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  1. In the last 3/4 months, ebay has seen prices in the region of £4500-£5300 for Dipper, Wheatstone, Jeffries Anglos. Keen ebay watchers may well have the exact figures. Regards, Peter. Cheers. It's been a while since I was in the market for buying or selling a concertina so I'm out of touch . I've been googling feverishly for the last week or so and can't even find a concertina for sale, not to mind a price for one.
  2. Can anyone give me an idea what the story with the anglo concertina market is these days? Are top quality instruments in as much demand as they used to be? And what sort of money are they selling for?
  3. That's deadly stuff. I'd love to learn that first one.
  4. I use a pair of akg goosenecks, but they're actually not that great. They can can be problematic and depend on a decent sound rig and a good engineer who can work the eq and monitor levels etc. Even at that the mic's themselves are very "live", picking up extraneous sounds from all around and it's difficult to get a decent monitor level for yourself. I've gotten used to not being able to hear myself much on stage, so much so that it freaks me out when I can get good return levels . I got a loan of a pair of DPA mics for one gig and they were very very impressive, but they're something like 4 grand (euro) for a pair, which I'm not prepared to pay at the moment. The Akg's are ok and I'll continue to use them, if only because I've yet to encounter a viable alternative. With a bit of work and a competent engineer, the sound going out front is good and there's plenty of level to work with. They're also pretty neat ergonomically speaking - a bit of velcro on the top of the box and you're away - both mics plug into a small box from which you can take a regular jack to jack lead to a DI box. The major weakness is susceptibility to feedback on stage if you're looking for a loud monitor return for yourself on stage. -My concertina is a suttner by the way which is in itself a quiet, mellow instrument. If you've got a louder metal-ended jeffries or something and you have a tendancy to play a bit louder then you might do fine with a pair of regular ubiquitous stage mics like Shure sm58's.
  5. If you're talking about playing in A minor then it's very suited to a c/g concertina. A major is a bit more challenging but it's perfectly possible. I like to play in A major a lot but it definitely helps to have a 38 key instrument, or at least two different G-sharp options in opposite directions on the left, ditto on the right but up an octave, and also (and possibly more importantly) 2 x C#'s on the RHS of the instrument. Without those options, it's much more of a chore. A great help for A major or minor chords is is if you have a low A on the pull (last note, inside row, LHS). On lachenals that tends to be a useless third D, but on Jeffries it should be a low A. And finally, on a 38 key you'll often have an extra E on an additional button about half way down, inside the inside row (if you get what I mean). IMO A minor is possibly the key MOST suited to a C/G concertina. It's slap bang right in the middle of the register, equal use of either hand, loads of alternative fingering option... it's deadly. Best of luck anyway.
  6. Not there this year folks! Doesn't seem to be any concertina workshop there this year actually. Tina numbers were always pretty low for some reason. Great weekend though, lots of other instruments catered for, and the guys who run it are dead sound. Lovely location as well. Go along some time if you can.
  7. Thanks guys. Those mp3's on the suttner website, I wish I could delete em. Juergen just stuck a mic under my nose one morning about 9 years ago at the Bielefeld concertina weekend. Didn't realise they'd be haunting me a decade later No plans for a solo album at the moment I'm afraid. I've enough boxes brim full of un-sold albums as well as enough of the associated debt that accompanies producing them. Hi Jack, nice to catch up with you again. Hope you're well. Must look into getting some work across the Atlantic again, it's ages since I've been "in the Shtaytes".
  8. Ok I think I might have it sorted. I ran it through the test section on the forum and it seems to work ok. Let me know how it goes for you guys. It's a full track from the new album (name of the album is "Overneath"), and it consists of two old time american tunes (the rest of the album is largely irish traditional, with some self-penned contemporary songs). It's probably unusual for old time music to be played on concertina but to me they're very similar to irish polkas in terms of swing and lilt and stuff, and they're lovely engaging sort of tunes to play IMO. A lot of the album is arrangement heavy but this is one is mostly concertina. The first tune is called "Poor Liza Jane" and the second is "Dance Boatman Dance". An old time afficianado or expert will probably laugh at my interpretation / attempted reproduction. I only know about 4 Old Time tunes and these are two of em , so I don't at all have the knowledge of the genre / tradition to play them "properly" if you like. But hey, they're fabulous melodies and I hope I've done them some justice. Track features Mick Broderick on bouzouki, Daire Bracken on fiddle(s) and Eamonn de Barra on Bodhran. http://www.mediafire.com/?0tumttcwohb
  9. And we'll thank you to remember that we are actually cool guys here, as evidenced in my case by my limited computer skills. I went to a technical school full of nerds and Nobel prize winners, I know the difference. Paul is very cool also. Hey, no offence intended, if it wasn't for people who knew how to repeatedly and patiently answer stupid questions like mine, there wouldn't be a working forum in the known universe! (I'm a concertina nerd myself) Can you recommend a hosting site - does photobucket and the like host mp3 files? Or could I possibly email the file to you or Paul?
  10. When you getting your Dipper Ciaran? (If that's not a sore point?! ) Heard that Beoga album over the weekend, it is indeed very impressive.
  11. Just a little note to anyone who may be interested that we have a new album out now. "We" is a band called Slide, of which I've been a part since its inception in 1999. This is our third album and I play two 38 key Suttners (C/G and C#/G#), not at the same time.... Anyway, if you want to have a look then check out www.slide.ie I was going to post up a track which is principally me on the concertina, but it's about 4megs. -Can't add it as an attachment (can I?) so what say the forum nerds on what the best way would be to make it accessible to folks on here to download / listen to it?
  12. Alright Ciaran, how's it goin' man? - Thought you'd be delighted to see my on a motorbike, so you could rob my gigs ! New news is the new slide album I suppose. -Gotta keep getting back up on the horse eh?
  13. Rumbled . I be he. Thanks for the compliment. I've got some self-promoting news to post but I thought it'd be a touch unseemly to include it in my first post. For my sins, I play a 38 key Jeffries-copy C/G Suttner with ebony ends. I've an early C#/G# one as well which is really sweet sounding but I very rarely get to play it these days.
  14. Alright lads and lassies, some-time lurker, first-time poster, just joined the forum and thought I'd say hello.
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