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  1. I I asked the same question a bit ago. the reseller in question was Jim Laabs or something like that. A few people suggested that they had not such good luck with them. this was from a customer service stand point. I do not remember if they said there were issues with instrument per se. But it definitely does make you wonder, assuming they are a large volume shop they may get a deeper discount than most other small volume resellers and are able to sell a quite a large discount.. I would be inclined to say go for it and report back to us. The upside is if you use a credit card then you have some degree of protection as well as if it goes out of MN then it gets into that whole interstate commerce/ mail fraud /federal crime thing. So if there is a problem, while they may make it difficult to return the item, it should be able to be worked out eventually.. just remember to save all of the packing material...
  2. a more high tech way to go may be something along the lines of a moog taurus, or what I have, a roland pk5 with a sound module ( I have an oberheim matrix). This is a one octave midi organ pedal synth.. Of course being all high tech it does not lend it self easily to portability and playing in the woods accoustically. But, it does give you a lot of sound options, and you would not feel like you ran a marathon pumping a bellows with your foot at the end of the gig..
  3. maybe this would work with a bit of finagling?? It is the hrmonica tester that all the stores have.. http://www.encoremusic.com/harmonica/23701...014&sid=211
  4. This is probably a stupid question... But are shruti boxes played with the feet?? Are you able to play the tina and the shruti at the same time??
  5. I suppose...lol.. Now if I could just somebody to punch me in the shoulder each time i press a key, we'd be onto something... And at this point each time I press a key someone's eardrums break.. just like a skeet exploding. I guess the next step is "will trade guns for concertinas"... Not that I have not thought about it.
  6. but but but but but.. It's only a tm1, that i got used at that!!!! and that being said.. I have been shooting far longer than i have been err.. concertina-ing..
  7. I actually have a Rochelle, and like it very much. I have been at it for a couple of months and am looking to upgrade, probably to a Tedrow or a Morse. I was just looking at the Ebay cheapies, specifically the ECs and at least from Exterior appearances they look remarkably similar to the Rochelle and for that matter the ones from hobgoblin. I guess the question is are they the same? Are the Rochelle and the Hobgoblin branded models of these and are there any differences either internally or externally. Working in the computer field I see quite often the same box roll off an assembly line in China or Singapore that get labeled as some of the big brand names. All claim that theirs is their own and that they are better than the others, but many times they have all rolled off the same assembly line. I am not at all trying to diminish the Rochelle ( I do have one and like it very much) and truth be told it is a heck of a lot better instrument than i am a player. Pretty much like guns here, they all shoot way better than I can ever hope to but I still like Perrazzi and Steyr. Even if it is just a question of warranty and service. I believe that Wim Wakker will stand behind his product and the upgrade plan IS a great testament to that. Maybe it is just out of intellectual curiosity that I ask.
  8. This has probably been beaten to death already, so I will apologize in advance. How much of a difference is there between the Rochelle/ Jackie and the other "name brand" (forgot who markets them) versus the Chinese models that seem so prevalent on ebay? I remember the thread that Wakker had said that these are made in China under his supervision and to his specs. But, that being said, are the ones on ebay coming out of the same factories using all of the same stuff, basically Wakker over runs? Same instrument with a different name?
  9. One thing that does stike me, though. And I assume that all of this model should have the same trait. Is that it really sounds to my ears much more like a clarinet or a sax than anything else. Very nice mellow warm and wooden/ reedy. If this is a good or bad thing is, as yet, undetermined. But it seems to open up some interesting options as far as types of music this could fit nicely into.
  10. the new project i am working on requires extensive use of the e flat 9th augmented chord.. It will be a 70's porn sound track revival as well as a spin off of the traditional Irish rap tunes.. The working name of the band will be "Big Johnny and his Wads from Cork". Composing now the compliation/ symphony of the " just like that, baby, yeah" movements. Of crucial necessity will be several specialty buttons. I have several MIT scientists working this out. 1st will be the "waka-waka-waka" button to get the 70s wah wah guitar. This is also useful for those detective show theme covers. 2nd will be the "boom- chicka- wah-wah!" button. I have no doubt you will get a chance to hear this on completion as it will be used as the theme music to MTV35's "Real World MCMXXXIV, Pimp my Free Reed Instrument" Other buttons are under consideration, but are still yet to be patented. So I am under non-disclosure and can't get into detal..
  11. Hi All, After reading quite a few Ebay horror stories on one side and many very positive plugs for the Button Box on the good side of things, I just wanted to put in a good word for Bob Tedrow. I recently did a straight up trade with him of an electric violin for a Stagi Hayden. Everything went smoothly with out issue. All was as advertised, transaction had no issues and Bob was extremely easy and wonderful to deal with. As I am also starting to look at a better Anglo to replace my Rochelle and just having had a good experience with Bob I fired quite a few questions on his Anglos. He answered my questions regardless of how bizzare with a straight face even! Side note****Now, I just have to figure out how to afford that 95 button E sharp diminshed/ C flat augmented 9th anglo with pink plaid bellows, orange mother of toilet seat ends and gold capped crocodile teeth buttons. I will call it.. A Pimp-ertina!!! .. As I said.. he was Very patient..
  12. Just tag off of this thread.. I just received a Stagi Hayden this week. I have been playing a Rochelle and wanted to try a bit nicer tina/ different system. So far my impressions are that the system is very nice, well thought out, very logical. at this point I am able to play a unison major scale with both hands. The tone is nice, very warm sounding, others may say muted. With that being said, I now have an inkling what a "fast" instrument is. the rochelle is like lightning in comparison. It does seems like the reeds are substantially slower and you definitely need to work to get some sound out of it. maybe this is normal maybe it isn't. So, In my mind the jury is still out I might keep it, I might not. Depending on what happens in the short term, maybe I will be looking to trade this and give an english a try. Or sell it and put the $$ towards a step up Anglo, leaning towards a Tedrow...
