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  1. See you there! that sounds great and its close to where I live
  2. jayk, based on your spelling of those names, shouldn't your profile say that you live in inglun(d)? haha, yes dyslexia has had its iritateing way with my spelling. But point taken I shal be more observent and careing on how i spell in future. However thankfully my college offers free classes for tune ups of that kind so hopefully this Embarrassing little Impediment shal be behind me soon. (yes i did have to spell check that last sentense!)
  3. Ive never used that lowest note on the instrument before in a song (but ive only been playing a few weeks) My freinds efectionally call that note the fart note
  4. Are you sure it's between England and "new" Jersey...or is it OLD Jersey? New Joisey is next ta New Yawk, close ta Mazzuchewsits. Ive checket the map to see, it seems to be in between gurnsy and jursy. not new jursey as i said before
  5. for those who are not familiar sark is a tiny island about 3 miles long in between england and france and near new jursey. it can be found on the map of england when looking at a zoomed in picture of new jursey but is hard to see because on the map it is about 1 milimeter long In a few weeks my family is going to sark for a week or so and our visit is right in the middle of their music festival It is a very old fashioned place and they still have laws like "only the lord can own a car" and "only the lord can own a male cat" (whatever this lord fellow does with the only car on the island i dont know) But anyway as it is old fashioned i presume the music festival would envolve morris danceing or something of the like, but then again it is in BETWEEN england and france so who knows it may be some french music thing that i would never anticipate. I cant be shure, but at the moment free reed instruments look pretty probable. Does anyone know anything in relation to this small islands music? Either way il be bringing my own music
  6. i never realy apreciated the humble belows until now, there realy is no easy bit to make of the concertina is there apart from maybe the straps and wooden pannels
  7. Hello, I Have fitted the baffles - they are a thin silk that i was able to but and it is stuck on with double sided tape very firmly. If this proves to fall off then i shal use PVA like you said. When installing these i got an idea and where the original lachenal label was i stuck a piece of paper with "jake middleton's concertina" in an old fashioned type (the picture on that is blury tho) Ah yes and dirge, im afraid its only rosewood dyed
  8. If you want to listen to recordings of diferent types of concertina go to www.anglo-concertina.net and theres a whole list of songs includeing irish english sweedish and much more Also you can listen to diferent types of concertina anglo and english and duet or (if you havent alredy) you might want to just type concertina into youtube as theres lots on there aswell
  9. Hey that looks to be going very well (i hope i dont jynx it!) Also this guy in this thread: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6163 wants to make a concertina I directed him to your kitchen table concertina website as that was some dam fine work aswell henrik I hope chris salty dog's one is good aswell (it already looks good)
  10. i have seen a this done before with very good results. There is a drawn exploded diagram of a concertina in the concertina maintinance manuel by daveid elliot link here: http://www.hobgoblin.com/local/bigpic.php?ID=GM4709 that is a good book i bourght it today out of interest and in case i might need it one day what you absolutely will want to look at if you havent alredy is this link: http://web.telia.com/~u41321288/build/index.html That shows a guy who makes one from scratch (however you may want to buy the bellows) press the link t the bottom that says enter the kitchen for a step by step story of how he did it As for reeds you should decide what type of reeds accordion-type reeds or concertina reeds many of the midrange makers such as morse use accordion reeds and i believe in particular "antonelli" reeds and heres a link for that: http://accordions.com/vociarmoniche/en.htm or you can try and get reeds from http://www.concertina-spares.com/ but i dont know if they sell sets Also you might want to talk to people about it first such as "Henrik Müller" hes a concertina.net member (the one who made the concertina in the link i sent you) before rushing into such a project I hope this helps as you are listed as new member i dont know how much you know so im sorry if i seemed at all patroniseing at all. Good luck
  11. I do plan to at some point learn standard notation, a book "absolute beginners concertina" i got today seems to start off in its own sort of tab but then work in notation as you go along I also got one for the melodeon as i found that after learning from dvd's I sort of had a bit of a block as to what to learn next. From talking to people at hobgoblin it seems that notation is a very helpfull and important step as then lots is available for you As for the concertina book, im pleased to say that so far so good I learned a song called cock of the north today also, while in hobgoblin in london i noticed that they had 2 nice looking "connor" anglos if anyones looking for something like that
