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  1. D. Steel reeds. thanks that is useful. And pretty much confirms the majority of info that the Wheatstone is a strong, well accepted solution. And probably the route I will end up taking. As this will all go through Greg I will ask him to send me some clips of each, as soon as I get some guns or guitars sold to finalize the funds.
  2. Ken, I am really a beginner as well. And on everything I play ( primarily bass) I always consider myself to be a student. I am constantly trying to learn and get better. Even though I may be reasonably competent, I am always trying to be better. Try different stuff and expand the ability and vocabulary. i have found that two things tend to inspire me to are performance and quality. An instrument that performs well ( presumably Wheatstone) allows and encourages you to rise to its potential. And a work of art can inspire practice for the satisfaction of playing a work of art. In rare occasions you get both and it can really inspire practice as well as push your own abilities. the Wheatstone is the safe and rational choice and Holmwood could be the wow factor inspiring one. And that one that you look back as “ the one that got away” So, I am conflicted.
  3. Definitely leaning towards the 21.. it would be nice to get a bit of Holmwood feedback. That thing is gorgeous! i have to think that 70 years of technology and manufacturing capabilities would put it (performance wise) on par or overall better than something made during or just after WWI.
  4. I have been focusing mainly on ITM. I do have an ac Norman Anglo. But the English to me just makes more sense. So, I have been focusing on that. I can see mostly ITM as the focus, but I can also see other folk tunes and song accomopanyment as well. I have not run out of notes on the 48 yet. But I can always see having a few extra notes as a good thing. I am ramping up and the Lachenal / ec and I am to the point of noticing that the Norman feels much faster and brighter and louder. And as I work on getting tunes up to speed I seem to be hitting a wall.
  5. Follow up question... Greg J has a few nice pieces. And starting to get to having the cash to make decision. the two I am seriously considering is a Wheatstone 21 and a Holmwood ( looks like one that may have changed hands on here). The Holmwood is gorgeous has more buttons and is, by all accounts heavier . any strong opinions from the people who know?
  6. All I am trying to finance an upgrade from my Lachenal English to the next bump up. In Boston area. Prefer local transaction if possible. Willing to meet half way if practical. Lachenal English 48button 6 fold fancy papers 1200 studio logic sledge synth black $800 Gitane dg 329 grande Boucher Gypsy Jazz guitar $1200 chapman stick 10 string grand with midi $2500 uilleann pipes of Boston, practice set $800 all listed on Craig’s under Boston/ Worcester. Email for more details. sean.casler@gmail.com
  7. All need a bit of help. a few years ago I got a 48 button Lachenal from Greg Jowaisis. It has been great. But now I am looking to upgrade. Maybe something a bit louder and a bit faster. i asked BB about an upgrade (as they are local) they said that they are not interested in mine in trade as they currently have too and in stock. anybody have any suggestions? fwiw.. I case anybody is interested I have the 48b Lachenal, I Gitane dg32O and a Studiologic sledge and some cash for a potential trade. Sean.casler@gmail.com
  8. I am supposing the Lynette that BB sell is probably pretty close to the Garvey. but I am not enough of an authority to make any sort of call. I picked up the one I did based on the price. Lot see if I could get a grip on it.
  9. I was looking for a b/c to try out as well. I was coming up empty. i ended up picking up a Garvey aaa for $350 locally in c#/d.
  10. But..... more often than not. It is a crutch and a band aid to distract from less than spectacular playing. I am not saying that there ain’t amazing players out there. And they are absolutely capable of playing at blistering speeds. But (again MY experience only) many that rely on flashy fastness are by and large not great or musical players. They tend to play A TON o f notes. Also tend to be incapable of playing fast quietly or slow at quiet or moderate volumes and overall tend to have no dynamics and okay everything all songs at the same speed. A slow song will tend to end up fast.. Most of my experience this tends to dealing with be guitar and keyboards..
  11. O It is not just (fill in the instrument) playing (fill in the genre). It is an epidemic. at some point some people (audience) started equating playing fast with “being an impressive player” and many people ran with it and it has been stupid ever since. imo/ iMe speed has become a huge crutch for many that has the place of musicality, subtlety, and all manner of any sort of dynamics or feel. in ITM specifically in many songs it seems like a dotted quarter has become an open challenge to all comers to stuff as many notes in as possible.
