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  1. Like new Wheatstone layout. Contact me at oldtimer1990@gmail.com $1800
  2. I have had this concertina for sale on tho site before and it didn't sell. I sent it to the Button Box to sell and they listed it at $9200. It didn't sell and I took it back after almost a year. This is a great concertina it's fast, loud and has good tone. It has fairly new Dipper bellows and was last tuned by the Button Box. I'm asking $4500 for it. The best way to contact me if you are interested is to email me at oldtimer1990@gmail.com
  3. Paul Three things happened to me when during that period of time.The last thing on my mind was buying your concertina. I am very sorry you seem to be a very decent fellow. You didn't deserve what you got from me. I was in and out of the bush for several months and there is no contact. Although I did get your messages when I was. back in town. I was ashamed of and did not know how to explain myself. In the past couple of years I have found that trying to be a great concertina player really isn't who I am. I only have a few years left to do the things I really like doing.fishing, hunting, climbing mountains and just spending time outdoors. I do plan on playing on occasions but it will not be a priority. I only need one concertina and I have decided the Jeffries is the one I have to sell. This is the last time I will post any concertina for sale. This Jeffries is a excellent player and even though I am going deaf I hear it plenty loud and it has a nice tone. If I get what I am asking I will lose more than a third what I have into it
  4. 30 button with drone I bought this concertina from Chris Algar a couple of years ago. Since then I have put new Dipper bellows and had Greg Jowaisas do a light tune up and do some adjusting to the action. It is a good player sounds great. If interested email me at oldtimer1990@gmail.com
  5. Kel or anyone who cant reach me buy email can call me at (907)892-5486 at home or my cell (907)354-5486
  6. Glad to see you're OK after you disappeared on me!

  7. I bought this concertina new 2 years ago in January the serial number is 462.It has walnut frames and the ends are burr wood.It has brass buttons and 7 fold bellows with papers.I have not played the instrument as much as I thought I would.The concertina is in excellent condition and is easy to play.If sold I will donate to cnet.I have a Jeffries BbF in mind to buy and I can't afford it unless I sell this one. I will disclose or discuss the price with interested parties.I can email pictures but for some reason I am unable to post any pictures. oldtimer1990@gmail.com
  8. I wasn't paying much attention to my spelling, but it is a Morse Ceili made by the Button Box.
  9. I bought this cocertina new a couple months ago.It is satin black and I had The Button Box put a hand rest on it like the old Wheatstones or like what Wally Carroll put on his. It plays great I just have a hard time playing my Wheatstone after playing the Morris Concertina. I am asking $1,500 for it . My phone is (907) 354-5486 or leave a message on this site.
  10. I was wondering if the eight fold bellows isn't the reason why your not getting alot of looks.I know I don't care for seven fold bellows so eight fold would be even worse for me. More than likely I am wrong but if not it might be easier for you to replace the bellows and then sell it.
  11. Clinton, I suspect you won't regret this decision; you had me sorely tempted.............. I have been out of touch for the last couple years. this is the first time I have been on this site in along time. I have been looking through some of the old listings and have noticed prices have gone way up.I was wondering if anyone would want estimate the value of this concertina now.
  12. I have gotten some unlikely encouragement not to sell the Linota. Sometimes it seems to me that my playing hasn't gone in the direction that I had wanted to go and because of that I lost interest in playing to a certain degree. I was thinking this concertina belonged in the hand of someone who could make better use of it than I could and that a lesser instrument would serve me just as well.I have been told it is the best sounding concertina I have had and that I was playing just fine by people I thought could care less. I sent it out today to C&R Dipper to have the bellows repaired,new springs,and some valve work done on it. Also I would like to make a comment about Paul Groff. He did an excellant job on the Linota to get it to sound as good as it does.I have alot of respect for him and his contribution to concertinas. He deserve better than he gets.
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