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  1. Gary, how accurate, I know a moving target and relative term... is your 75 irish tunes book? so far its seems to me that the “Irish fiddle tunes book” seems to be the standard and what most seem to be focused on.
  2. I just looked at the specs. It looks like the wren is wood, as opposed to plastic. And they also offer a trade in. that said.. at 500 retail, with lessons and trade in.. I would be looking a at a sub $300-350 as a reasonable cash price.
  3. This may be opening a can of worms.. looking for “accurate” sheet music of Irish tunes. I have collected a ton of various sheets. But none of them seem to be “correct”. maybe I am getting hung up on “ornamentation” vs the song. But, at some point if everybody seems to be playing the same ornamentation at the same time. Doesn’t that become the “correct” version of the song? Or is there a go to for more/ most accurate? as an aside is the Coover 75 Irish tunes good?
  4. The cc and wren are both beginner instruments. They ( making a leap as I don’t know the wren and I will make the blind assumption that the wren is at least on par with the CC here) serve their intended purpose of getting somebody started on playing. They are decent, solid instruments. IMO.. they sound, just OK. they play well enough to be a serious instrument. And for a person just getting started and not sure they are going to stick with it is a place to start. My impression, now that I know a little more. Is that it is big, it is plastic, stiff bellows, long throw on buttons and bland sounding. And you really can not appreciate what “slow” means until you get to the point in your playing and start to hit the limits of the instrument. this is not to discourage you at all. But, to reinforce that this/these are very capable instruments that hit a great entry level price point. Solid build, reasonable action. Ok sound etc. But, it will likely NOT be the last instrument you buy. And will likely grow out of it. i have had the CC Anglo and the English, moved on and up. Now I am seriously thinking of picking up the CC Hayden just to see if that may work for me. And get my feet wet on a duet.
  5. I think button box usually has used, you might check there as well. the upside of getting either of these from Craig’s or other outlets is that generally, these will have not seen huge use. And as they are reasonably new, it’s not like a 100+ year old instrument that tends to need extensive overhaul by professional specialists.
  6. I don’t have experience with the Wren. So I can not make a comparison. the upside of the CC over many others is that as they do have a good reputation an upgrade program, they are likely to hold at least some of their value. As well as, in the right circumstances, give some upgrade options. I had one and I sold it on Craig’s. One of the things that the buyer liked and helped to sell it was trade in possibility. i would assume that either of these would be at least a place to start. As you have to start somewhere. But with either of these don’t expect this to b3 your final purchase if you stick with it, you’re likely to outgrow either of these.
  7. You’d be mush better off picking up a new or used Concertina Connection as a starter. more $$. But a lot less frustrating.
  8. All, a quick update and thanks to all. many of you suggested the Wheatstone 22. I was able to make that happen. With all of you suggestions and Greg Jowaisas’ immeasurable advice and help, it is now mine and arrived. through out the process Greg was awesome to work with, extremely patient and went above and beyond. if any of you are looking for something, I can only suggest giving him a try!
  9. I am sure that all three would have served me well for a while. But I was lucky enough to have sold a few more things at the right time to stretch for the 22. As I suspect many of us came to the concertina from other instruments. I think many of us, regardless of skill levels have found that we hit a wall in our increasing abilities vs the capabilities of our instruments. I felt I hit that with the Lachenal. And having an AC Norman Anglo, I had a benchmark as to how a concertina could be. The Norman, by contrast, was like a Ferrari. Nimble, fast and expressive with a huge dynamic range. Not having a ton of experience, I have no idea if the Norman is great, good, or poor compared to the population of what is out there. Maybe when the 22 lands I will realize that the Norman is not that exceptional in contrast.