  12. How much of a difference is there between the beginner models and the mid price? Do they use the same parts? Just assembled not in China?
  13. The Norman is metal. The Lachenal is mahogany.
  14. Wolf, nice playing. It definitely sounds more honkey and like my AC.
  15. I am not even sure what model my Lachenal is. But am I generally correct in my judgement that it seems to be quiet? And there would be a substantial difference in stepping up to the 22?
  16. So here is the deal. I have a 48 Lachenal English, thank you Greg Jowasis! And I have an AC Norman C/G Anglo ( thank you Tim Tedrow). i got the AC first and just never got my arms around it. Later I picked up the English and it seems to be working. But as I get better, I notice that the Lachenal is substantially quieter. And even though it is steel reeds, it is significantly more mellow. Is this inherent to their respective instruments? As as I seem to be gravitating towards ITM, I don’t think the Lachenal would hold up in a session. Should I look at a different English? Posssibly trade both mine for a brighter English? the anglos is not getting a lot of attention lately, should I keep it and wait for me to come around to the Anglo again? thanks
  17. Ok, throwing this one out there as it is a long shot and starting some place. I have a Uilleann Pipes of Boston practice set. This is a delrin chanter in D, bellows and bag. looking to possibly trade for either a B/C box (double ray or something on those lines). Or maybe a duet.? the UP has officially beaten me... Time to share the pain and humiliation and let somebody else have a go on wrestling that octopus. Valuing the set at @ 1200-1500. If interested email me @ sean.casler@gmail.com' located near Worcester, Ma if anybody want to to meet up for a swap.
  18. Must post pics.. Or, we won't believe you.
  19. In contact with Greg and he has quite a few options. But just as a reality check. And another piece of help. he has a brass reed Wheatstone and a steel reed Lanchenal. I think I tend to like the mellower sound of brass. But it seems the consensus is go for steel.. is going brass generally a mistake and to be avoided? Thoughts?
  20. FWIW... I have been a Bass player for a very long time. And a different take from Muscle memory/ dexterity.. Scales are hugely important in a number of ways. But off the top of my head the two things that drive me nuts are 1. when learning or (more often) teaching a person a song, saying,"walk down from d to D" does not need to be explicitly spelled out and explained, Or I am going walk up from G to D, do the 3rds above. if the person understands the scale the song is in, then it does not need to be spelled out. And more importantly it is more likely that they will remember what the correct notes are. In the above example.. In C, the walk down would be d-c-b-a-g-f-e-D, In G d-c-b-a-g-f#-e-D, in D d-c#-b-a-g-f#-e-D, in A d-c#-b-a-g#-f#-e-D, etc... In my experience, the people that don't understand/ know the scales more often than not tend to not retain/ forget these things when "learning on the fly" and makes them less attractive to play with. 2. this may not really apply, but improvising, or in the Anglo/ Irish theme ornamentation and embellishments. When/ if there is not understanding of key or scale then when to play A-G-A, D-C-D vs A-G#-A, D-C#-D or A-G-A, D-C#-D.. Or, improvisers (generally guitar players) that try to play riffs they have learned over the same chord and don't realize/ can't understand why it does not sound "right".
  21. Hi (again) all, I have once again got the bug for an English. Way back, I had gotten a Jackie (or Jack not sure anymore). I liked it and it made quite a bit of sense to me. But I found that it just did not have enough range. One thing lead to another, I put it aside and I sold it. I now have the bug again. So, going into it with a bit more info. Any advice? A 48/56 key Stagi? I am assuming the Trinity College are not worth considering. Trying to stay in that sub $1k range. Button box has what looks like a nice used Lachenal but it is $1900.. Better to wait another 6months+ and go for something like that? Thanks! Sean
  22. seanc

    fs Jackie

    This is still available, Trades are of interest to me as well, What have you got? let's make a deal!!!
  23. If I didn't suck.. I'd do it.. that is local for me
  24. seanc

    fs Jackie

    Looking to sell my Jackie. In Northbridge, Mass. Asking $275 + shipping. In vg cond, with case and tutor book. Sticking with the anglo..
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