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  1. Selling or possibly trading.. AC Norman. 30 button anglo. metal ends. accordion reeds Fast! loud, plays great. Sounds great. asking $2000. In Boston area. Prefer ftf if possible. Posted a few places. If it sells through here appropriate donation will be made. trade for an English or a duet? sean.casler@gmail.com .
  2. Is it that the New Model such a known commodity? Or are the later 50s/ 60s Wheatstones just really not thought that well of? Or, maybe a well known vs a less well known commodity? have to say that I am very glad I listened to the wisdom of the crowd here on the 22. It really is an immense step up over the older lesser model Lachenal I had.
  3. Wow all three responses so far are Lachenal. I was not expecting that.
  4. Ok here is the scenario.... I have a Wheatstone 22.. it is awesome. I can not begin to do it justice. But putting a lot of time and effort in. I am trying to trade/ sell my ac Norman as I have come to realize I just can note make sense of the push pull different notes and the EC is clicking with me. The Wheatstone is Everything you could want. It is beautiful, fast, loud, cuts through... but.. it is LOUD. So... to try to ensure some matter of “domestic tranquility” at those appropriate and or inappropriate times. I am considering a back up. Something for when LOUD and cutting through are not the desired traits. so .. looking for something that still has that fast action and fast response. But just not that loud. Stick with Wheatstone? Expand the horizons into others? BB had a 3E that is pretty nice. the New model and Excelsior at BB were impressive. And I can’t seem to get Greg J’s Homewood TT out of my head either. is there a strong recommendation from the knowledgeable people here? And as a side note.. I picked up a 55b new model crane that is pretty darn impressive. Great tone. But just not Near as fast as the 22.
  5. Bumping thread... casting again.. fishing for a trade! this Norman is sweet! fast! Loud! i just don’t seem to have the brain capacity to figure out a different note on the push and pull! my lack of intelligence is your opportunity!
  6. I am going to go with... RUSSIANS! conspiracy theory 1. The reds infiltrated Jeffries.. conspiracy theory 2 they were commies or red sympathizers?
  7. I see it and I think it would be just the thing to un stuck a toilet..
  8. My Anglo is a Homewood/ AC Norman.. it is really a nice player..
  9. David. I don’t think we know where Yiddish is from.. but for reference.. I was at BB not too long ago, he fixed an issue with my Wheatstone. He had several really nice ECs there. I REALLY liked the 3E and the New model he had there. if I can sell my Norman Anglo, I may pick one up as a back up wood ended EC..
  10. The standard, in my estimation, is a 48 button treble. i’d start there and see where it takes you. or as an accomplished accordion player. And are already used to it. If you are looking to do chords on the left and melody with the right, maybe a duet?
  11. You will probably need to narrow down Anglo, English or duet before you can get any sort of buying suggestions. all systems have their strengths and draw backs.concertina connections are a very good starting point for any one of these.
  12. It looks like I will be getting a 55b Lachenal Crane.. that is a long story dealing with USPS. but the question here is.. are the Salvation Army hand straps available anywhere? it could be kind of interesting to go the full on SA route.
  13. I’d say the CC. Rochelle/ jack/ elise etc as well. its good enough to get going on. And move up later. its cheap enough if it gets destroyed It is not a tragedy its easily replaced. By the exact same thing in lots of places. there is really nothing special about it. When he is ready to move up, he could gift it to somebody in his squad when he ships back. He could even put unit stickers on it and not destroy its value! and I’d do some sort of pelican case and cut the foam yourself. Water proof / sand proof/ sealed could be a real plus depending on conditions
  14. unless you are talking about a 6 or 8 sided wood or leather wrapped wooden cases. imo Not having a ladies make up case with wonky/ iffy latches would be a selling point. “Only the Finest Corinthian hides of the endangered Naugas lovingly wrapping the superlative quality cardboard!”
