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  1. I second the motion! It's a wonderful place, and a most hospitable host. I wish I could make it sometime soon, but alas... My land-line is taking forever to open your pictures, Jim, but I'm enjoying them as they emerge! I can't wait to see the picture of the George. By the way, when did Bluemont die?
  2. Do the little ones all have 'tinas??? Did the school purchase them? More details, please! Allison-the-grade-schoo-music-teacher
  3. Thanks so much for the help! I think she's got some good resources now. I'll let you know if she comes up with anything of interest to CNet!
  4. I didn't know there was one! I'll have her search for that! Thanks!
  5. First, apologies to anyone who may feel that this isn't the place for this query... My darling daughter was given a list of names as part of an American Studies class project (Junior Year, age 17, honors student). She has to choose one US inventer or patent owner and write a paper on this person. My darling daughter decided to choose Anthony Faas, the holder of the first US patent for the accordion! Now she wails that she can't find anything about him, beyond the fact that he gained the patent by making a few changes to the original. She has requested that I post a query here, in case anyone knows of sources of info. Can anyone here help her find some biographical info, and perhaps a little more on the history of the Other Squeezebox? She's supposedly a Google Whiz and doesn't seem to be finding what she needs that way. Many thanks!
  6. Yummy, Jum! Here in the frozen northlands all that green looks delectable!
  7. Chocolate rabbits are alive and well but very, very busy! But to get back on-topic- I would love to get back to adding English to my anglo playing. I never had a decent English instrument, and once I got ol' Jeff I just wasn't playing the other. I do miss the key versatility, and the smooth, mellow tone (not a tone that was available to me on my Mayfair, but one I hear whenever in the presence of a good player with a good instrument...). And I enjoyed the challenge of the difference in fingerboard and bellows! I could easily be lured back, if a nice Wheatstone or other was set down in the ol' briar patch! But my current budget simply won't allow it!
  8. I wish I could be there, Mark! It sounds lovely!
  9. In my years as a church musician for several denominations, I would suggest that it ain't necessarily so! The keys of many hymns seems sometimes to rest with the whim of the arrangers and editors! (the current hymnal I'm working with seems to delight in making the entire congregation shriek uncomfortably in the upper register! ) Transposing to one or another key that's more or less singable shouldn't be too bad. Many songs can either be managed in C or G (but not both!!). And I've found it also depends on who's singing the melody, men or women. Trial and error are your friends. I also have a c/g, and can manage the keys of D and F and their relative minors as well, when the need strikes. But when those blasted arrangers insist on E flat or A major, for no reason than to confound the instrumentalists....
  10. Wonderful story, Corbin! And welcome! You made the right decision! I, too, went quickly from a Stagi, in my case to a Marcus, and then was blessed with a c/g Jeffries (through a long story I won't bore you with). I'm very happy with my Jeff, but if and when means and wherewithal allow, I too will give into the itch - for me, it's a baritone! And a G/D! And then a mini! I mean, there's never a reason to stop, is there??
  11. Lovely, Mark. Thanks for sharing such a memorable experience!
  12. I've got my registration form all printed out but I'm having a really hard time deciding on workshops, since most of the ones I want most to go to are in the afternoon session! I'm all set for the first session. The second session has two I want to go to And the third session has three! Yikes!!! But it'll be fun to be with a bunch of other Squeezers! Allison
  13. I no longer have an English (a deficit I fully intend to correct when I can!) but when I did, I found it didn't take much time to crank out a few simple tunes and chords. You have to think of it as a completely different instrument, not the same instrument with different fingering. And give yourself time- pick just one or two tunes. But I'm pretty sure you'll be able to do it. Besides, could you really keep your hands off the Jack that long???
  14. Rhomylly, what a great article! You aren't going to hell, girl friend- way too much positive energy flowing from your direction! Keep that 'tina cranking- it's gotta do some good!
  15. Congratulations!! What a lovely thing to happen!
  16. Look! Proof that sailors did play concertinas- and it's an anglo! Cool photo, Tina. Thanks for sharing it!
  17. What can I say, Peter, but "congratulations!" How many of us would love to reach a wider audience? Even Tesco's!
  18. Rhomylly!!! Does this mean you got in????? All this and Heavyweight Boxer, too- CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  19. That was me, Brian, and it's still happening, no matter which tunes I try to hear!
  20. Well, I'm now having trouble with everything on the Recorded Tune Links Page. I've emailed Henk and hopefully I'll figure out what's up!
  21. For some reason I can only get 7 seconds of MKTQW- Jody's voice, and about 1 measure of music! I tried saving it to my desktop, same problem. Whazzup?
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