  12. If you've read the tutorial at the link that Laitch gave, you now know that upper and lower case (and also apostrophes and commas) indicate the octave of the note to be played, while the numbers indicate note length. No point in my trying to say more. For many of the notes, once you know which octave, you'll know which button. But for several notes there are multiple possibilities even in a single octave. In some of those cases it's a choice between one button for playing the note on the push and another for playing the same note on the pull. For G and A in both main octaves (i.e., also g and a, in abc notation) there are two buttons for each note, but the G's are all on the push and the A's all on the pull. (On a 30-button C/G, you would also have pull G's and push A's among your choices.) That's an entirely different problem, and one that (as far as I know) isn't addressed by standard abc notation, and certainly not in the tunes notated on thesession.org. Those choices aren't about the tunes; they're about how to play them on your (anglo) concertina. And thesession.org isn't about concertinas. In fact, there's no single "right" choice of buttons for those notes. What choices to make for each note of each tune -- and why -- are the subject of many discussions here on Concertina.net, as well as in instructional materials and live workshops and classes. That's something that will take time -- months or years -- to learn. Following someone else's style (e.g., from a tutor book) can simplify the learning process, but eventually you'll have to learn to make your own choices. Have fun! hmm, maybe i should concider this while thinking of conserveing air in my bellows eg: there are two B notes that are exactley the same and if i needed more air i would use the b that is a pull or if i needed less i would use the b that is a push. But thats just one thing, would it also be based on what finger position you prefer I supose? Thank you for the infomation
  13. That.... is INCREDIBLY helpfull! now i see why some notes are of lower case because they are of another octave. I havent read the whole thing yet but from just takeing a quick glance abc now makes much more sense (i will read the whole thing but it is precicely midnight as i just got back from seeing a movie) thanks
  14. Hello, I have recently recieved my new G/C 20 button lachenal concertina and after playing around with it for a day its time to get into some actual tunes. I have looked on a rather usefull site www.thesession.org and have decided to learn from ABC (though i will also buy Absolute Beginners Concertinabook i would also like to pursue other songs on thesesion.org of course as i have a little more ambition than that. Abc seems to just use the letters of the notes, so i printed out this button layout: and here is the song I am trying to learn: http://www.thesession.org/tunes/display/476 by looking at the layout and seing what button is where The problem being that ABC uses certain letters in lower case and certain ones in higher case and other ones with no numbers next to them, : I dont know what "e" or "c" ect button im suposed to press or as there are a few of each and each one has a diferent number next to it. I believe the solution to my problem would be a button layout picture (like the one shown above but with the one shown above) but with the letters as they would apear in ABC. Here is a 20 button layout with blanc number spaces in it (below) what would be a real lifesaver is if someone who knew abc could write the apropriate letters in that as they would apear in abc and repost it or alternatively someone could point out that the 1st 30 button g/c chart found here on concertina net does apply to the ABC system easily and i am just going about the whole thing wrong (if i am) any help MUCH apriciated as then i could have the freedom to learn any 20 button song i like from the session.org
  15. Hello, a few days ago it was my birthday and I have a new lachenal anglo. Im very pleased with the instrument in generall and got it from barleycorn concertinas As is natrual I would like to enshure that my concertina is kept in good keep, and it came with no baffles - i wanted to fit some so as to prevent evil little dust bits from collecting inside - apart from this they look nice. (I am not trying to improve the tone thats all fine, just to keep it clean internally) so my thourghts and questions are: Is it necisairy to get special baffles material for this? there is a shop near me that sells a type of red felt that looks ideal it is thin enough to (if you put it over your mouth) you can breathe through it just fine so my concertina would probably be able to "breathe" just fine through it too. and: what type of glue would i use for this ( or would i just be able to use double sided tape? though that probably would fall off) Hers a picture of the felt i found and the concertina: any advice much apriciated, thanks!
  16. in respons to that video, poor melodeon but you may find this handy: http://www.hobgoblin.com/local/concertinaframeuk.htm thats hobgoblins free reed instrument care page
  17. Thats briliant! it looks like a real morris team too, nice of them to help make this thing. Reminds me of a physics teacher i used to have who was a morris man
  18. I was almost convinced by that "bates" concertina, however it does look to be better than the standard german one when haveing to decide I would say it was a german repleca - note the round topped screws. These are what i have noticed they used on german imitations, refer to this one for similar screws: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/old-concertina-in-a-...1QQcmdZViewItem also i have never seen an english made concertina with the same fretwork as that bates one has, is it not reminiscent of the logo on this concertina box of this german one? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/German-Concertina-No...1QQcmdZViewItem (note the harp (lyre?) design on the logo of the red box where it says "superiour quality") It is suspiciously familiar to the carveing in the fretwork of mr bates concertina:
  19. hey - did you mean http://www.bramfieldfest.com/home/ ? or was it as you said bradfield? (similar spelling i was wondering and wanted to make shure)
  20. im so sorry, i shouldent have posted that someone will have to buy it then starve to death
  21. ah thank you for your information! also on the subject of "ebay alert" did anyone see this wheatstone aeola? http://cgi.ebay.com/ABSOLUTELY-BEAUTIFUL-W...1QQcmdZViewItem
  22. bob tedro has a concertina that is useing a slightly similar idea http://hmi.homewood.net/fretless/ However that would probably sound good - the little german ebay one would probably not
  23. saw this item: http://cgi.ebay.com/Italian-Anglo-Concerti...1QQcmdZViewItem i have never seen a stagi/bastari of this standard before it apears to be trying to be a jeffries. are these good? its got like 42 buttons! just curious
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