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  1. Herrington anglo in G/D. 24 button fully-chromatic fingering system. Made of nice, dark wood (I think it's walnut but I can't remember for sure), black leather bellows, black Delrin buttons, polished stainless steel grilles. Accordion reeded, with reeds mounted in a Jefferies-style reed pan. Made using the traditional torsion springs rather than the coil springs mentioned on Harold's web site (he stopped using coil springs due to problems with them, and has never updated his site to reflect that). Comes with a nice, lined wooden case. It has two sets of handles: regular-sized ones ones plus a set (installed) designed by Harold and meant for someone with longer hands and fingers. No problems with it: no stuck buttons, wonky reeds or anything. All notes play and are in tune, as far as I can tell. Concertina has never been dropped or otherwise abused. Fingering chart here. $900 plus $50 shipping, UPS Ground from Seattle. An mp3 of how it sounds, top then bottom rows of right then left hand sides.
  2. I hate to sell this but I have to due to job loss. Herrington Anglo in C/G using the 24-button Edegley System giving all of the accidentals needed for Irish music in just two rows of buttons. Walnut with polished stainless steel ends, black Delrin buttons, black leather bellows. Has a black wooden case lined with fabric. Harold designed and built special hand pieces for my long hands and fingers, but the regular ones are included also. $1,000 including shipping in the US. Payment via cashiers check or money order. Pictures available at http://gallery.shamusland.org/main.php/v/C...nas/Herrington/ . Contact me at motterj at gmail.com. Edit: the fingering chart can be found at http://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/images/finger5.htm Edit: It's in G/D, the standard key for Anglos, not CG. I was thinking of Cajun accordions.
  3. Bastari (now called Stagi) 30-button Anglo, C/G, fancy metal ends with gold grillework, metal buttons, wood construction, brown leather bellows. Comes with a plush-lined hardshell case. $300 including shipping in the US. PayPal preferred. Pictures available at http://gallery.shamusland.org/main.php/v/C...rtinas/Bastari/ . Contact me via email at motterj at gmail.com Edit: the concertina is sold. I donated 2% of the price received to concertina.net.
  4. Out of curiosity, could someone put up the layout for an Edgeley special? I haven't yet seen it, and I am very curious (about the layout that is - whether I am curious in myself is for others to decide...) Chris Here's a graphic image of the button layout for these.
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