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  1. I voted "Something other" The reason, you should have added, provocative. I do realise this was accidental, very easy to do on a forum with some slight wrong wording. Just a quicky on the "Boring" question. I have for the past couple of months been learning some Irish tunes, on my English. Do I find it boring? Yes. I would just like to say, that I love Irish music and still do, so much so, I wish I was Irish! I think the problem I have, is that I find a lot of instruments played solo can be boring, so to overcome my problem, I have found a couple of tracks on a Warblefly album that I can play, I put it on and play along, no longer bored, in fact, I am in heaven. Richard.
  2. Spotted on a Mangers beer advert on ITV this afternoon. There was a traditional band playing in the background, but the camera zoomed in on the concertina, I think it was an anglo, I was talking at the time, so only got a quick look, it was a good close up shot though. Richard.
  3. Si Bheag, Si Mhor Plaxty Fanny Power Tralee Gaol I only know four tunes, so the choice is not too difficult! Richard.
  4. By listening to the beautiful voice of Duffy.
  5. Hello Pamela. I too am a beginner. I have been playing now for nine months, and I also came to that problem at the start, but as stated above, I found using the index and middle finger the best method (For me) I felt very awkward at first but after consistantly practicing it, I now find it very natural. I thought it a good idea to do this, because some three finger cord positions require it. Richard.
  6. Thanks for answering those questions. I had noticed on a lot of the clips that I have seen, that there was economic movement of the bellows, I always wondered why it looked like I was pumping up an air bed (slight exageration) My instrument is a standard 48 key rosewood ended Lachenal btw. I shall practice the breathing exercises you mention with humming, not singing, my singing would start all the dogs in the neighbourhood howling, in fact, my singing is that bad, that when I was a youngster at school, and tried to join the school choir, I not only got rejected, I nearly got expelled. Richard.
  7. I have seen Pro Rats other clips, and indeed, he is a very good player. I have not seen that one before, thanks for pointing it out, but I must ask, why the strap? Why use the top of the bellows only? I also have this problem whilst learning a new tune. My problem is with my breathing, I hold my breath! Now I do realise that I am meant to breath normally, but I can't help it. At the moment, I am trying to learn some reels on my English, the rate that I am going, my wife is going to come in one day, and find me unconscious
  8. Hi Richard, Pugwash, etc. I too, am getting dizzy --- I can't believe the amount of energy we are putting into non-concertina issues. Pam a.k.a. Pamela Berardino Connecticut, USA Who would like to know where people are from, and probably due to her age, prefer to know who she is talking to! Happy New Year All! Hello Pam, Happy new year. I would also like to know where people are posting from. Happy new year to all. Richard.
  9. Merry Christmas John, and Merry Christmas to all. Richard.
  10. I can't keep up with this thread, because my head has exploded. Richard.
  11. I had noticed that people use their real names on this forum. The only reason I use a pseudonym is because that is usually the norm on forums, I do sign my real name at the bottom of posts though. Richard (Knight) P.S. Allan, only a few more days, I can then get to read your book, shall let you know.
  12. RiverHamble, you say "tunes" It is my guess, that maybe you are trying to go too fast. I have only been playing since May this year. I found the best way to progress, is to learn only one tune at a time and to chip your way through it, 2 or 4 bars at a time (as already stated) Do not move onto the next part until you can play the first parts by muscle memory, then move on and so forth. It may be tedious but it works, well it does for me and I am not a fast learner. Trying to learn too many things at the same time, leads to confusion, you need to be relaxed. Richard.
  13. At the moment I play alone. That is because I have only had my tina since May, and recently it has been away for ten weeks to be restored, so I am still learning. I manage to get at least an hour of practice each night. It is my goal to play in a session, with other musicians, I don't care if it is carol's under a street lamp, a session in a private house or whatever that setting may be, I see playing with other people, as the only way forward and that is what I am working towards.
  14. Yes, I am sure I will, I shall give you my feedback after Christmas, Allan. Good contribution on the radio, btw. Richard.
  15. Thank you for that link. Listening to it now. My wife has bought me Allan Atlas's book, The Wheatstone English Concertina in Victorian England, for Christmas. Looking forward to reading that. Richard.
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