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  1. Update. went to BB today, the Crabb there was excellent, I would judge it as at least on par with my 22. Action was excellent. Very light. Very fast. And volume was loud and tone was very crisp and clear. I was very impressed with it. Had I not been looking for something that was fast but quiet. I would have taken it home.
  2. An update. It would seem that I was able to fix the tobacco smell. The solution was playing it every day. Not sure of the timing, you could look back and check dates. But, I traded this today. And an impartial sniffer at BB judged this as passable and acceptable. It went from making me feel unwell and my girlfriend asking if I started smoking again, in the house and complaining about the smell to essentially non existent. A few weeks prior to trading, I had to put my face in front of the exhaust and a full bellows to notice any smell at all and it was minimal. not sure if this is a universal solution. But I can say that it worked for me.
  3. Maybe not ALL are made in the same factory.. but looking a at the jack and sparrow. Sure leads one to speculate.. there may be hundreds of factories in China pumping out concertinas.. doubtful but, possible. but either way, if they are made in China, it may be possible for someone in China to contact the factory, or maybe source locally.
  4. As the concertina connection jack/ Rochelle/ Elise, and I suspect the mcneela models, all come from the same factory in China, maybe you could track one down that way?
  5. I tried that model 8. That was there when I went to buy either the edeophone or Aeola that they had just sold before I got there. overall. I thought it was nice. But, I did not find the action to be substantially improved from my 3E. And no where near the 22.
  6. I just saw a 48b crabb English popped up at BB. Along with a 48 new model and a 56b brass read Aeola. I am still still looking for that as fast a Wheatstone 22 but quieter. I know condition, you have to play each one… but, thoughts? I have never seen or touched a crabb or a brass Aeola.
  7. I know you want to deal in the UK. but Greg J may still have a Lachenal crane left.
  8. Are the New Models considered equal to or better than the edeophone? In terms of reeds, action and sound? I know there is a difference in the sides. And possibly aesthetics. But as far as action and sound? We’re the better people working exclusively on the edeophone. So even if the action and reads are equal, the edeophones just were better?
  9. If you get stuck, or If you are looking for a quick sale. You might sell it back to Bob. i have also had a lot of luck selling local only on Craig’s.
  10. Fwiw… I am a duet and a crane newbie. I recently picked up a 55b New Model and am really liking it. that said. As much of a beginner as I am. I definitely see the advantages to having more buttons.
  11. Please excuse my ignorance… I just don’t know how this works. are the middle rows tuned to Bb instead of C? So, you would hit what would be a B and a Bb would sound. and then to hit a B you would press a Bb button?
  12. The R2 looks 100% better. The orig units Rochelle, Jack, etc.. are all good functional instruments. But, to me, visually, not inspiring. hopefully, they will make the J2s 48 buttons and nicer looking. And then, a higher button count Elise. I would definitely grab an Elise if had more range to give Hayden a shot.
  13. All. a piccolo edeophone 48b was posted on the for sale board. having never come across such an animal… where do they fit? What is generally the use? Is this something you’d play all of your regular repitoir on? Or is this more of a niche, one song, or one part of a song type thing?
  14. I have a line on 3 Aeolas at the moment. All in the US.
  15. I am kind of in the same boat. My 22 has experienced some issues. And the down time for repair is a drag. I picked up a 50s model 3E. It is really nice. But has a cigarette smell. So that is a turn off. But I absolutely see the value of having a back up. When one is in the shop. I am not a tech and these are fussy beast with lots of moving parts. I have put the 3E up for sale. And am actively looking for a 2d English. personally, I’d rather spend the money and get a capable 2d instrument. and have a second instrument, not a half quality back up. Maybe something that offers something your is missing, maybe wood end sweeter sound. Maybe a TT or extended treble, etc. By all accounts there is not a lot that can hold its own in terms of speed and action as a 21 or 22. And if you are used to the speed and action, going backwards might be tough. Or not encourage practicing. I much prefer to deal locally (as local as possible) from a known person that you would be able to return if it is not as advertised.
  16. Is that as fast as a 22? I have 50s 3E and a new model crane. But they are just Fords to Ferrari difference. I’d be willing to consider it.
  17. Wolf. I have a 22. I am looking for something just as fast. But quieter, and mellower sounding.
  18. Theo. Is there a suggestion to specific wax to use? also, is the a recommended procedure to clean the inside of the bellows?
  19. I also have to think that many of these instruments probably spent most of their nights and weekends playing in smoke filled bars and pubs for much of their lives. In many cases 100 yes and they don’t all smell like smoke
  20. I will actually amend this. smell is, of course, an immediate experience. And it is really not possible to quantitatively compare what it was like when I picked this up a few months ago to now. I will say that NOW the smell is definitely still there. But, the more I play it, there does seem to be some improvement. Again, it is tough to say in terms of x%. it would seem that just working the bellows and playing IS helping to get rid of the smell. The conundrum is that in an enclosed room after not too long it is not pleasant. So, you don’t play it that much, so the smell does not dissipate. but I do think that just playing it, over time will/ would sort it out. But it’s also possible that I am become used to it and there has really been no actual improvement.
  21. I know this may be a long shot, but throwing it out there. looking for an Aeola, New Model, possibly Edeophone. If possible, I’m looking for a local transaction. In Worcester area willing to take a ride. Have $$. Or if interested a 50s era Wheatstone 3E that I can use in a trade + cash your way. prefer something that does not need work. But depending on what you have possibly open to something that just needs a bit of tweaking.
  22. All I can say…. so far no luck. I tried a bunch of stuff and nothing has really worked. There is probably some secret miracle cure. But I don’t know what it is.
  23. Yes to both BB and Greg Jowaisas! maybe “concertinas are cool” on Facebook as well. but as mentioned above. Post what you are looking for and where you are located and you may get results. I have posted my 3E for sale some places. But I am looking for a local-ish sell only. So not posted here.
  24. There are p, obviously, a lot of variables here. And I do not pretend to have a grasp on what is going on. what I can say is that I went there a year or so ago. And they had TONs of ECs. I went back a few months ago, and they still had about the same number, maybe a couple more or less. Some of the mid range @2k had shifted around, but the higher end 3k+ seemed like the same ones. then going this weekend. They had maybe 4? But the real surprise was that within a day or so they had sold both the $4 edeophone and the $5k Aeola. Leading me to ask the question if ECs are seeing a surge in popularity. i have had really bad luck with UPS and shipping. Ups destroyed a $2k bass and then refused any sort of claim, even though I insured in full. Due to “inadequate” packing. the kicker on that one, is they sent it to their, assessment facility (in ca). Judged that the packing WAS inadequate, then, they sent it Back to me in Mass.. with the same box and packing materials they judge to be inadequate! Seriously?! but also, had some issues with banging around from KY to Mass. causing a lot of anxiety and trips to Bob Snope at BB to sort out. such that I am really hesitant to take the leap and deal with shipping to or from the UK.
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