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  1. My daughter is very musical (1st chair oboe in All State orchestra and band in High School), many piano awards, and self-taught guitar last winter. She is about to turn 21, and I'd like to get her a concertina. She would be using it for her own enjoyment, as well as entertaining friends and others in her dorm. From the research I've done, I'm thinking an Anglo would be best - since it has more notes. Also, I am leaning toward a 30-key. She doesn't have much room for storage, and am hoping this won't be too big. She is a big fan of French movies - or anything French - and it seems the background music in French films is accordion or concertina. I've been shopping on EBay and have found a new Anglo, 30-key for $100. The seller didn't know what key it was in (or at least the person who answered my email question). What do you think of this offer? Thanks SO MUCH for your assistance. If I should be looking at something else, I'd appreciate knowing as well. She would also need an instruction and music book. HELP!!
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