  13. thanks for the link. That seems to be more of more of a what is a hayden duet? why? and a button chart.. Which is definitely interesting and good for reference. What I was thinking more of was something along the lines instruction on finger patterns. e.g on a C scale the root C should be played with the middle finger followed by the ... and a major chord is best done with fingers... I just took a quick look and did not see that. But, maybe I just need to dig around a bit more. I did see that on concertina.com the article by Hayden does have some suggestions on fingering charts for chords and that will be a good start. I realize that for every way of playing a scale a certain way that there will be numerous exceptions. But, I was/ am hoping that some direction may help to head off some bad habits that tend to be difficult and limiting down the road (should I ever get there, of course).. Thanks!
  14. hi all, I have been playing anglo for a few months but, recently picked up a stagi hayden that should be arriving any time now. The question is; any advice on getting started on it? There does not seem to be the cornucopia of tutors, lesson books and resources that there are for anglo or even EC. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started? Thanks in advance sean
  15. Could you please give a little more detail? is this concertina or accordion reeds? and what is the current US equivalent of 750 pounds? thanks in advance.
  16. Bob, Would you be interested in trades? Of interest is the 30b anglo (maybe the duet too).. Ibanez bob wier model: http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/msg/380365034.html Mutor phasor: http://worcester.craigslist.org/msg/380367235.html. MAM/ next vocoder: http://worcester.craigslist.org/msg/380366391.html Mutron V env filter: http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/msg/380368237.html Zeta Midi/ electric violin: http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/msg/380369445.html And a Rochelle.. Thanks sean
  17. Hi All, If any one is interested in a trade of non concertina gear for a under appreciated concertina you may have hanging around, let me know.. As previously mentioned, at present i have a rochelle Anglo, I am looking for a step (or a few steps up). but, would also not be adverse to a trade for something an English either. Ibanez bob wier model: http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/msg/380365034.html Mutor phasor: http://worcester.craigslist.org/msg/380367235.html. MAM/ next vocoder: http://worcester.craigslist.org/msg/380366391.html Mutron V env filter: http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/msg/380368237.html Zeta Midi/ electric violin: http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/msg/380369445.html And as noted, I have a Rochelle I would be willing to trade as well... don't be shy, let's make a deal!! thanks!!!
  18. Hi all, I have a Rochelle now, and am looking to upgrade. At present, I have the rochelle and @ $400. Can any one suggest the best next move? A stagi? Keep saving and trade in the rochelle (morse/ waker)? Sell the rochelle and buy something? And advice appreciated. thanks!
  19. Alex, Yes i did see that moded Tedrow. Any advice as to if anyone thinks that would be a far better instrument than the Rochelle?
  20. Hi All, Fist let me say thanks for all the advice so far. As I struggle along going into month #2 it is still an uphill battle but starting to make a little more sense. Currently I have a Rochelle, it seems to be working ok but there is a bit of a question/ issue. The issue is this, the bass side seems quite a lot louder than the treble side. Is this normal? Is this typical of all concertinas or does balance come at different levels? I am still omn the fence as to give the English a try. But, the question at hand is would an upgraded Stagi (e.g. button box modified) play better/ sound better and play better than the Rochelle?? Suggestions?? thanks in advance!!! sean
  21. Hi All, I know this is a long shot but I will give it a go anyway. I am a newbie I just picked up a Rochelle, but I am interested in trying out an English. I have quite a bit of non concertina goodies that I am trying to move and would be interested in a trade for a concertina if there is interest.. I am in Northbridge, Ma. Here is the list; Zeta modern educator Electric/ midi violin. Like new condition (with midi cable). Nord Modular Synth (G1) with expansion (keyboard model) with box papers and extras. like new 70s era Mutron Phasor. Music and More/ Next! vocoder, like new with box. if interested, let me know and I can give details/ pics etc. Thanks! Sean
  22. So then, It seems that the opinion, thus far, is to push a tenor? As for Stagi vs anything else? 48 buttons? Are those mini ones useful/ usable ( I think theu had 18 buttons)? Also, Jim Laabs, any feedback?
  23. Hi All, I am a newbie with a question. A couple of months ago, after doing quite a bit of reseach (much of it on here, I might add) I bought my first concertina. Based on what I had read and thought at the time I opted for an anglo and specifically a Rochelle. I have been playing practicing and following the method tutor provided with the Rochelle. So far it has gone fairly well. I have made progress and am really enjoying it. The quality of the concertina seems to be very nice. Fit, finish and construction, while spartan is more than enough to suit my needs at this point. The comment that I would like to inject here is that while looking and trying to make a decsion on what to buy, the consistant message was to buy the betstest- most expensive- state of the art etc, etc ... While, that would be optimal and ideal in a perfect situation I think that in many (most) cases it really is not realistic. While I very much wanted to try out the concertina money was a definite consideration as well as the question as to if I would take to instrument and stick with it. For these reasons the $300 entry point was managable and low enough so that if it did not work out I was not put into financial hardship. The question is while I like the Anglo and progress is being made. I am thinking that the English may be a better fit for me long term. That leads to the question of Which one and how many buttons?? From what I have gathered so far, it would seem that 30 is the reccomended starting point?? recommendations of tenor vs treble? ( I will mostly be playinhg alone) Stagi vs Jackie vs anything else?? Any feed back on Jim Laabs music? There is an a48 there for $568.. http://www.jimlaabsmusic.com/scripts/prodV...p?idproduct=143 Thanks in advance all!!!
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