afternoon today figuring out which tunes in my repertoire would be easier that way. The main drawback I see is that it limits chording, but it's great for some of the ancient Irish song airs I do.
  13. Wendy, I don't know what thread Alan is referring to, but I do hope your headaches get better and you are able to find a way to figuring out the cause. Feel better!
  14. I got back a little while ago, too- all the way home my head was reeling from my latest concertina epiphanies! And lots of good company, though just a little bit sparse. I enjoyed spending time with 3 first-timers, Lynne Cullen, Heather Tilton, and our own Barbara Worley- lots of fun with good folks all around. Epiphanies: I learned that I have a G row on my C/G concertina. Well, actually, I learned how to use it more efficiently! And I learned more than I thought possible in one hour with Jody Kruskal about chords and how to use them. My head is still spinning, so I'll try to give myself some time to reflect, but thanks to all who were there- if I try to list all the CNetters I won't be able to do it! Jody, Ken, David B, Howie, (how can I begin to describe his wonderful "side kick" at last night's concert?)... oh, yeah, I said I wasn't going to try to list everyone. I'm sure they'll all check in at some point!
  15. Sorry we won't see you there, Wendy! Me, I'm off to work in a few minutes; I'll be heading out to Bucksteep by 4! See y'all in time for supper!
  16. Thanks for that link, Carolstosca- from it I was able to confirm the assumption I had that there are no teachers of any system of concertina in northern New England- listed at that site, at least!
  17. Yes, thanks Daniel- this is something I've been slowly working on over the past couple of years and your post affirmed what I've been working on!
  18. I was playing through some old tunes today and came across the processional for the last Squeeze-In I went to, '04: "Noite de Veran" from Milladoiro. Great tune! What will we be playing for the processional this year?
  19. I'll be there! I missed last year due to kid car expenses taking over my budget. This year I'm going no matter what! I'm really looking forward to it, and I love that it's Labor Day weekend.
  20. What a pretty pattern! I'm ordering it, so I may even be working on these socks in time for the NESI! I won't be finished with them, though, because even socks take a long time for me to knit...
  21. And...............???????????????????????
  22. The main reason I was glad not to bring the box was the heightened paranoia at the airports I visited. It contained no liquid, gel, cream, or anything overtly forbidden, but it looks unusual and would be likely to cause concern and delay among the unenlightened TSA workers. However, I have to say that most of those I encountered were patient, courteous, and often had a friendly sense of humor (of course, I didn't try to crack any "bomb" jokes or anything to challenge their sense of humor!). I'm betting that you won't have a problem in October. SEATAC is one of the better airports I've visited. Have fun!
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