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  1. Well, honey, you're welcome! Glad I could help! Now, you're either a realist who has a clear picture of exactly how it went, or like many of us you're in the "Oh, God, I stunk!!" phase which won't pass until you hear one way or another. You will of course keep us posted either way!! And I'm proud of you, m'dear! (Sure wish I could sing "Down to the river" with you- it's one of my favorites, too!)
  2. Yay for Jill! and for Chris and Elly, too! What an exciting gig! Where in Bath did it take place? My daughter and I spend a day in Bath last summer (right in the middle of the Sidmouth Festival so we didn't get to meet any of you). I'm picturing it right now. Of course, it was sunny and warm than, probably not quite the same picture as today! Contratulations, Jill!
  3. Mark, I'm so happy that you've found your love- or, re-found it! Bravo to you, and best of luck with the cd. I hope to be able to hear it when it's ready to be shared with the world!
  4. Oh, Jill, poor you! And with a 17 year old to boot! I have one, too (actually, HER b'day is in 2 weeks- 1989 was a banner year, eh?) I smashed my middle right finger in the car door when she was 9 and I was dropping her off at her before-school daycare. It still has strange markings under the nail, but it works just fine. I hadn't discovered the concertina yet but the pain was incredible. I think the red wine has medicinal purposes, don't you?
  5. Yup- in general, no matter what I'm doing, I find that it's those darn alternate fingerings that cause me the most trouble. I've been trying to follow Jim's advice (even before you gave it, Jim- well, time is relative and all that... ) But Jody's advice is good- there are a bunch of things I want to try, including hymns, morris tunes, and some of Jody's own- so off I go to bash some harmonies!
  6. Oh, Mark, I feel for you! What a beautiful service, though! My mother worked at my alma mater, Concord High School in Concord, NH, as the media center specialist, and was good friends with Christa MacAuliffe. She'll be pleased to know that Christa is still remembered in her hometown. I didn't find the de Ville book at Carl Fischer or JWPepper, but when I "googled" it it turned up here at Amazon . (Off-topic- go on Google today, the 27th, and see a funny tribute to W.A. Mozart on his 250th birthday!)
  7. This is a great question! A couple of times recently the organist at my tiny village church has been away and I've been asked to lead the music. I'm just learning chords and harmonies on my anglo, and haven't been brave enough to try it in that setting- it's a goal of mine. I wish I could get my hands on that Paul de Ville book, Larry!
  8. I just want to say how much I'm enjoying this cd! Great variety of moods, fun selections (great titles!) outstanding playing. It's been in my car for 3 days and I'm going to have to pry it out of there so I can listen at home this weekend without the hum of the snow tires as accompaniment. Thanks, Jody, for this great addition to my concertina listening library!
  9. Yippee, Charlotte! I also started with a Stagi and graduated to a Marcus- it was a sweet little instrument, and I'd have gladly made it my permanent squeeze had I not inherited a Jeffries. Enjoy your new arrival!
  10. Jody, in a nutshell you have done more to describe those three squeezers than reams of scholarly and erudite description before you. Boy, would I love to sit at your feet at a workshop and learn a thing or two. I don't even play OTM, but this has been a fascinating discussion.
  11. There's sound, too?? I don't hear anything- I just enjoy the pictures!
  12. What fun! It's a delight to listen to my two concertina heros playing "together"!
  13. Very silly, Henk! Could it be, as we over-stressed Americans say, "you have way too much time on your hands!!"
  14. Jody, that's not bad news, that's good news for you!! I've just ordered mine- can't wait!
  15. Yikes! I didn't realize I had my volume all turned up! That's quite a whistle, Wendy! Lovey looking kettle, though. I wish you well in the healing of your concertina- you really can send it off to the BB, they're quite wonderful as you know! Allison
  16. When I grow up I want to play just like Jody Kruskal and Alan Day! Great tunes, fellas!
  17. I can't remember where I read that when Carolan was first playing the harp, a patron suggested he write a tune, and offered him the story of the big hill and little hill nearby. Carolan duly dashed off a tune, which we know as "Si Beag, Si Mhor" (or whatever spelling you choose). In Edward Bunting's collection that includes "Bonny Cuckoo" he refers to "Cuckoo" as "an ancient melody, procured by the editor in the poetical district of Ballinascreen". He adds re "Si Beag, Si Mhor" that it seems to have come from the former tune "with some slight variations". If you want me to cite chapter and verse, I can, but it will take a little more research- this info I had scribbled onto a set list for our own dear Mark Evans' college concert series!
  18. Henrick, I'm coveting your gnome collection! I have a glass gnome ornament, but almost all the rest of my collection are human!
  19. I plan to attend the Button Box workshop in April- I'm less likely to go to Michigan, although I've had a hankering for awhile to visit my aunt in Battle Creek, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that I might let the schedules coincide!
  20. I will be there - the schedule isn't out yet as far as I know, but my morris team will be there, as well as possibly my concertina/harp duo and members of my women's chorus!
  21. Welcome, Jill! I don't suppose you'd share that cheesecake recipe, hmmmmm???
  22. Yay! Good luck, Rhomylly! Eat a banana half an hour before the audition- it's supposed to act as a beta-blocker!
  23. Great interviews, Morgana! I look forward to seeing more!
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