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  1. Is the reed pan properly in place? Did you replace thescrew that holds the action board to the underside of the strap rail. there may be something between the bellows frame and the ends. Its a case of eliminatiting all possibilities. Hope this helps.
  2. Roger, I have two instruments in old pitch which have not been changed at all. Both about 50 cent above A=440. I attach the charts of the tunings and I hope you can follow them. Let me know if you can make anything out of them. All I can say is that they reflect the variances expected from tuning by ear. Regards Shay C_Jeffries___MINT_Tuning.doc Jeffries_Bros__40_B_flat.doc
  3. Hi Rob, It's great to hear that the beautiful sonority of a top-quality anglo in Bb/F is still appreciated by some. Too bad that from the 1970s to th 1990s, so many of these were retuned to C/Gs by tuning up each reed, which has often severely compromised the tone of an entire set of once-brilliant reeds. Unfortunately, I don't have any 36 key Bb/Fs for you. But I do have a number of unrestored Bb/F Jeffries with reeds that have never been retuned, and I will be selling off these and many other parts and projects as I work through the leftover inventory from Groff's Music, the small teaching studio and concertina shop I ran for a few years in Massachusetts. If you are interested, watch ebay or email me at groff(at)bio(dot)miami(dot)edu. Or I may find time to update my long-obsolete website, groffs.music.com (the phone number listed there is no longer mine). Good luck and do persist in looking for an original pro-quality Bb/F, and keeping it original. Unrestored ones still surface on ebay etc., and these are some of the greatest playing and sounding concertinas ever made. Paul I couldn't agree more with you Paul. The Bflat/F is so rich yet not as slow as lower pitches. I play it at home all the time. I totally agree with you about leaving them as they are as tuning up means there's no way back. Hope you are keeping well. Regards Shay
  4. Great to hear that Mark. I've liked anything I've heard by Roger and looking forward to meeting Dan Worrall who has done great work on the history of the concertina in Clare. Who are the gang from Clare who are going over? Shay
  5. Alan, The buttons are solid silver metal, steel I think. Regards Shay
  6. Some good pics of players and tinas from last year. Accessible on Lisa Shields website: Lisa Shields
  7. Pete I know the Jackie Daly one, its in Bflat /F. A friend of mine, Martin Hanley, has a similar one in C/G. Both were sold by the late Paul Davis in the mid 70's- 1976 I think as I bought Martins Lachenal from him then when he got the Jeffries. They are lovely tinas and have a great sound. All the minis I've seen seem to have extra volume. Jacqueline's is a two row Wheatstone with 24 buttons I recall and also a lovely instrument.
  8. I got two lovely anglos from Colin Dipper which you might call minis. They are 5 1/8 in (13cm) across the flats but have three rows and 31 buttons - 14 on LH and 17 on RH. They are real beauts and I ordered them many years ago for my kids who play fiddle and flute already and but my daughter has played a few tunes on one. Maybe my son will take it up in due course- he has plenty of time yet, but it gives me the chance to play it which I do all the time. I must say that these tinasy are crackers. Its not just that they are beautifully made but the sound is great and the action as light as a feather. I was waiting quite a bit but it was worth it so order now. I've attached a couple of pictures of one and you'll see for yourself how nice it is . the other is very similar but with lighter wood, brass buttons and green bellows.
  9. Alan No one seems to have interpreted what Muirsheen means. Well its the Gaelic for Maurice ie Muiris pronounced Muirish and Muirsheen or Muirishin is the diminutive.
  10. I have used Milton sterilising fluid to clean the "bone" buttons of my venerable Jeffries. Take off the buttons ( I was re-bushing anyway) pop them in a glass and add the Milton which can be diluted. Leave overnight- just like your teeth!. Dry off and all the gunge is gone. Mind you it didn't take off the nicotine stains.
  11. Jim Lucas---- "Do you have any idea what activities other members of the Jeffries family have been involved in over the years? Painting? Horse racing? Politics? That's interesting Jim. Anybody asked Lionel Jeffries the actor if he is related ( Is he still alive?)? How many Jeffries are listed in the London phone book? Has anyone contacted them. Any leads from the lady in the SA who Martyn met? Lots of questions, hopefully answers will come in time.
  12. I am sure we would have had the results by now. Have you something you want to share with us Jim?
  13. Thanks Martyn for opening this thread. Some light on the elusive Mr Jeffries is I'm sure eagerly awaited by Jeffries and tina enthusiasts alike. I am surprised that no one has done any research on the Jeffries family dates of birth, locations, etc. Most information is anecdotal or hearsay and its surprising that no one has looked up official records. At this stage we should call in that expert archivist Steve Chambers. He told me once that either Mrs Jeffries or Charlie's sister had an unusual name which would tie in with the Elijah referred to by Martyn. Would this be a hint as to the origin of the family or were such names common in Victorian times? I know Steve is in the middle of a move to Kilrush in Co Clare but he may get a chance to throw some light on this topic.
  14. In reply to Steve Chambers, I may be the Dublin Duet man as I have a Duet, a 56 key WHeatstone Crane, but can at this stage only manage the scale of C. My long term ambition which seems to get longer every year is to play some Tommy Williams type tunes. One of these days I'll tackle the SA tutor. If there's anyone else in Dublin Irl , that is,with a Duet, let us know
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