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  1. And that says it all, as far as I'm concerned. Signed, Incompetant morris musician
  2. Like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JidfqiLtLEA
  3. I've recently purchased the Olympus DS-30 and it's as easy as can be to use, but does anyone know if it's possible to convert the files into mp3 format? I'd like to share the recordings I made last week in Ireland with my fellow singers there, but can't figure out how to do that! Many thanks-
  4. I was there, Jody! We said hello at the shanty sing; you told me not to get too close because of your cold, and then you drifted off elsewhere, as did I, shortly thereafter. I looked for you at the squeezebox jam on Saturday, but you were elsewhere also. Yes, a fun but cold weekend! I envied those who had the foresight to pack a wool sweater! I'm off to Ireland this week- I'll be at Turtle Dove harmony week http://www.brendantaaffe.com/turtle_dove_harmony_week.html . There I'll be in Co. Clare, mostly singing, not squeezing- go figure! But I'm bringing a box just in case.
  5. Yippee! I'll be there, as usual! I'm bringing an emergency back-up Stagi, but I kinda hope to find a "festival quality" concertina at the Used Instrument Exchange. I have a campsite, but I'm actually sleeping at the Days Inn on Western Ave. I hope I'll run into you, Jody- this is my favorite festival, and this year has a great lineup: http://www.oldsongs.org/festival/performers.html ( I just don't get how to enter links any other way- the little "Insert link" button always yells at me for doing it wrong!)
  6. If it weren't for CNet, I wouldn't be the player I am! (but I think I do spend too much time on the computer..)
  7. This is so cool! Unfortunately, they haven't heard of Libana http://www.libana.com/ or Milladoiro http://www.milladoiro.com/Homep.htm But what they do know is pretty amazing.
  8. Hooray, Rhomylly! I look forward to the book (and the recording). I couldn't agree more. How about planning a little summer vacation time around getting to some of the dances on the links provided, especially if they allow drop-in musicians! Nelson, NH has a weekly Monday night dance with a very welcoming band. Come on over! (the summer nights are cool and lovely here..) Allison
  9. Don't dis da bunnies! Alan, I quite agree. Lucy, I agree with you, as well. The Button Box is a wonderful place- Doug and all the folks there are courteous, helpful, and give excellent advice as well. ...however, as I'm on the verge of borrowing a Stagi to take to Ireland this summer http://www.brendantaaffe.com/turtle_dove_harmony_week.html (too nervous to travel with the Jeffries) your comments on dancing with a mannequin (so apt!) make me wonder if there's a better way. Allison
  10. I can only speak for the Keene, NH public schools, but all the children leave 5th grade (age 10-11) able to read treble clef, usually in at least 3 keys. I start playing "I spy" games with the lines and spaces with the first graders. Third graders begin recorders and strings, fourth and fifth graders have an option for band instruments. *Yes, indeed, we're reading up a storm! As for computer software, Noteworthy has always worked for me! Allison * as soon as I can find a benefactor to give me 23 anglo concertinas, we'll play those as well!
  11. Yes, a good time was definitely had by all! I am SO sorry I decided at the last minute to leave Jeff at home- I was over-focused on the fact that 4 of the six singers who came from my chorus were there for the first time and might need Nanny to watch over them. No fear- once I gave my regrets to the Cnetters, I couldn't find a-one of them! But I did my usual walk-five-paces-run-into-folks-I-haven't-seen-since-last-year bit and spent most of my shortest-stay-at-NEFFA-ever schmoozing. It was a great festival for morris dancing!
  12. And a good time was had by all! I was only able to attend the Saturday workshops, but I learned a lot and filled my brain (and my fingers) with new skills. Best of all was seeing such fine folks- the usual suspects, from David Barnert (why is he always the first person I lay eyes on at these events??) to greenferry, to Jody Kruskal, Ken Coles, Rich Morse of course, and lots of non-C'net friends I've picked up from these workshops and the NE Squeeze-In. Congratulations to the Button Box for putting on a stunning day. My only request for next year: More cookies!!
  13. I seem to be the first to report after the Northeast Concertina Workshop. I'm glad to say that I chose to go to two of Brian Peter's workshops. What an excellent teacher! He is not only an outstanding player but clearly knows how to convey the information he wants us to gain. I also appreciated his expectation that we would stop "diddling" and listen when he wanted to go on to the next thing. It's too early in the morning for me to try out the new things I learned- the college girls upstairs might not appreciate an early Sunday morning concertina serenade! But I plan to spend the afternoon diddling through the chords and tricks I learned from Brian.
  14. Is there a separate page for the evening concert? I have a friend who would like to attend it and I'd like to send him some info other than the workshop page.
  15. OK, so I got it all wrong- I WILL be there on Saturday- that's the day Animaterra (the chorus) is scheduled to sing at 1:00 pm. I'm going to miss the Accepted Students' Day, but I'll get my NEFFA kicks in and I hope I'll see you lot as well!
  16. Even fewer pubs than usual in its new location: http://www.neffa.org/getting_there.html I'll be there Sunday- my daughter wants to go to Accepted Students Day at Hampshire College in western Mass. on Saturday, for some reason!!
  17. LOL Jim- yes, every year I watch the drama of Hilary's chocolate bunny unfold with a kind of personal interest...
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