  10. FWIW... the choice actually came down to the 22 or the Holmwood. i opted for the 22. Now I wait for delivery.
  11. Stephen (and all) this is really helpful. i know that it is near impossible to generalize. Or make a 100% informed decision without hands on side by side comparison. Especially in terms of 100+ years of time, use, wear, care etc. but I am in mass and Greg is in Ky. if action and response is pretty similar. And. 21 can be described as a “honkey Anglo” while sounding pretty politically incorrect and possibly quite racially charged.. that seems to be more inline with what I am Anglo-ing for... I will wait for others including Greg to weigh in.. but that and saving a bunch of cash leans things a bit in the 21 direction.. add to that buying a 21 close to 2021. Gets a pseudo numerology voodoo magic thing going And now I can’t seem to get The Who “So you think 21 is going to be a good year” out of my head..
  12. Ok as a follow up to the 21 vs Holmwood thread.. I had taken the advice of the crowd and opted for the 21.. sent my Lachenal and the money to Greg J.. and then something happened on the way to Kentucky . I sold something else. I could now get a 22 that Greg has. It is a good deal of money difference.. and I am NOT a great player at this point. Should I just take the plunge and do it. Or save the money and work up to it? is there an $800 ish difference? But what is the wisdom. Of the sages here?
  13. rac.. I am arguing from the if you have been self quaranting for what ever reason. Then I would probably suggest not taking the gig. If you have been out and around then, I would take the gig. if it were me.. I have gone to work every day, been shopping regularly and generally trying as best as possible to go about my life as usual. I would either take the gig, or be happy to support him by going where would be playing and having a drink or eating.
  14. Imo... if you are currently and have been self isolating then I would say no. Don’t do it. if, however, you have been out and around, going shopping, in grocery stores, picking up take out, etc.. then I would do it. I would assume that you will be set up at least 6-10 feet away from customers. And if they have a small stage you can set up at the far or farthest point. if you don’t sing, wear a mask, etc.
  15. I am struggling to sell enough for one.. two is way out at this point.
  16. Not by any means an accomplished player. but I started with Anglo with the intention of doing mainly ITM. the Anglo just never clicked and made sense to me. I picked up an English and that just made a whole lot more sense to me.
  17. Greg.. yes the Holmwood is gorgeous and yes. You ARE killing me.
  18. Theo, aside from the weight? Is the 21 just a faster, louder, sharper instrument? And just all around better, maybe just not as attractive?
  19. Geoff, so far that seems to be consensus. A 21 is within reach, a 22 for time being is out. but this (so far) seems to be based on people having hands on experience with the Wheatstone. And not based on experience with the Holmwood. The Holmwood could be a superior choice. But there just seems to be a lack of feedback due to rarity.
  20. FWIW.. I am not a duet player. Possibly because I had a stagi. It looked nice. But it was massive. Sound was anemic and the reeds were very slow.
  21. All, I fainally traded something and am within striking distance of making my upgrade happen. Looking for a bit of advice from the people that know a lot better than I do. I currently have a 48 button Lachenal. Steel reeds 6 fold. It sounds good. But looking for something faster and louder. The intent is at some point to do Irish sessions. And for a bit of reference, I have a metal ended AC Norman Anglo that I am making the fast/ loud comparison. trade to be transacted through the ever awesome Jazzy Greggie J.. the two available that I am looking at are a Wheatstone 21 and. Holmwood 56 TT. the 21 seems like the “everyone agrees” vote. But the Holmwood seems to be everybody’s “coulda woulda shoulda.. the one that got away. And . I should have grabbed it when I could” vote. Greg has also advised that the shape of the Holmwood buttons are not like everything out there. And this is not the lightest of beasts. can those that have immensely more experience give some thoughts? and unfortunately, with all that is going on “going out and trying them” is not possible. thanks in advance.
  22. This. Needs to end! i have a ton of stuff listed to finance a new English. And nobody’s buying anything!
  23. I know that wanting this is probably wrong. but, somehow it reminds me of the lunch box i tool to school everyday to school in the 70s.. it’s even avacado! boom chicka wah wah!
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