  15. Pelican cases makes a ton of sizes. And the foam is easily cut with an electric knife, not concertina specific. But very good, very cheap and can easily be modified for anything, and they are also waterproof. being ubiquitous and universal. The upside is that depending on the circumstances, it does not scream, “I’m an expensive piece of gear, steal me now”
  16. I ended up trading the Lachenal back to Greg J for a Wheatstone 22. i am pretty much withdrawing the above as most have sold locally on Craig’s.
  17. Hopefully this is not violating any rules.. fishing for a straight trade. looking for a back up English. Maybe a New Model or a wooden Wheatstone? Or maybe a McCann duet? depending on the deal.. I could throw in a like new Garvey Aaa Irish accordion in C#D. prefer a FTF transaction in Boston area. Not looking for money either way, would prefer a straight up trade. i know this is a long shot, but figured I’d try. metal ends fast loud hybrid
  18. I will start by saying I am NOT an expert. that said. I think you could look at it this way. Dumbing it down A LOT. I think the EC can easily viewed as an alternative to a violin. As far as range. Playing notes in different keys etc. to me it just falls really easily in that slot. And for any kind of music and keys, it just falls in there. Chords, are doable. Holding notes and playing melody, is doable. piano accordion. Possibly the best all around solution for right hand playing as far as lead line, and chords. But Are the left hand buttons chords? Also, possibly the cheapest route to try. duet. Possibly the best for left hand chords and right hand melody. Down side (again given my lack of experience) price. Learning the fingering. And possibly finding the right box that has a good amount of notes for the keys you want to play in. Example, you might find a duet, that plays great for left and in c or g and gives you 2 octaves. But if your Klezmer does a lot in Eb or F# major, there may be a lot of compromise on the right and left as far as chords or possibly right hand scale range. I think a piano accordion would be the cheapest and most available option to try. You could probably have one in 2 hours from your local music store or craigslist. It will probably be the easiest to dump quickly at a break even or a small loss. It is also hands down the nerdiest most uncool instrument on the planet. Well maybe except the trombone..
  19. I am guessing here... But, If pressed. I suspect that McNeela would say that these are “made in China” and QC, final inspection and “tuning” take place in Ireland”. Which could be anything from boxing them up once they land from bulk to individual boxes and adding in literature to playing them, judging them to be passing and checking tuning.
  20. Based on the wording.. I would suspect that these are 100% Chinese made. Bringing in Italian reeds. Then some sort of testing, QC and possibly final tuning and tweaking take place in Ireland. but again. There is nothing wrong with this. Especially on a starter instrument.
  21. yes .. to me the Wren’s bolts are just a bit less Frankenstein-ish. why both of them did not go with black bolts and washers is beyond me for an aesthetic point.
  22. If you have the money.. it would be a pretty cool experiment if you were to buy one of each new. maybe put together a YouTube. I would assume they both offer some sort of 100% money back return policy. i think there are quite a few people that would benefit from a side by side on these. Even from a newbie, it may be quite helpful for a lot of people.
  23. then CC does a remarkable job of making their woods look and feel like plastic.. at least going by the Rochelle and jackie that I had. But regardless. It is a good instrument at a very good price point with a lot going for them. and I do agree with Lach7 they are definitely large. Let’s just agree they are “big boned” and “have.a great personality”. And now having looked at and being reminded the bolts are just well, unfortunate..
  24. John and all.. I DO appreciate where you are all coming from. By way of a basic example.. Kesh.. The first notes most sheets are writing (pick up note) d g(hold for three). but most everybody seems to play it as d g/f#/g. Some seem to have it written as g/a/g and once in a while I have seen g/b/g.. I just find that is much easier to learn a tune from a sheet and get it up to speed than it is to learn it wrong and then to to unlearn and relearn it. So, if I am starting from a “clean” sheet it is a substantially faster ramp up. and from talking to people around here. I really get the impression that if you don’t “know” the tunes the “right” way, it’s better to just not ask to join in. Ymmv.
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