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  1. http://comhaltasarchive.ie/search Sign up to get complete tracks.
  2. What is the note layout of those other four buttons? Thanks JM
  3. Sold. Will donate to CNET Thanks for the interest.
  4. As I say in the ad, the concertina was completely rebuilt, at which time the bellows were replaced. The case is not original. It is blocked and is of the Buttonbox or type Suttner uses. I will try and post a picture soon. Thanks
  5. Crabb 32 Button Anglo C/G Serial #8870,circa 1909 Ball & Beavon Excellent or better condition. I bought this concertina approximately 5 years ago and it was completely rebuilt by John Connor at the time. It is loud without being strident, and plays easily. Tuned A440. C/C drone. Case included. In the words of Geoffrey Crabb: “Crabb built instruments supplied to Ball Beavon were originally exactly as those supplied to C Jeffries and for direct sale. Anglo's were usually made in batches of three and any of these could have gone to either of the above or sold direct to customers.” Get a Jeffries like instrument without the price tag. $5700 US plus shipping
  6. X:1 T:Hunt in the Bog, The M:4/4 L:1/8 R:reel Z:gm K:AMin A3B AGEG|A3B c2Bc|A3B AGEG|1gedB c2Bc:|2gedB cBcd|| e2~e2 edcd|(3ege ce d2cd|~e3g edcd|efge d2cd| e2~e2 edcd|egec d2cd|ea~a2 egge|d3f eccd| ecgc edcd|(3ege ce d2cd|ecgc edcd|efge d2cd| ecgc edcd|egec d2cd|ea~a3 egge|dAeG fedc|| More or less.
  7. Castagnari Dinn III C#D. Flat keyboard. 23 treble buttons and 8 basses. 3 voice LMM, dry tuning, with 1 stop to remove thirds. Natural finish walnut With case and straps. Virtually brand new and in mint condition. Asking $2400 US plus shipping. Normal dealer price is $1000-2000 more, depending on where one is located.
  8. www.rte.ie/radio1/thebloomofyouth/ Programme 4: 22nd November 2008 Programme 2: 8th November 2008 2007 Programme 3: August 4th 2006 Programme 4: Saturday 15th July Programme 6: Saturday 29th July 2005 Programme 6: 20th August 2005
  9. Niall Vallely http://www.tg4.tv/ Ceol-Cartlann Geantrai-23/9/08 About 16 min. in
  10. Serial #25157. 1910. Model 19A Excellent condition.Recently tuned. Top of the line. Raised Ends. Extended Tenor Treble-four and a half octaves. Tenor C to top G. $4600 USD plus shipping. squeeze9@(remove)telus.net
  11. http://www.raretunes.org/tags/concertina/
  12. I believe Noel is playing a C#/G# in those videos, as he often does when for instance playing with Frankie Gavin who normally plays a half tone sharp. Or with some box players. He has also in the past recorded fairly frequently on Bb/F and Ab/Eb concertinas. I have witnessed him, as has probably anyone who has attended his classes, run through a tune in five or six keys without a pause.
  13. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xsirr_con...e-dans-le-metro For those who live in the 21st century.
  14. Wolf And Hound 3617 West Broadway, Van., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Telephone: 604-738-8909 Irish session Wednsday 8:30 pm email me for more info if you wish
  15. Donald-this could be true at this point. However about five years ago I was forced to pay PST and GST which at he time was 14%. Adding considerable heft to the cost of an already expensive venture. But thanks for the reply- I shall check it out.
  16. I am looking for a Wheatstone English Tenor-Treble. Preferably in North America somewhere so as to avoid horrid import duties and taxes but anything considered.
  17. "C. Jeffries Maker" Excellent Condition. 32 ivory button Bb/F. Metal ends.6 fold bellows. Standard Jeffries layout. A440. Good action and tone. $6400 US. plus shipping. Email for pics and info. "SOLD" Thank you.
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